14 Chapter 13 Mission -II

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Adam, Chris, and Lycus formed one group, and they decided to investigate the 3rd Street, Cleard Road area. Their journey took them through bustling markets, where holographic displays showcased a myriad of goods. They passed by technology hubs where advanced gadgets were showcased, and information centers where holographic screens provided updates on various topics. Despite their mission, the team couldn't help but marvel at the city's sophistication.

As they approached the 3rd Street, Cleard Road area, they maintained a low profile, avoiding unnecessary attention. They blended in with the crowds, their attire and demeanor reflecting that of ordinary citizens. It was a delicate dance, maintaining the facade of normalcy while keeping an eye out for any signs of Kozz's activities.

The streets leading to their target location were alive with activity. Shops and cafes adorned the sidewalks, each offering a unique glimpse into the lives of Pandora 9's inhabitants. The aroma of exotic dishes mingled with the soft hum of conversations.

They opted for a café strategically chosen as it was on the opposite side of a potential hideout. Its façade exuded an air of normalcy, contrasting with the enigmatic aura of nearby places. Settling into a corner booth, they blended seamlessly with the café's environment. The menu presented to them featured delicacies from across the universe.

Adam and Chris made their selections, opting for Slow-Cooked False Uakari, a dish known for its rich flavors. Lycus, ever curious about local flavors, ordered Etenda Bonbons, eager to experience local unique culinary offerings. The café itself was a throwback to a bygone era, with visible culinary activity and a staff that seemed to enjoy every aspect of their work, from food preparation to service.

As the aroma of their chosen dishes wafted through the air, they engaged in light conversation, enjoying a respite from their mission's intensity. The atmosphere was conducive to their role as observers, providing them with the perfect vantage point to monitor their surroundings.

Midway through their meal, their focus shifted. A series of movements near their designated target location caught their attention. A car pulled up nearby, its occupants stepping out onto the bustling street. Two towering figures, both giants, emerged from the vehicle, flanking a goblin companion. The goblin walked briskly towards a nearby building, while the giants positioned themselves as guards at the entrance.

As they observed discreetly from the café, Adam, Chris, and Lycus exchanged meaningful glances. They continued to savor their meals, their focus shifting between their food and the unfolding events just beyond the café's windows.

"How do we approach this situation?" Adam's voice carried a tone of seriousness, reflecting the weight of their decisions.

"We have two potential options," Lycus responded, his voice equally serious. "Firstly, we could approach them under the pretense that their boss had a meeting with us. The second option is more aggressive-neutralizing them and going for the kill. However, the latter approach risks drawing the attention of the police force before we can even reach that goblin."

Adam contemplated the choices, his mind quickly weighing the pros and cons of each course of action. "Most likely, we should go with the first option. The goblin seemed hurried, suggesting that he might be waiting for others or his clients inside the building."

Lycus nodded in agreement. "Then we wait. Let's split into two teams. I'll tail the car once the goblin exits. Meanwhile, you enter the building and search for anything that might lead us to capture Kozz."

"Why are you speaking as if the goblin entering the building isn't Kozz?" Chris inquired, his confusion evident.

Adam shook his head, his expression serious. "No, that's not Kozz. Remember the briefing? Kozz is a pure-breed blue goblin. The goblin we see going inside is a half-breed. He's likely Kozz's son."


Chris's face lit up with a hint of excitement. "Well, that's an advantage, isn't it? We could use his son as leverage to bring Kozz out."

Adam's response was quick and decisive. "Unfortunately, that won't work. Goblins, especially the blue ones, are inherently greedy. They're unlikely to give anything up in exchange for their offspring. We need to come up with a different approach."

With their plan set, Adam, Chris, and Lycus kept a vigilant watch on the building, anticipating the exit of the goblin's son. Minutes stretched into an hour, testing their patience. Finally, the awaited moment arrived-the goblin stepped out of the building.

Seizing the opportunity, the trio sprang into action. Lycus walked toward the road, hailing a passing taxi to follow the goblin's vehicle. Meanwhile, Adam and Chris maintained a discreet distance, moving parallel to the building. The car carrying the goblin started up, followed by Lycus in his taxi. This diversion created a window of opportunity for Adam and Chris to explore the building without raising suspicion.

Knowing that the building was likely to be well-guarded, and any blatant attempts to breach it would set off alarms, they employed a specialized device provided exclusively by the council. This device was capable of circumventing a wide array of security measures that the building's owner might have implemented. It was a tool reserved for such covert operations, allowing them to navigate the security without alerting the owner.I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

Inside the building, they remained cautious, moving stealthily as they searched for any signs that might lead them to Kozz or provide valuable information. The air was charged with tension as they treaded carefully, their senses heightened, and their focus unwavering.

The interior of the building appeared fairly unremarkable, featuring three floors in total. Adam devised a plan where he would search the upper two floors while Chris would focus on the ground floor, with particular attention given to identifying any potential access points leading to a basement.

Adam's deduction led him to believe that the building's upper floors might be a facade, designed to divert attention from the actual operations taking place in the basement. With this theory in mind, he assigned Chris the task of locating any hidden entrances or routes that could lead down to the basement.

Having combed through the first floor, Adam found no tangible leads or clues that could aid their mission. However, the second floor presented a unique scenario. It consisted solely of a single room, setting it apart from the rest of the building's layout. Upon approaching the entrance to the room, Adam had a distinct feeling that someone or something was present within.

In response to his instincts, Adam adopted a defensive stance. His sword was poised in one hand, and a gun was held firmly in the other. Activating his protective armor, a transparent radiance enveloped him, augmenting his defenses and readiness for any potential confrontation.

Exercising meticulous caution, Adam applied gentle pressure to the door, easing it open while maintaining his alertness for any potential danger that might lie within. From the shadows of the room emerged a solitary figure, shrouded in an air of enigma that beckoned Adam to uncover its secrets. The room's minimalistic décor, intentionally stripped of embellishments, heightened Adam's senses, drawing him into the charged atmosphere. Suspense hung heavy, akin to a tautly wound string, as he confronted this enigmatic presence with unwavering focus.

With resolve ringing in his voice, Adam directed a pointed question at the figure before him, his tone firm and resolute, "State your identity."

As the room's lighting revealed more details, the figure solidified into the form of a golem, its robust, elemental composition becoming apparent. The initial wariness transformed into fascination as Adam grappled with the realization that he was facing a construct, an entity of earth and magic, rather than a conscious being.

However, before he could react, the golem surged forward with immense force. Its charge tore through the floor, leaving gaping holes in its wake, as the structure struggled to bear the weight of the collision. Caught off guard and unprepared to withstand such a brute-force impact, Adam was sent hurtling across the room, crashing through a wall in the process. The impact shattered the wall as he collided with it, the protective armor he wore flickering momentarily before stabilizing. The gun he held in his left hand was flung from his grip due to the force of the charge.

Yet, the golem showed no sign of relenting, already gearing up for another charge. Adam, determined not to be overpowered, swiftly retrieved the sword he had brought with him. The blade gleamed with light as he readied himself for the impending clash.

Channeling and focusing his aura into the blade, Adam prepared to intercept the golem's charge with a counterattack of his own. As the golem lunged forward once again, its sheer momentum propelling it with undeniable force, Adam met the assault head-on.

With a powerful swing, he aimed his sword at the golem's massive form, the blade infused with his aura enhancing its cutting edge. The collision was explosive, the impact resonating through the room as Adam's sword clashed with the golem's elemental body. The clash sent shockwaves outward, causing the very air to tremble with the force of their collision.

For a brief moment, the golem's charge was halted as its energy was absorbed by the aura-infused blade. The room was filled with a blinding light, emanating from the point of impact. The golem's elemental form crackled with energy, its stone-like exterior showing signs of stress under the strain of the clash. It attempted to break free from the deadlock, but adam wasn't letting him go.

With a final surge, adam unleashed a burst of aura energy through his sword. The concentrated energy flowed into the golem's body, disrupting its composition and destabilizing its form. Cracks spread across its elemental structure, and with a resounding shatter, the golem disintegrated into a shower of fragmented elements.

The room settled into an eerie stillness, the reverberations of the intense clash fading into the air. Amidst the scattered fragments of the golem, Adam stood, his breaths labored from the exertion. The brilliant aura that had enveloped his sword began to wane, gradually fading until the once-potent blade was left in its original state. As the aura dissipated, the sword, which had been empowered enough to overcome the golem's might, fractured and splintered.

Realizing that the sword's integrity depended on the sustaining aura, Adam let out a frustrated sigh. He discarded the shattered blade and retrieved his gun, wasting no time in the face of his mission's urgency. Resolute and undeterred, he set to work scouring the now-ruined room for any potential clues or leads, as if the intense battle had never unfolded mere moments before.