About The Author :Xuanting_Official, a writer of online novels. representative works include I Keep Witches While Others Keep Dragons

Number Of Novels : 5
  • I Can Summon All the Gods

    Locke, an ordinary middle school student from Philadelphia, traveled to a world of sword and magic and became a small lord. However, his territory was barren and narrow, and the leading people were poor and weak. Around him, there were ferocious brigands, terrifying dragons, and powerful enemies. At this critical moment, Locke had awakened the ability to summon the gods! At his summon, the powerful and mysterious strength came to this world one after another! Athena, the beautiful and intelligent war goddess! Venus, the goddess of love! There was also Hades in charge of the nether world, and the cunning god of tricks Loki! Countless gods and their heroes followed Locke to fight. They built their own territory and made it a sacred place that everyone yearned for in the world. They also made Locke the greatest ruler of the world! Magic dragon, phoenix... The powerful and mysterious magical beast became Locke's ride! The burly giant, the beautiful elf, and countless mysterious creatures had become members of Locke's group. There were also countless mages and knights who were loyal to Locke and became his spears and shields! And charming Venus, youthful Daphne, cold Medusa and enchanting Pandora... Their styles were different, but each of them was beautiful and charming. Locke also showed his powerful strength on another battlefield, which made these goddesses and female demons shout, "Slow fuck." This made Locke the prince charming of countless girls. However, Venus, Daphne, Medusa, Pandora and other goddesses and female demons held Locke tightly and shouted, "Locke belongs to me!"

  • Global Killing: I Could Plunder Talent

    Five billion people in the world traveled to the killing world at the same time! There were tens of thousands of races and demons here! The law of existence was killing! Endless killing! How could humans find an opportunity to save the blue star in the killing world? Dick activated the talent plundering system! Congratulations on your gaining the level C talent, rage! Congratulations on your gaining the level B talent, element! Congratulations on your gaining the level A talent, space! Congratulations on your gaining the level S talent, time! Congratulations on your gaining level SS talent, retract! Congratulations on your gaining level SSS talent, creating creatures! Since then, Dick had embarked on a path of endless harvest.

  • I Keep Witches While Others Keep Dragons

    Andrew traveled across the magic continent. With a low talent, he unlocked the Witch Cultivation system. After completing the task of unlocking the witch, he could upgrade and obtain the element ability of the witch. You gained 100 points of experience from the Fire Spirit witch, Evelyn's fondness for you +10 points, and unlocked the fire element 10 fold attack. You gained 100 points of experience from the witch of the storm, Taylor's fondness for you +10 points and unlock the windstorm tornado. The witches were not only beautiful but also sexy and charming. Each of them could destroy the world. As their host, Andrew was busy making love with them every day. Andrew had become a unique existence in mage. When others were still diligent in their study, he had become a big tutor mage that everyone admired through breeding witches. When he became the public enemy of the aristocrats on the continent, all the witches destroyed a country, and he became the supreme god of the world of magic!

  • The Days to Survive with Several Girls on the Uninhabited Island

    The nuclear war destroyed the world, and I was spared when I was taking the girl group on vacation. On an inhabited island with seven gorgeous beauties, I had become the only man on the uninhabited island. The most disagreeable assistant had become the sweet cake among girls. The popular actress sought after by thousands of people could only hold me tightly and warm themselves in the most primitive way. There were many dangers on the uninhabited island. Fortunately, I can add skills to myself. As long as I breathe, I can get experience points, which can add to my life skills. When the beauties tried to drill wood to make fire, I had already lit a bonfire. When they ran away because of meeting the wild boar, I had already crouched in the grass with a self-made spear and been prepared to launch a fatal blow at any time. Whether I was hunting or cutting trees, I could obtain the experience points of survival. Experience points could be exchanged for a new skill of survival, and I could also give the skill upgrade. After I could provide survival skills upgrade. Life on the uninhabited island has become colorful, but it was a little difficult to deal with the seven girls. This was the annoyance of happiness.

    Magical Realism
  • I'm Unbeatable After I Have Full Defense

    A meta-universe game "New World" that integrated the top technology, had 100% realism, and the game currency could be exchanged for real money, was open for beta! Jack became one of the first players to enter the game. Because he had witnessed other players being killed, he confirmed that this game had 100% realism, including pain, so he directly added all the attribute points on defense. To his surprise, he thus unlocked the title: Stud Master! He succeeded in making him have a higher defensive attribute value than all the players. Opponent: "I have the highest output!" Jack: "I won't bleed if you beat me." Opponent: "I can blast a hundred times!" Jack: "I won't bleed if you beat me." ... As the snowball got bigger and bigger, more and more hidden achievements were unlocked. He, Jack, also leaped to the top as the strongest, hardest, and most invincible player in "New World"!

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