Inventory of the four most heroic, most tragic, most affectionate and most pretentious characters in Chendong's novels

In how many books Chendong wrote, everyone also saw a lot of different content in them. Perhaps more is the connotation contained in it, perhaps it is reluctance, or it affects the heart. Looking at Chendong’s ‘oh’’ and ‘ah’’, when they said they were actually something that everyone was thinking about. There are many philosophies in simple things. Chendong is not only writing his own book, but also promoting a value concept.

There are a lot of different characters in these books written by Chen Dong. When everyone reads them, they also have a lot of different summaries of their personality. After all, there are some of our judgments in it. Panda here summarizes the four characters in Chendong's perfection-Zhetian system, that is, the four most proud, most tragic, affectionate and most pretentious.


As the leading actor in "Perfect World", Shi Hao does have a lot of different voices, but when everyone looked at Chen Dong's works, he actually found that Shi Hao was the most passionate among them. This once little bit, and later Huang Tiandi. When you look at it, you have a lot of thinking of your own. As for why Shi Hao is the most passionate person, I believe that many people have their own answers. After all, in the end, it is extremely arrogant to endure the loneliness alone for the sake of his hometown.

Two, the most sadness-the sun holy emperor

I don’t know how many people still remember. After all, it’s been a while since the book "Shaking the Sky" was finished. Many of the people at the time have actually disappeared, but now when I look back, I still have to look back. They all felt that Chen Dong's portrayal at that time was actually very vivid. In order to resist the turmoil, the Sun Sage Emperor was willing to come back to fight even if he became a human skin. It was really extremely sad.


Third, the most affectionate-very human emperor

In Chendong's "Zhetian", there are indeed many different people, but the Emperor Ruthless does have many personalities of his own. At the beginning, she was unwilling to become a fairy for her brother. She just wanted to wait for her brother's return in the red dust. It was really affectionate.

Fourth, the most pretending to be-Anlan immortal

I don't know how to define this pretending offender, An Lan is really pretending to be extremely forceful. "Song to my true name. Eternal life can be seen in reincarnation." I believe this sentence compares many people in ""Perfect World"" at the beginning, but Anlan Immortal is still very full of many of his own words. . Of course, there is no end to pretending to be coerced. In the end, An Lan was suppressed by Shi Hao, and the body knelt in Sinzhou forever.


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