"Lord of the Secrets" in-depth analysis: the growth of a fool!

This novel has significantly surpassed the level of the current mainstream novels and beat the level of most Western fiction novels. Even with some routines of web texts. But the level is really amazing. Whether an online novel is excellent or not, the evaluation criteria are mainly based on these four: writing, setting, plot + emotion. Today, let’s take an in-depth analysis of " Lord of the Mysteries".


The year 2019 is called the "Mystery Year" in the online literature circle. On May 1, 2020, the fantasy web article "Lord of Mysteries" came to an end. Readers have responded that "The Lord of Mysteries" has made some innovations in novel writing, and even a new trend of "phenomenal" web writing has appeared.

"Lord of Mysteries" has been serialized since April 2018. The author is a squid who loves to dive. It is understood that more than 700 days after the novel was officially put on the shelves, it has attracted nearly 100 million readers, and it rose to the top of the boys' list of China's original literature in 2019. In the "2019 China Internet Literature Author Influential List" released by the Sutu Research Institute, the diving squid became the most influential Internet writer of the year.

"Lord of Mysteries" has very rich connotations since its inception: Cthulhu elements, SCP Foundation elements, Victorian style, steampunk... are all cultural elements that are popular in online literature on a global scale. In the complex characters and plots, there is a deep humanistic spirit. The writer constructed a fictional world similar to the West that entered the industrial revolution era for the first time, and used a lot of pen and ink to describe what the bottom people in that world are facing. Poverty, unemployment, environmental pollution and many other social problems. At the same time, the diving squid also incorporates oriental humanistic ideas into this world-style novel, adding a unique aesthetic to the work.


Squid also succeeded in achieving a breakthrough in his online literary career with this novel, making him a unique existence in the hearts of readers. Of course, he has another place that is more recognized than Wubai, that is, he has never stopped seeking a breakthrough. Each subject of his previous works is different, and each one is also consciously seeking improvement. It is precisely because of this that the glory of "Lord of Mysteries" is achieved.


Setting has always been the top priority of the novel. It can be said that it is the flesh and blood of the novel. It is attached to the plot of the novel and serves the plot. A good setting can make the world of the novel become exciting, while a bad setting is. It will make the world of novels chaotic. For example, we often say that the fighting power is out of balance in the late stage, like in the early stage of Doupaqiang, if you can't see a Douzong, in the late Douzong will become like Chinese cabbage. In the introduction, the Lord of Mysteries said that it is a hybrid type with multiple elements. It has steam and machinery, and has the style of Cthulhu and the SCP Foundation. It can be said to be a relatively niche style, but it The setting is very rigorous.


Summary: Through the above analysis, it can be seen that the Lord of Mysteries is a novel with a very grand world view, because the character and image of each character are required to be three-dimensional, the plot and foreshadowing must be right, the setting must be rigorous, and no later combat power The phenomenon of collapse, but for Cuttlefish, delicate writing, rich knowledge reserves, and rigorous attitude, these characteristics have allowed him to complete this master of the mystery, which is an excellent work in the online literature world.

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