7 Chapter 6 The Spectacle

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Inside The Spectacle, a sense of urgency filled the air as people hurriedly moved about, their voices raised in animated discussions. This was the nerve center of the council's operations, where all their strategic decisions were made and executed.

Five years had passed since the fateful day when Eternity had struck the alliance. Initially, the alliance struggled to regain its footing, facing both internal strife and external attacks from Eternity. The alliance found itself caught in a dual struggle – an internal civil war and a conflict on its borders. It was a challenging period, but the alliance managed to regroup and organize its response.

To overcome these challenges, the council devised a two-step approach. First, they dispatched reinforcements to planets in need, fortifying their defenses to prevent further losses. The second step involved launching counterattacks to reclaim lost territories. In just five years, the council's coordinated efforts and strategic prowess had turned the tide of the war in their favor.

Inside the strategic room, two officers were engaged in conversation. One was an elf named Renna, and the other was a centurion named Galil. Their interaction carried a playful tone.

"Galil, what brings you here? I don't recall you being summoned back to headquarters," Renna inquired teasingly.

"It's none of your concern, Renna. And I hardly consider myself a burden to you," Galil retorted with a hint of aloofness.

Renna chuckled. "Relax, I'm not out to get you. By the way, have you heard about that incident in the 958th sector?"

Galil nodded. "Yes, the case involving the breach of rules and harboring a 4-star mage without council approval. If it's the one I'm thinking of, then yes, I'm aware."

Their exchange carried a sense of intrigue and familiarity, hinting at the complex dynamics and relationships within the council's ranks.

"Oh? But I don't see it as a wrong move. They not only survived but also caught the enemy off-guard, helping our cause," Renna chimed in.

Galil's expression remained stern. "Regardless, they violated the rules, and they'll face consequences for it. Our opinions don't matter, especially now that Ravenbard may have already arrived," he explained before walking away.

Renna wasn't ready to drop the topic. "Don't you find their situation a bit too fortunate?" she pondered aloud.

Galil paused and turned to Renna, curiosity in his eyes. "What do you mean?"

"As I was reading the reports, I noticed something intriguing. They activated their protective ring a day before the Ceremony of Freedom. There's only one plausible explanation – they must have had prior knowledge of the attack," Renna said, a smile playing on her lips.

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Galil burst into laughter. "The message the council received five years ago... They truly outplayed us, didn't they?"

Renna joined in the laughter. "Indeed. Now not only can we not blame them for bending the rules, but we might even have to reward them. And who knows, they might even ask for their 4-star mage to be set free," she added with a playful grin, her eyes reflecting the humor in her words.

Hovering just beyond the atmosphere of Corth 5LU, outside the protective ring, a colossal flagship materialized. Its sheer size made the planet beneath it seem minuscule in comparison. The spaceship resembled a behemoth of metal and technology, its imposing form radiating an aura of power and sophistication. Its sleek, angular design spoke of meticulous craftsmanship, with every line and curve purposefully sculpted for aesthetics and functionality. Gleaming panels of metallic alloy covered its surface, reflecting the light of distant stars and casting an otherworldly sheen.I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

Massive engines protruded from the rear of the spacecraft, their intricate network of exhaust ports and thrusters hinting at the vessel's formidable propulsion capabilities. The hull was adorned with intricate engravings and patterns, a testament to the dwarven artistry that went into its creation.

A series of massive, retractable landing gear extended from the ship's belly, resembling the legs of some futuristic mechanical creature. These landing struts provided stability as the vessel hovered in space, ready to descend upon a planet's surface if needed.

Clusters of sensor arrays and communication dishes adorned the spaceship's upper sections, allowing it to scan and interact with its surroundings. As it floated majestically against the backdrop of stars, its presence exuded an air of authority and dominance, a testament to the advanced technology and engineering prowess of the dwarven race.

Upon its arrival, the space station situated near the protective rings of Corth 5LU sprang into immediate action, alerting everyone on board. Commander Fletcher was swiftly contacted, and within moments, two holographic figures materialized within the station. As Commander Fletcher observed the colossal flagship through the window, he exchanged a knowing look with Adam, who stood by his side, a smile playing on his lips.

"Just as you predicted, they wasted no time to come soon as they stabilized the situation," Commander Fletcher remarked pleasedly, his confidence evident.

"It was the logical course of action. Whoever holds that position must possess a sharp mind. Now, establish a communication link with them," Adam instructed the commander, prompting the necessary actions to connect the space station with the flagship.

With a nod from Commander Fletcher, an operator swiftly initiated the communication sequence, resulting in a window materializing in front of the commander. On the screen, a dignified woman of the dwarven race appeared, her voice carrying a certain regal tone.

"I seek an audience with the commander of your space station," the woman declared with authority.

"You are addressing Commander Fletcher," he responded, matching her tone without hesitation.

"Very well, that simplifies matters. Your planet has been found guilty of six distinct violations, and Ravenbard has been dispatched to administer the appropriate punishment. Remove your shields, or we shall be compelled to breach them ourselves," she stated firmly, her words unwavering and devoid of any pleasantries.

"Understood, as you wish, servant of esteemed Ravenbard," Commander Fletcher conceded, his tone respectful yet laced with a subtle assertion. He gave the order to the operator to deactivate the protective shields surrounding Corth 5LU. On the women's end of the communication, fury surged within her. She seethed with indignation, for it was a widely recognized fact that even though they were in service to Ravenbard, none dared to address them as mere "servants." To hear the commander of this relatively obscure planet brazenly utter those words was an affront she could not easily ignore.

A storm of anger churned within her, fueled by wounded pride and a desire to assert her authority. The audacity of this backwater commander had lit a fire in her determination. With her influential position and connections, she harbored the capability to request her masters to focus their attention specifically on him. In her mind, a plan was formed to make him endure the consequences of his words. This commander's boldness would not go unanswered, and she was poised to ensure that his life became an epitome of unrelenting trials under her watchful gaze.

The deactivation of the shield rings was swiftly executed, and emerging from the flagship was a vessel of considerable size, resembling the mothership from the attack that had transpired five years prior. This massive ship set a course, hurtling towards the capital city of Navia, its destination being the palace nestled within.

Adam couldn't help but comment on the audacity displayed by Commander Fletcher in addressing the woman as a servant. "You certainly didn't hold back there," he remarked, acknowledging the bold move.

The commander's response was resolute, "I wasn't about to allow her to undermine my authority."

Chuckling at the commander's determination, Adam deactivated his hologram, following suit as Commander Fletcher closed his own, a satisfied smile gracing his features.