About The Author :Duke_Asmodeus, a writer of online novels. representative works include Vampir Lord: Erotic RPG

Number Of Novels : 6
  • Dragon Lord: Erotic MMO

    In 2173, the world’s first Full-World Virtual MMORPG game ‘Astral Online’ went on sale globally, forever changing the blue planet Asteria! With its revolutionary Digital Capture System, astonishing graphics and ability to scan yourself into the game with up to 20% beautification, countless defenders rallied to play the game. Fifty million players logged in on launch. There were no queues or lag on launch, leaving countless critics impressed and willing to try the game. Because the game used a 6-hour play limit a day, it allowed even working adults to keep up with young students and the unemployed. A resounding success, as more people poured onto the game servers, families and friends alike. Astra Online became a household name overnight. One month later, the game opened its first RMT system, which made earning a living from the game easier... Thus began the Astral rush! Professional players formed guilds and factions to increase their profits, but nobody could know this prosperity was a mere joke. One year later, players fused with their avatars, gaining powerful abilities in the real world, which tipped the power and caused chaos. Two years later, demons and monsters from inside the game invaded the real world. Three years later, over 90% of humanity perished, leaving the rest to hide like rats, unable to fight back in fear. Four years later, this world is no longer ours. The demons march on our last bastions, one by one. They exterminated us. - - - Zell was an average player who liked to collect beasts in the game and evolve them into humanoids, as they were primarily females. He spent most of his life working two jobs to make ends meet. Thanks to the excellent healthcare of his country, there were no crippling debts. There was only emptiness. When the end came, he was powerless and alone. His only companions were his cute pets and Rika, his cherished Flame Rabbit. She was the only beast he evolved to a humanoid form after his late start to the game. He died saving the life of a strange girl with white wings and his pet Rika, the sad eyes of Rika and the girl’s sorrow floating through the air as he slowly passed away. However, instead of dying, he awoke inside an empty white room with a single computer and a strange, game-like screen that allowed him to edit his IRL avatar and persona. Who offered him this second chance? For what reason did they help him? Can he meet Rika again? Zell could never know; he only knew his second life’s goal. Survive!

  • Ghoul King's Harem

    It was supposed to be just another argument with his girlfriend. But Alexander Faust's world was turned upside down when the dead started rising from their graves on February 20th, 2023. Suddenly, the apocalypse wasn't just some abstract concept but his reality. As he fights to survive in a world of death and destruction, Alex must confront his regrets and deepest desires, facing betrayal, despair and the darkness hidden in people's hearts. On the cusp of despair, he suddenly discovers a rare skill that makes him immune to zombie infection but transforms into a fierce and feral Ghoul. Is this skill truly random, or is there some plot in the darkness, always one step behind him? Torn between his former human self and new Ghoul self, Alex develops a new persona to protect his fragile mind. Faust! With newfound power coursing through his veins, Faust sets out to fulfil his wildest dreams. He seeks to reunite with Amy, his girlfriend, and maybe even find love among the survivors drawn to his strength and confidence. But as he journeys through a world overrun by the dead... Faust must also confront his darkest impulses and the consequences of his actions. He is forced to navigate the dangerous territory of being a Ghoul, balancing his newfound desires with the things that truly matter to him. Faust soon discovers that the line between life and death is razor-thin. In this thrilling and dark tale of survival, Faust must find his way in a world that has been forever changed - and hold onto the things that matter most to him before it's too late.

  • Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!

    The dungeons appeared 3,000 years ago. New wealth and ways to gain power poured into the world, tipping the world’s power balance. People rejoiced in their appearance. Now the poor could thrive, escaping poverty. There were countless people trying to enter the dungeons. They formed a guild to manage them. We named them the Explorer’s guild. All who ventured into those dark, evil places given a title to signify their status. [Dungeon Scout] A special occupation created to control the people who entered the dungeon. - - - A young orphan, adopted by dungeon knights and, would eventually follow in their footsteps. His name was Vincent Schwartz, born in a fractured world of death and decay. On the day of his 18th birthday, when children could ingest a special fluid and awaken. Vincent awakened the unique [Summoner] class. Able to summon distant beings that wielded endless power, able to perform terrifying attacks. The only problem was the strange system, which appeared out of nowhere. [The Demonic Choice System] This system would give him random choices and give different rewards at different intervals in his life. Would his system help him attain a wonderful life, filled with women he loves? Perhaps the world will force him to fight, as the dungeon’s purpose remained hidden in shadows.

  • Villain Reborn: Netori Harem in an Erotic RPG!

    The fantasy world of Celestia, a blue star filled with wondrous magic, brutal monsters and countless different races all spread on the huge continents said to have been created by the Goddess Celestia herself. But all is not adventure and bliss—there exists a man who causes the people to tremble in fear, and even Celestia's blessed Hero can only beg forgiveness. That man is the 72nd Vampire Lord, one of the most powerful and charming men in Celestia, rumoured to drag any woman he desires into his bed. He was a fearsome enemy of men and a secret delight for women. But... Nobody knows when or where this Lord came from. They only knew he was a gentle and loving husband but a cruel and brutal enemy. ------- Lucifer died accidentally with his soul transmigrated into the body of a young vampire dying in a forest, lacking most of his memories. He feels determined to use this handsome face to live a great second life after realising that this world is a Netori Eroge with RPG elements that he played in his loneliness. Reborn is a nameless side character, neither the villain nor Hero. Being a stray vampire with no noble ties, Lucifer desires to live a happy life, slaying monsters and making his legal harem of beautiful women of all races. However, fate would seem to stand in the way of his plans. Lucifer was always envious of a certain hidden boss, a member of the 72 lords and the only male Lord. Sadly, he never played the game's hidden ending, not knowing the truth while envying the 72nd lord. "The 72nd Lord will steal the heroines if the Hero doesn't enter any of their routes... That guy is so lucky..." Sadly, his fate seemed cursed! He accidentally had sex with the Protagonist's childhood friend by mistake, and now she is crazy about him! He made the Hero a cuckold, causing his world to turn on its head! He made the game a [Netori Eroge] or an [NTR Eroge] for the original Protagonist. Slowly, the world's plot was changed by this unsuspecting old man, step by step, searching for the best beauties! His mind was blurry, with the vague memories of his past life and the message of someone special to him planted in his dreams and mind. Lucifer must use all of his abilities, from charm, wits and libido, to survive. He must push through this nightmare difficulty game and defeat the [Protagonist] while accidentally seducing and stealing the heroines on his way. All to enjoy this second chance at life.

  • Dread Sovereign: Monster Girl Harem

    A half-orc with a hulking body filled with perfect muscles and a handsome face stands carrying a great axe over one shoulder. His neon blue eyes watching the void, waiting for those that would threaten his world. Huge creatures with monstrous figures, beasts of the abyss, here to kill the orc. Their angered shrieks and pained screams filled the air. The corpses of these monsters surround his body, forming his throne of dread. His long tail smashed down, turning them into pulp while using his brutal axe with powerful chops, cleaving them into pieces. "This world shall become ours; you cannot stop our legion! Orc!" a distorted and evil voice sounded. "WATCH ME!" Shouted the orc, filled with confidence and pride. In defiance, a purple mist shrouded him as he transformed into a monster himself, with long gryphon wings and sharp horns from his head—a hulking muscular body and legs filled with thick scales and black hooves. Bang! The orc stepped forward, his heart burning with passion and desire as he bellowed with a demonic and distorted voice. "I am the Sovereign of Dread, foul Daemons. This is MY world! Return to your wasteland to rot, or DIE!" He was a manticore, the only male manticore ever to exist. He fights not for power. Not for glory! Alistair "Raven" Granbell fights only for his beloved women and because he LOVES to fight the strong and crush them under his axe Mor'vaal and prove he deserves his Dread Sovereign title. ----- Only thanks to his dual cultivation technique, "The Twelves Gates of Bliss", could he attain those heights. Because in the distant past, he was merely an above-average half-orc, thanks to his cultivation technique and lucky encounter. He suddenly stepped on the path to becoming a powerful Chimaera after receiving a special reward in his first dungeon. However, dual cultivation with monster girls could only improve his new reward. He could only advance so far with combat alone! The planet Almos I entered a stage of development 400 years ago when strange monoliths appeared. Unknown races and mystical beings emerged from inside, bringing the magical existence known as [Mana] and [Magic] with them. Over countless years various races and humanity melded together after generations of war and chaos; now, you could find goblins serving as accountants and orcs working as policemen. With the dawn of rapid progress, they created an occupation for those seeking to explore these monoliths. [Adventurers] Adventurers would delve deep into the mysterious monoliths, which were given new names to match the Adventurers. They were called [Dungeons] due to their nature being identical to those found in the home worlds of the races that transferred to Almos I. It was a mystical world of Magic and modern technology coming to life! Alistair Granbell, a half-orc born to a beautiful orc mother and human father, led a dull but stable life, working as a salesman to support his beloved through college. However, deep down, his heart always wanted more; he desired to become more. The trigger was a stupid fight with his beloved girlfriend as he decided to throw away his old way of life and chose instead to pursue a life as an adventurer. He would take the name Raven to honour his late mother and father, stepping on the road to becoming an unstoppable and feared existence for his enemies.

  • Supreme Villain: Seducing the Heroines

    "I... I am a mere villain in a novel!?" A handsome male asked the void but received no answer, his face filled with shock as he awoke from sleep; the date again told him it was the 7th of July 2035, the day his fiancée would ask to break their engagement. Suddenly his mind was assaulted by various memories, strange events and occurrences ending with his death. "What are these memories? Why the hell do I act so pathetically when around these women!?" He rose from the velvet sheets, his tall body standing at the window, wearing nothing but his magnificent, well-trained birthday suit. "Never again! That damn guy can have them all! I quit!" [Supreme Villain System Installing] "NO! I don't want it!" [Error... System rejected by the host!] "Good..." [Supreme Netori System Installing!] "Oi...! No... Stop! I don't want to submit my control and will!!" The handsome male began to slam his head against the solid stone wall, the impact causing his brain to rattle, blood seeping down his forehead. [System.....Error] "I won't submit!" He roared; the morning maid stunned outside his door as he smashed his head against the wall, each blow causing his vision to grow blurrier and his muscles to spasm. [Netori... Error....] "Haha... I won! Screw you!" [Idiot] "Eh?" A sudden jolt of lightning shot from the ceiling, zapping the handsome male's brain as he fell to the ground, his body shuddering in silence. "Ngh!?" [I would never control you... Here, take these little gifts. I'll go mess with those skanks that hurt you] [Do your best, Amon] But Amon finds nothing is simple when dealing with years of feelings and supreme beings. Can he escape the fate of a villain's death, or will the deep shackles of his past lives bind him? Watch as he surpasses them all, stepping over other villains like ants and crushing the heroes to become the supreme Villain.