3 Chapter 2 Corth 5LU.

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Corth 5LU – Earth.

In the dimly illuminated chamber of Corth 5LU, Brandon stood gazing out through a transparent window, his gaze sweeping across the sprawling urban expanse that lay beneath him. This city, a manifestation of his vision and ambition, thrived under his watchful eye. Its towering spires reach towards the heavens, while intricate networks of transport weave seamlessly through its streets. Bioluminescent flora casts an ethereal glow upon the cityscape, painting a breathtaking tapestry of colors as day transitions into night.

Beside him, his son, Adam Thomas, held a tablet, his expression expectant. With a poised demeanor, Adam inquired, "Father, how should we address this proposal?" His voice bore a resolute determination, a reflection of his upbringing.

As his father pivoted to face him, the weight of their impending decision hung heavy in the air. "Take a moment, read the offer once more," Brandon requested, his tone carrying a sense of urgency, yet tempered by years of experience. The young Adam complied without protest, the tablet's glow casting a faint light upon his features.

"Father, the offer entails a shift in allegiance from the Alliance to eternity," Adam Thomas began, reciting the terms from memory, "In return, they present us with a compelling proposition:

8,000,000,000,000,000 galactic credits.

A stake of 30% in the revenue generated from our planet's endeavors.

Advanced Technological Collaboration.

Exclusive Access to Arcane Knowledge."

"This is their proposition, and the terms are elegantly straightforward," Adam Thomas asserted, his voice steady and resolute. "Our shift of allegiance should be formally announced during the upcoming Ceremony of Freedom, which is mere two days away."

Contemplation clouded Brandon's features as he mused aloud, "How many among us may have already betrayed our cause? It's confounding how the council seems oblivious to such intricate dealings. What are your insights, my son?" The weight of uncertainty lingered in his words, torn between the allure of the offer and the complexity of the situation. Should he expose this to the council or covertly entertain it?

"I'm inclined to recommend against accepting this offer," Adam Thomas replied thoughtfully. "Granted, the prospect of 80 trillion credits and 30% of our planet's revenue is immensely tempting, particularly when contrasted with the meager 5% we currently receive. However, we mustn't overlook the reality of our military capabilities. The council holds power sufficient to mount an offensive against us, should they so decide. On the other hand, we could potentially safeguard our interests if any of our neighboring entities opt to break away from the council."

Brandon's gaze sharpened as his son's strategy unfolded. "You're contemplating the deployment of the 6th army, aren't you?" he inquired, a faint glimmer of admiration in his eyes. "Indeed, they represent our trump card."

Returning his attention to the cityscape beyond the window, Brandon reached a pivotal decision. "We shall decline this offer," he declared resolutely, "and present it to the council in a manner that conceals our involvement."

"Understood, father," Adam Thomas acknowledged, a sense of purpose emanating from him. With determined steps, he exited the chamber, his course set, leaving Brandon to contemplate the gravity of their choice, the city of Corth 5LU poised on the precipice of a decision that would shape its destiny.

Adam's footsteps echoed through the palace corridors as he made his way to the designated guest chamber. As he entered the room, the Eternity agent rose from his seat, a smile gracing his features. "The offer on the table is rather enticing, I dare say it eclipses what you might earn toiling for the council over a decade," he remarked, the smirk on his face widening.

"Indeed, the offer is intriguing," Adam acknowledged, his tone contemplative. He moved with an air of casual confidence towards the room's open bar, a sense of purpose emanating from his every step. "However, there's a crucial aspect you seem to have overlooked."

Curiosity sparked in the agent's eyes as he inquired, "And what might that be?" He observed as Adam deftly filled two glasses, extending one toward him.

Adam's gaze met the agent's as he offered a knowing smile. "It's imperative to delve into the ancestral lineage of any prospective invitee, especially in this scenario," he replied cryptically. The tinkling of crystal against crystal accompanied his gesture, the second glass being claimed by the agent's hand.

The agent raised an eyebrow, intrigue mingling with his curiosity. "And what significance does that hold?" he probed, his lips touching the rim of the glass before sipping the liquid within. Only after Adam mirrored the action did he fully indulge in his drink.

"My great-grandfather, a war hero, was the sentinel of sector 958th," Adam recounted, his voice tinged with pride. "He stepped forward to lead after the assassination of the fleet's commander, ensuring our victory against the odds." His words prompted a perceptible shift in the agent's demeanor, who lowered himself cautiously into his seat. As the agent drained his glass, a bitter awareness settled upon him – this could very well be his final indulgence before imprisonment.

"Then take me into custody. Incarcerate me," the agent retorted with a veneer of defiance, his voice laced with an undercurrent of resignation. "Your only recourse is imprisonment, for you lack the audacity to execute me outright. Remember, I am a harbinger of Eternity. Should harm befall me, the wrath of those you call neighbors, now aligned with us, shall descend upon you."

In response, Adam's voice hardened, taking on an unexpected edge. "But will you live to witness their retaliation? The wine you consumed was laced with 'Bleak Mist,' a poison. It remains dormant unless ingested in substantial quantities within a short span. You have barely a minute before its effects consume you. Now, I suggest you reveal their identities before your time runs out," he pressed, his tone carrying an ominous weight that belied his calm exterior.

"You wouldn't dare," the agent's voice seethed with rage, yet his defiance was short-lived. His words were abruptly stifled by a fit of coughing, prompting him to hastily retrieve a handkerchief. Though the coughing subsided, an insidious weakness invaded his limbs, his handkerchief now stained a grim shade of crimson. His legs faltered, and rather than collapsing into the seat, he crumpled to the floor, his strength utterly drained.I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

"You should have heeded my words; time was not on your side," Adam remarked with a solemn detachment. With a parting farewell, he exited the room, the door sealing the agent's fate. From beyond the closed door, Adam could still hear the agent's agonizing coughs, confirming his grim prognosis.

The turn of events didn't sit well with Adam, a sense of frustration gnawing at him. His hopes of extracting valuable information had been thwarted by the agent's abrupt demise, Unbeknownst to him, he hadn't anticipated consuming the drink so rapidly. However, it was a reminder that not every maneuver unfolds according to one's intentions.

Steeling himself, Adam altered his course, veering away from the palace and its unsettling aftermath. Instead of returning to his father with news of the agent's demise, he chose a different path, one that led him out of the palace and into the city beyond.

Descending the palace's grand staircase, Adam reached the ground level where his awaiting vehicle stood poised. Settling into the plush seat, he was greeted by the driver's inquisitive query, "Where shall we venture, young master?" Without hesitation, Adam's voice held a sense of purpose as he instructed, "Head to Riddle."


Amidst the cascading rain, the bouncers stationed before the nightclub struggled to maintain order among the increasingly agitated crowd vying for entry. Tempers flared as frustrated shouts pierced through the relentless downpour, a crescendo of impatience borne from the delayed entrance they sought.

Suddenly, a vehicle of opulent grandeur pulled up at the club's entrance, casting an air of extravagance that eclipsed even the allure of the establishment itself. The guards, momentarily halting their attempts at crowd control, turned their attention to the regal car's arrival. Abandoning their posts, they hastened to the vehicle, their actions imbued with a sense of deference reserved for a select few. As the car door swung open, its occupant emerged, shielded from the rain by the vigilant extension of an umbrella – a symbol of lavish care amidst the drenched chaos.


Amidst the deluge, a figure of dignified poise emerged from the luxurious car. Clad in a tailored midnight blue overcoat, the man exuded an aura of refined elegance that mirrored the very opulence of the vehicle he had arrived in. Each step he took, measured and deliberate, seemed to carve a path through the rain-soaked air.

The silhouette of his chiseled features, partly obscured by the play of shadows and raindrops, held an air of aristocratic allure. His hair, tousled by the rain, glistened like strands of onyx against the backdrop of the night. Eyes that mirrored the storm's intensity bore a glint of shrewdness, betraying a mind keenly attuned to the intricacies of his surroundings.

With an air of assured authority, he moved gracefully, almost as if the rhythm of the rain had synchronized with the cadence of his steps. As he emerged from beneath the sheltering umbrella, it became apparent that this figure of enigmatic presence was none other than Adam Thomas.

Adam's gaze swept over the clamoring crowd, and an uncanny hush descended like a shroud. The once raucous atmosphere of exasperation now ceded to a profound silence, where the relentless rhythm of raindrops seemed to echo like distant thunder. With measured grace, Adam navigated through the stillness, his path clearing as if guided by an invisible hand.


As he approached the entrance, the very owner of the nightclub himself emerged, a deferential respect in his stance. The doorway yielded to the owner's touch, unveiling a passage into the heart of the establishment. Adam, bearing an air of quiet authority, addressed the owner, his tone tinged with anticipation, "Where can they be found?"

"This way, young master," the owner responded, guiding Adam towards the stairwell that ascended to the second level of the club.

Stepping onto the second floor, the owner led Adam towards a particular chamber, distinct in its solitary guardianship. Unlike the others, this room's entrance was vigilantly protected, a pair of keys manipulated in unison to unlock the threshold. As the door yielded to their synchronized touch, Adam and the owner crossed the threshold, swiftly accompanied by the closing of the door, now safeguarded by sentinels.

Within the confines of the room, a tapestry of luxury unfurled, surpassing the boundaries of mere imagination. The air itself seemed to shimmer with opulence, an ambiance where extravagance had been meticulously woven into reality. From intricately carved furnishings adorned with precious gems to cascading chandeliers that bathed the room in a soft, ethereal glow, every detail spoke of a world crafted from dreams.

Silken drapes, awash in hues that mirrored the twilight sky, cascaded from floor-to-ceiling windows that offered a mesmerizing view of the rain-soaked city below. Plush velvet seating beckoned with inviting comfort, while ornate art pieces adorned the walls, their intricate beauty capturing the eye and holding it captive.

A grand piano stood sentinel in a corner, its polished surface a reflection of the room's refined elegance. Crystal decanters cradled the finest libations, their contents a testament to the discerning tastes that frequented this hidden haven.

The owner's steps diverged from indulgence as he meandered towards a grand piano stationed at the room's corner. His skilled fingers danced upon the ivory keys, evoking a sequence of intricate notes that seemed to be more than mere music. In response to this harmonious melody, a concealed mechanism stirred, and a sleek screen gracefully unfurled from the ceiling above.

With a keen understanding of the unfolding sequence, Adam approached the luminous screen. Knowing the layers of authentication required, he engaged in a biometric verification process, presenting not only his fingerprints but also the unique imprint of his irises. As the system recognized his identity with certainty, the scene set in motion an orchestration of events that revealed a concealed chamber concealed within the very fabric of the room.

A subtle symphony of shifting mechanisms resonated through the space, as the expanse of wall behind the piano gradually pivoted, unveiling a previously hidden room that had long eluded casual observation. The revelation unfolded before him, a testament to the enigmatic legacy concealed beneath the veneer of extravagance.

In the wake of this revelation, the owner tactfully stepped aside, his role in this journey complete. With a graceful bow, he pronounced, "Young master should you require my aid, you can call me through the phone available here."