Chapter 1

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Note:- I already mentioned the names of a few characters that will be required for the first few chapters. The only motive behind this is to get you(the reader) to know at least the name and occupations of these characters.


- Brandon Thomas: Head/Owner of Corth 5LU.

- Adam Thomas: Son of Brandon Morgan.

- Fletcher Byrne: Commander of the planetary army.

- Anthony Jordan: Assassin under Fletcher Byrne's command.

- Sheila Hanson: Member of the 6th Army.

- Lacey Lloyd: Member of the 6th Army.I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

- Chris Lloyd: Magician within the 6th Army.

- Eva Riley: Captain leading the 6th army.

- Joshua Booth: Technician serving in the 6th Army.

- Wyatt Miller: Operator of spaceships.

- Galil: Officer.

- Renna: Officer.