18 Chapter 17 Future - I

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After enduring weeks of travel, Eva and her army eventually reached the base belonging to Officer Renna's forces. The prolonged journey had begun to wear on Eva, leaving her with a sense of restlessness and boredom. In the beginning, their movement had been swift, harnessing the power of hyperdrive to cover vast distances efficiently. Yet, the sheer size of their colossal vessel, different from the smaller ships used by Adam and Chris, rendered the use of artificial wormholes impossible. This logistical challenge forced them to navigate through natural wormholes, elongating their voyage to a considerable extent.

Throughout the voyage, Eva managed to establish communication with Adam. In these exchanges, she gleaned valuable insights. Adam updated her on his and Chris's successful assimilation into their new squad, recounting the completion of several missions. Through these conversations, Eva gained an in-depth understanding of the collaborative dynamics between the larger army and the more specialized squads. Moreover, she grasped the intricacies of the protocols and guidelines that guided their operations.

As they finally reached their destination, Eva's anticipation grew. Guided to a designated meeting room, she prepared herself to engage with a representative from Officer Renna's forces. Yet, akin to Adam's prior experience, she found herself waiting for an extended period before the privilege of attending the meeting was granted to her. The anticipation and curiosity within her intensified during the wait.

Entering the meeting room, Eva came face-to-face with the third commander of the army. A hint of sarcasm laced her greeting, as she remarked, "Good morning, I would assume, unless my internal clock is completely off after spending an eternity in transit."

The commander reciprocated the greeting, acknowledging, "Yes, good morning. I can only imagine you've had quite the journey."


As both took their seats, Eva wasted no time and cut straight to the point, inquiring, "So, what's the purpose of this meeting?"

The commander proceeded to hand her a holographic document, stating, "All right, here's what you'll be focusing on this month. Given that you're new to the army, we've assigned you tasks that won't overwhelm you. If you're looking to get a head start, I'd suggest beginning your work early."

Eva perused the contents of the document, her expression gradually morphing into a frown. Much of the so-called "simple work" involved assisting in the construction of bases on desert planets and aiding citizens in returning to normalcy after the reclamation of planets.

Taking a moment to process, Eva voiced her concerns, "It's not necessarily difficult, but it will require us to stretch our manpower thin. When it comes to traveling, do we have access to smaller spacecraft or are we expected to use that colossal vessel we arrived in?"

"No, we'll provide you with spaceships. Given your newcomer status, you'll be granted two HWSS Carthage (heavyweight spaceships), along with seven LWSS Fafnir (lightweight spaceships). Additionally, there's a Grade-2 cargo ship at your disposal. These ships are stationed at the 13th dock. I assume you've already received the layout of the entire base?" the commander explained.

"Yes, I have the layout and thank you for the information. I'll take my leave now," Eva responded as she rose from her seat, preparing to depart from the meeting room.

Navigating through the corridors of the base, Eva pondered over the logistics of their upcoming assignments. She knew that the tasks themselves weren't inherently challenging, yet the execution would demand precise coordination and resource management. The distributed nature of their workforce across various planets and projects meant that every move had to be calculated.

Arriving at her temporary quarters, Eva took a moment to review the holographic document once more. She mentally mapped out the planets where bases were to be built and citizens assisted. Some were remote desert worlds, while others were recovering from recent conflicts. Each assignment had its unique set of challenges, from the harsh environment of desert planets to the delicate task of aiding citizens in reclaiming their lives.

Eva's gaze shifted to the ships allocated for their use – the heavyweight and lightweight spaceships, along with the cargo vessel. She knew that proper allocation and deployment of these ships would be crucial in optimizing their efficiency. The heavyweights could handle more resources but might struggle with maneuverability, while the lightweights were faster and agile but had limited carrying capacity.

Sitting down at a console, Eva began to create a comprehensive plan, detailing the order of operations, timelines, and resource allocation for each assignment. She calculated the travel times between planets, considering the capabilities of the different ships and the need to ensure that every member of her team was assigned effectively.

As the plan took shape on the screen, Eva felt a surge of determination. With her detailed plan in hand, Eva left her quarters and made her way back to the main assembly area where her army was gathered. The familiar faces of her fellow soldiers greeted her as she entered the room, Eva's commanding presence drew their attention, and a hushed silence fell over the room.

"Attention, everyone," Eva's voice rang out, carrying authority and confidence. "We've received our assignments for the month, and I'm here to brief you on our tasks."I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

As she projected the holographic document onto a large screen, Eva began explaining the various assignments outlined in the plan. She described the desert planets where new bases needed to be established and the communities that needed assistance recovering from conflict.

Eva stated firmly. "I've organized our team into five companies, each led by."

She paused, her gaze sweeping over her team before continuing, "Lacey, Sheila, Wyatt, Joshua, and myself will each lead a company."

Eva then proceeded to outline the roles of each company. She assigned Wyatt and Joshua's company to the construction work, utilizing their skills in engineering and resource management. The cargo spaceship would be used to transport materials and resources to the desert planets for the base-building projects.

Eva turned her attention to Lacey and Sheila. They would focus on working closely with the citizens of recovering planets, providing aid, support, and assistance in rebuilding their lives.

Amidst the otherwise serious and focused atmosphere, Chris sat in a chair, his attention absorbed by his phone screen as he played games. His relaxed demeanor seemed out of place in the meeting room, but he was not alone in his distraction. Lycus and Zephyr had joined him in his playful defiance, their once-serious expressions now mirroring Chris's carefree attitude.

Zephyr, known for his quiet nature, had succumbed to the allure of the games as well, engaging in friendly competition with Chris and Lycus. The usually reserved man had found a way to let loose, his focus shifting from the solemn matters at hand to the digital challenges on the screen.

Zara, on the other hand, was visibly perturbed by the scene unfolding before her. Her brother's transformation into a gaming enthusiast, courtesy of Chris's influence, was something she did not appreciate. As she rhythmically drummed her nails on the table, her frustration was evident in the fiery gaze she directed at Chris. The anger simmering within her seemed on the verge of erupting.

In a sudden burst of emotion, Zara stood up, her voice rising as she prepared to unleash her frustration on the chris. However, before she could unleash her tirade, both Chris and Lycus cursed loudly in response to something happening in their game. It became apparent that Zephyr, with his quiet and unassuming demeanor, had emerged victorious against both Chris and Lycus, a fact that astonished everyone present.

Zephyr's unexpected triumph had momentarily defused Zara's anger and redirected the energy in a lighter direction. While her brother had changed under the influence of Chris's laid-back attitude, it seemed that Zephyr's hidden talents had surprised everyone.

The room's atmosphere shifted abruptly as Ishmael burst into the meeting room, his entrance marked by an angry slam of his hand on the table. The abruptness of his arrival caught everyone off guard, their lighthearted mood disrupted by his intense demeanor.

His voice carried a tone of frustration and urgency as he addressed the team, his words cutting through the air like a sharp blade. "Get ready, everyone. We're heading out on a mission instead of getting the rest we anticipated." Chris's voice mirrored his exasperation as he questioned the sudden change in plans, still carrying the remnants of his gaming defeat.

Ishmael's response was curt and firm, his anger palpable. "It's important, far too important. We've received new information, and we're the only squad available to mobilize. We've been tasked with capturing one of the agents of Eternity. The mission will take us to the planet Strapus B42. We don't have a clear timeline for when the agent might arrive, so consider it a working vacation of sorts."

The news hit the team with a mixture of surprise and resignation. The promise of a break after their previous mission seemed dashed in an instant, replaced by the realization that their responsibilities were far from over. The mention of Eternity, an enigmatic force they had encountered before, only added to the gravity of the situation.