This scene in Chendong’s novels recurs and makes people feel dry.

As the platinum god of the starting point, Chendong has many people who like Chendong's books. When you read it, you can also feel the clearer content about Chendong himself that is revealed in Chendong's book. Portrayed and structured, but when everyone saw Chendong's book, they also had a lot of their own souvenirs. After all, as a web writer, Chendong's book still left an extremely deep impression in everyone's hearts. When I saw all this, it really made many people feel a different taste.


Chen Dong is called a pit god, and everyone has seen a lot of different connotations in Chen Dong's books. Not only are we facing all these things, there is also the possibility that everyone is seeing the more profound content that is revealed. Chen Dong's book not only has a richer cultural and heritage heritage of Eastern fantasy novels, but more likely it is some of the more abundant facts that everyone has seen in it. The integration of these has actually brought us a deeper understanding.


However, Chendong has repeatedly appeared in his book a scene, that is, there are some classic content, that is, the scene of the protagonists eating. Of course, what I'm talking about isn't actually ordinary meals, and those are not worth talking about here. In fact, Chendong's protagonist likes to eat some more powerful rare birds. The monsters that were once animals.


First of all, let’s talk about Shi Hao. As the only protagonist in "Perfect World", Shi Hao’s final ending is not necessarily very good. It may be more that some people have seen that they are relatively sad, but they have not yet become Shi Hao. When the Supreme Immortal Emperor was very fond of his former opponents, there were all kinds of birds and beasts, all of which became the favorite dish of Chinese food for those who liked to drink animal milk at the beginning, but Chendong gave him food The description is really very thorough, and it makes people feel thirsty when they see it.


Next, let’s talk about Chu Feng. Even though Chu Feng is still a child, he relied on his own abilities to achieve long-term progress when the earth changed. But every time I made progress, I would encounter something more embarrassing, and that was the enemies that Chu Feng faced. These enemies thought Chu Feng was easy to bully at first, but later they were killed by Chu Feng. And when Chu Feng was evolving, he was actually facing a current situation that his physical strength was relatively large, and then he went to eat the enemies that turned into animals, and finally filled his stomach.

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