I eat tomatoes: there are countless fantasy works, how did "Star Change" become his fantasy pinnacle!

I eat tomatoes. I believe that many people have read the fantasy novels written by him, and the novels written by him are the novels like fantasy Xiuxian when they first came into contact with them! I remember when I was still in high school. For me, who had never read novels before, the only time I was bored reading novels, at this time I seemed to have entered a new world. And the first novel I saw was a fantasy novel written by me eating tomatoes!


I remember that from that time on, I couldn’t live without this name. I ate tomatoes. At first, when I heard this name, I always felt weird. Writer! However, the facts tell me that none of this is so simple. After that, he wrote almost all the more beautiful fantasy novels I have read. Since then, I have also become a little fan of him! Fate is always so peculiar!

I eat tomatoes. My original name is Zhu Hongzhi. I originally studied at Soochow University and I was still a math department. It seems that writing novels at that time was purely his sideline! It's also pretty awesome. He has written a lot of fantasy novels, and most of them are full-length novels. The main works include "Stellar Transformations", "Coiling Dragon", "Lord Xue Ying" and so on. Among them, I think the most well-known and favorite is "Stellar Transformations"!


"Stellar Transformations", as a long fantasy novel written by me eating tomatoes, has been adapted into anime and manga. It's the anime that is currently on the air, I believe everyone should have seen it! And this novel is also called by fans the pinnacle fantasy work that I eat tomatoes! Of course, there are still many people who are skeptical of this statement. This is another story! Of course this does not affect or many people like this novel!

Of course, I also like this novel very much. The background of this novel is a huge world of comprehension. It mainly tells the protagonist Qin Yu who is unwilling to fall, a young man who is inherently inferior and inferior, step by step on the road to the strong. , Finally became the story of Hong Meng's master!


No matter the structure of the novel's world view, or the shaping of the protagonist Qin Yu, they are undoubtedly perfect! The protagonist in the article, Qin Yu, was unable to practice external skills since he was a child, so he could only practice internal skills, but all kinds of difficulties could not resist his determination to become a strong man. He achieved the innate realm by practicing external skills, which is unprecedented in Qianlong Continent. of! Later, he met Uncle Lan and Jiang Li, and had a secret relationship with Jiang Li. Regardless of Jiang Li's special status, Qin Yu still tried his best to ascend to the world of immortals and demons and then to the realm of gods, and eventually the two of them were also together. How much hardship has been experienced in it, I am afraid that only the original fans of the novel know. For the protagonist of the novel, Qin Yu is the one I have ever seen that fits my imagination of the fantasy protagonist the most!

This is probably the reason why everyone likes this novel so much! However, the anime update is far from the end, everyone is quite regretful. I wonder what special significance does this novel have for everyone?


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