13 Chapter 12 Mission -I

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The briefing concluded, and the team settled into their spacecraft, ready for their mission on Pandora 9. After some time as the ship hurtled through space, the view outside the window shifted from the expanse of the cosmos to the planetary horizon. Pandora 9 came into view, a lush world with sprawling cities that seemed to blend seamlessly with the natural landscape.

From above, the planet appeared to be a patchwork of vibrant green forests, crystal-clear lakes, and towering mountains. The advanced civilization that inhabited this planet had managed to harmoniously integrate technology with nature. The cities were adorned with sleek architecture, interwoven with vibrant gardens and open spaces. Skyscrapers reached into the sky, their surfaces glistening with reflective materials that caught the sunlight.

As the spacecraft approached the planet's atmosphere, the landing zone outside the city became visible. It was a marvel of engineering, an expansive platform built with advanced materials that seemed to resist wear and tear. The landing pads were automated, adjusting to accommodate the incoming spacecraft with precision.

The landing area was a testament to Pandora 9's technological prowess. It was equipped with holographic information displays, providing real-time updates about the city, local weather, and even details about incoming spacecraft. Automated robots moved around, maintaining the area's cleanliness and assisting passengers disembarking from other ships.

As Adam, Chris, and the rest of the team except the demon twins disembarked from their spacecraft, they were greeted by a hum of activity. People of different races moved purposefully, engaged in conversations, or focused on their tasks. Transparent walkways glided above the ground, allowing pedestrians to move effortlessly from one point to another.

Ishmael stepped forward, addressing the team, "Welcome to Pandora 9, the heart of the goblin civilization. Remember, our mission here requires subtlety and efficiency. Blend in, gather information, and locate Kozz. Let's proceed with caution."

With Ishmael leading the way, the team entered the bustling city. The streets were immaculate, bustling with people and vehicles that moved smoothly along magnetic pathways. Glowing holographic signs indicated shops, entertainment venues, and information centers.

Despite the advanced technology, there was a sense of unity with nature. Greenery flourished everywhere, from rooftop gardens to hanging plants that adorned the city's infrastructure. Even in the heart of the metropolis, the sounds of birdsong could be heard, blending seamlessly with the city's background hum.

Amidst the vibrant cityscape of Pandora 9, the team ventured further, their steps guided by Ishmael's knowledge of the local area. After a while, they stumbled upon a quaint inn nestled amidst the bustling surroundings. It was a charming establishment with a fusion of modern design and natural elements. The inn was named "Verdant Haven," and it promised a comfortable stay for travelers.

Ishmael's authority as a council operative allowed them to secure the entire inn for their team's use. The inn's staff, composed of various species from the planet, welcomed them with respectful nods and efficient service. They were guided to their rooms, which were equipped with advanced amenities, holographic interfaces, and spectacular views of the city.

With the accommodations settled, the team convened in a designated common area within the inn. This space was strategically chosen to ensure privacy while they planned their next steps. The council had provided them with a comprehensive map of the city, highlighting potential locations of interest, including markets, technology hubs, and areas with potential connections to Kozz.


They arranged their equipment, including weapons, communication devices, and a sophisticated computer system capable of tapping into the planet's networks for gathering intelligence. The hum of the computer's processors filled the air as they synchronized it with their devices.

They adjusted the holographic display, projecting the map onto a nearby wall. The map was dotted with markers indicating possible locations where Kozz might be active. Ishmael joined them, and they began discussing their initial plans.

"We'll need to divide our efforts," Ishmael explained, his focus unwavering on the holographic display. "Boyd, ensure that all the data we gather is linked to the spaceship's main computer. This will allow the twins to analyze information by tapping into the planet's network. Brutus, your post will be here, guarding this location in case of any potential threats. The rest of you, get some rest and be prepared for what's to come."

"Once we start collecting data, we should be able to pinpoint any unusual activities or communications related to our target," Boyd explained.I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

Brutus, the giant, stood near the entrance, his massive frame providing a physical presence to deter any potential threats. "Okay, I'll keep watch outside. Let me know if anything comes up," he rumbled.

As the hours passed and the city's vibrant lights transitioned to the softer glow of the night, the team continued their preparations. The holographic map displayed new data points and potential leads, guiding their strategy. Boyd and the twins worked diligently, their expertise combining to make sense of the intricate web of information that surrounded them.

With the plan in place and their initial tasks assigned, the team members took a moment to rest. The comfortable inn provided a place where they could recharge both physically and mentally.

As the first rays of dawn illuminated the city, the team reconvened in the common area. Boyd and the twins had gathered valuable insights from the network, identifying possible locations where Kozz might be involved.

Boyd's voice resonated in the room as he presented the new information they had gathered, his gaze fixed on the holographic display. "There are three potential locations where Kozz might have established a hideout. These are the possibilities: 3rd Street, Cleard Road; 19th Street, Preetart Avenue; and finally, near Sroh Corner."

Ishmael nodded thoughtfully, his eyes narrowing as he evaluated the options. "Those points are quite spread out across the city," he mused. After a brief pause, he continued, "All right, we'll have to split into three teams to cover all the potential hideouts. Boyd, Carey, and Brutus will form one team. The rest of us will make up the second team, and I will be the third team."

"Remember, our presence must remain discreet. We don't want to alert the local security forces or draw attention to our mission. As far as they're concerned, we're here on official council business. Disperse," Ishmael's command echoed in the room, signaling the end of the briefing. He gathered a selection of tools from the arsenal, his movements purposeful and efficient. Without a word, he made his exit, leaving the team to prepare for their respective roles.

As Ishmael left, the remaining members of the team began to disperse throughout the room. The atmosphere was charged with a mix of anticipation and determination. Each operative approached the arsenal, evaluating the array of modern weapons before them. The weapons, though compact, were potent and versatile, capable of transforming from inconspicuous boxes into deadly instruments with a simple activation.

With focused deliberation, the team members made their selections. Some chose firearms, their sleek designs hinting at their advanced technology. Others opted for melee weapons, embracing the balance between tradition and innovation. Among them, Brutus stood out, his massive form drawn to a single choice – a colossal battle axe, its weight, and heft a testament to the giant's immense strength.

Adam's decision was deliberate and calculated. He selected two compact guns that fit comfortably in his hands, their ergonomic design suggesting ease of use. His third choice, however, was a sword.