6 Chapter 5 power of 4-star mage

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Within the confines of the mothership, two figures stood to watch as their fleet came to a halt just beyond the perimeter of planet Corth 5LU's protective rings. The duo patiently awaited the meticulous alignment of their ships into formation. Typically, their approach presented planets with a binary choice: submit or face the full might of their forces. However, this scenario deviated from the norm. The fleet's Commander had received a direct mandate from the upper echelons-an order that left no room for negotiation. Their mission was clear: to eradicate every soul on this planet as retribution for the execution of an Eternity agent.

Amid the fleet's reconfiguration, a sudden burst of brilliant light erupted just ahead of their formation. As the radiance waned, it revealed the presence of approximately 200 figures effectively obstructing the fleet's trajectory. Observing this development from within the mothership, one of the occupants scornfully remarked, "Mages, do they truly believe this to be child's play? Instruct the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd squads to engage and swiftly dispose of these nuisances." His attention shifted past the gathered mages, his gaze seemingly dismissive as it fixated on the verdant planet beyond.

With the command relayed from the mothership to the designated squad, detachment from the fleet was immediate. The unit hurtled towards the assembled mages, its numbers totaling over 100 vessels-a formidable force capable of quelling a group of 200 individuals who labeled themselves as mages. Such a calculation seemed logical; after all, it required just that many of these ships for subduing a collection of 2-star mages. Yet, the impending clash held a surprise unaccounted for by the aggressors.

As Chris perceived the approach of more than 100 ships converging upon his position, a flick

er of frustration sparked within him. Their calculated underestimation irked him, the notion that a mere hundred vessels would suffice to challenge him igniting his ire. Swiftly, he quelled the flames of anger, mindful that battlefield emotions were a futile indulgence.

He looked back at the cadre he was in charge of, and he ordered them, "All 3-star mages get into position with defensive spells, block every attack that will come to you. meanwhile, the first group of 2-star mages will use spells that can increase the mobility of everybody. The second will be responsible for our offensive output, fire the spell when I say so. Get into position quickly."

(Note:- Anybody who is or above 2-star level can operate in space without any problem.)

Before long, the formation of ships reached their target, unleashing a barrage of energy beams in their direction. Ordinarily, a single volley of such attacks should have sufficed to obliterate any collective defensive efforts put forth by the assembly of mages. Upon impact, wisps of smoke wafted from the magic shield, a testament to the sheer force of the onslaught.

Undeterred, the group of ships reformed their attack formation and launched another salvo, their confidence bolstered by the belief that this assault would eliminate every last mage present. Among those ships, the leader of the 1st squad-charged with overseeing this particular mission-wore a triumphant grin. He anticipated receiving substantial recognition for orchestrating this apparent triumph. Yet, his elation was swiftly erased as the dissipating smoke revealed an unforeseen reality.

With a dawning realization, the squad leader's jubilant expression morphed into one of shock. Urgently, he barked orders through the squad's communication channel, his voice tinged with urgency, "Assume a defensive formation! We're up against 3-star mages!"

Before the defensive formation could take shape, Chris issued a commanding directive, his voice ringing with authority, "Open fire." In response to his order, a torrent of diverse spells surged forth, launching a relentless assault against the encroaching fleet of ships. The atmosphere crackled with mana as hundreds of distinct magical manifestations converged upon the vessels.

The onslaught of spells unleashed by mages wreaked havoc upon the approaching fleet. Explosions erupted in brilliant bursts of light as magical projectiles collided with the ships, tearing through their shields and hulls. The once-confident vessels now found themselves embroiled in a desperate struggle, their defensive systems overwhelmed by the sheer ferocity and variety of the onslaught."

The battlefield became a spectacle of dazzling colors and chaotic bursts, each spell adding to the cacophony of destruction. Inside the mothership, the atmosphere shifted from arrogance to urgency. The figure who had earlier belittled the mages now barked out orders, his voice laced with a mix of panic and disbelief. "Retreat! Fall back and regroup! 5th squad use S482 missiles."

Responding swiftly to the orders, the fleet sprang into action, desperately attempting to disentangle itself from the magical onslaught. Chris remained at the helm, deftly orchestrating the attack with calculated precision. His strategic acumen became evident as he singled out pivotal vessels, triggering cascades of explosions that propagated through the ranks of the encroaching adversary.

The stage was set for the entry of the 5th squad, armed with S482. These specialized anti-mage missiles possessed the capability to breach most magic shields. As the missiles were launched, Chris issued a tactical retreat command to the mages. Unconventionally, however, he opted to remain in the fray. A sly smirk graced his countenance as he extended his arms wide, a resolute determination gleaming in his eyes. With a resonant utterance, he invoked his devastating spell, "Starfire Blaze."

As Chris invoked the incantation, a surge of potent energy emanated from his outstretched arms, coalescing into a brilliant and searing sphere of light. The sphere expanded rapidly, its luminous radiance transforming the battlefield into a realm ablaze with otherworldly brilliance. The air crackled with raw power, and a palpable wave of heat radiated outward, causing the very atmosphere to shimmer and distort.

Upon impact with the enemy fleet, the Starfire Blaze erupted in a cataclysmic explosion of scorching flames, consuming everything in its path. Ships were engulfed in a tempest of searing inferno, their hulls melting and disintegrating as the conflagration raged.

In the wake of the devastation, a trail of smoldering wreckage and dissipating energy remnants marked the path where the enemy fleet once stood. The flames eventually subsided, leaving behind a dark void marred by the remnants of shattered vessels.

His efforts were far from exhausted, as he promptly cast another spell. This time, a teleportation incantation was invoked, transporting him directly before the remnants of the fleet, which remained stupefied by the revelation of his 4-star mage. With remarkable speed, he materialized in their midst, wasting no time in executing yet another spell. In an awe-inspiring display, he summoned the power of "Void Bomb."

The air crackled with electrifying energy as Chris channeled arcane power for his next spell. Focusing intently, he cast the potent "Void Bomb" incantation. His hands weaved intricate patterns, conjuring a sphere of shimmering darkness that pulsed ominously.

With unwavering determination, Chris launched the Void Bomb at the remaining fleet. The impact triggered a cataclysmic explosion of ethereal shadows, shrouding the area in an all-consuming void. Ships disintegrated, their structures unraveling amidst gravitational anomalies unleashed by the spell.

Reality itself seemed to twist and distort as if the fabric of space was being warped by the spell's overwhelming forces. Those caught within the blast were engulfed in a disorienting vortex of darkness, their senses overwhelmed by the chaotic turmoil.

As the aftermath of the Void Bomb subsided, the fleet lay crippled and broken. Debris floated amidst the ruins of once-mighty vessels. The mark left by the Void Bomb was undeniable. Chris's audacious maneuver had effectively decimated a significant portion of the opposing forces, creating a strategic advantage for his allies and altering the course of the battle.

With over half of his fleet decimated, the commander within the mothership erupted in furious screams. He hastily issued a full retreat order, seething with anger and regret for not knowing about the presence of a 4-star mage among their opponents. If he had been aware, he would never have engaged in this operation, to begin with.

However, regrets were of no use now. The retreat command quickly spread among the surviving ships, prompting a hasty withdrawal. Chris had the opportunity for further devastation, but he too chose to pull back.

Inside the mothership, the enemy commander unleashed his frustration, venting his rage on anything within reach. Precious items were shattered as he grappled with the shocking revelation. "How? How does that insignificant planet possess a 4-star mage? How? We don't even have one, despite our overwhelming power."

An assistant to the commander, speaking hesitantly, suggested, "Perhaps they employed a rare artifact. It's unlikely they could afford to hire a 4-star mage as a mercenary."

"That's the only explanation," the commander, in a state of denial, conceded.

"Or perhaps we cultivated him in secrecy, nurturing his talents from the very beginning," a sudden voice interjected.

The commander's initial response was dismissive, "There's no way a backwater planet like this could have nurtured a 4-star mage."

His confidence wavered as he realized the voice didn't belong to his assistant. Turning around, his eyes widened in horror as he witnessed a scene of carnage. Everyone in the room, from his assistant to the ship operators, lay lifeless. A chilling silence enveloped the space, broken only by his breathing.

The intruder, Anthony, unveiled his face by removing his scarf. Without hesitation, he lunged at the commander, flinging a dagger in his direction. The blade bounced off a protective shield enveloping the commander, but upon impact, the dagger detonated, weakening the shield.

The commander, recovering from his initial shock, attempted to regain his composure. However, his efforts were futile. The second dagger laced with aura, propelled by Anthony, breached the compromised shield and found its mark. The commander's life was extinguished in an instant, the blade piercing his neck and sealing his fate.

After the commander's demise, the command room's door swung open, revealing a group of marines who had rushed to the scene upon hearing the explosion. Their swift arrival, however, was in vain; Anthony had already vanished from the room after accomplishing his mission.I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm


Meanwhile, Chris managed to reach the awaiting ship, stumbling as he entered. Joshua, quick to react, caught him at the doorway. "You never learn, do you? I've been telling you to use my teleportation device to conserve your mana, but you always ignore my advice," Joshua scolded.

"I'm fine, just tripped. Let's go, I want to get some rest," Chris retorted, brushing off Joshua's concerns in a somewhat petulant manner.

Chris made his way to his cabin on the ship, while Joshua headed to the main helm. Conversing with Wyatt, Joshua arranged for their return to headquarters. "He'll probably sleep for a day or two, as usual," Joshua remarked.

Wyatt nodded in agreement and began manipulating the ship's controls. They veered away from the battlefield, their course set for Corth 5LU. As they navigated, numerous ships passed them in the opposite direction. Commander Fletcher had decided it was a critical moment to seal the battle's outcome, preventing any enemy escape. Part of this strategy involved eliminating the higher echelons of the enemy fleet's command structure, which has already been accomplished.

In a span of two hours, the once-mighty enemy fleet was decimated, dwindling to less than 100 ships. A fleet that had once proudly boasted over 5000 vessels was now reduced to a mere fraction of its former strength. The subsequent phase of the conflict extended over two more days, during which Commander Fletcher's fleet tirelessly pursued and eradicated any remaining stragglers that managed to flee the initial engagement.

After a day of rest, Chris awoke from his slumber, asserting that his fatigue was not the reason for his rest, but rather a chance to provide the rest of the army with real-life battle training. Despite his claims, nobody believed him. His desire to join the battle and eliminate the remaining ships was met with a refusal from Eva. She reminded him of his earlier intention to allow the rest of the army to gain experience in battle. "Why don't you take a break and let us handle this? You wanted to give us a chance to experience real combat, so now it's our turn," she said, asserting her point.