Feng Yue

About The Author :Feng Yue, a writer of online novels. representative works include Silent Crown

Number Of Novels : 2
  • Silent Crown

    Music and aether, an omnipresent element, is the source of all power. Musicians used music scores and alchemy to control the aether and defeated the natural catastrophe Leviathan, saving the world. But more catastrophes are awakening… However, Ye Qingxuan has a different reason to become a musician—he just wants to find his father and know why his family was exiled.

  • The Cold King and His Spoilt Wife: His Genius Consort Is Breathtaking

    Xia Muqing is originally an archaeologist when she unexpectedly transmigrates. In another life, she becomes the useless daughter of a reputable family who is mocked and bullied by everyone. A brand new Xia Muqing is reborn from the ashes. From then on, she uses her skills and medical knowledge to subdue beasts and to seek revenge! She uses poison to repay her sister who was born of her father’s mistress. She swears to make those who harmed and betrayed her pay with their blood!