19 Chapter 18 Sensei s - I

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Okay, this type of chapter will usually be things that are hard to integrate into the story with the current storyline but will be very useful. Do remember this is just informal information so there will be many grammatical mistakes.

For first let's talk about the council, first point will be their revenue system. Each planet that is part of the council must pay about 80% of the revenue they generate. Th e revenue that the council gets is then divided into two equal parts. The first part is given to the officer representing that nexus, the second part is given to the council.

The second point will be how the council operates. As I mentioned in the prologue, the council has over 1000 officers. Even though each officer rules over a single nexus some of those nexus might be poor while others are rich. The seven richest out of all the nexus get the chance to be part of the council's board, but not to let them monopolize everything three poorest nexus are also part of that board.

The very first members of the board created a system that is still ongoing. Just like any democratic nation, the government of the council works in the same way, just in place of the Prime minister or the president as the head of the country they have a board of officers. In case of the demise of any officer, the next one must come from the same nexus.

The third thing is the council army, there are a total of ten divisions of the army each led by an officer. They are given tasks by the board directly.

In the case of Officer Renna's army, it is divided into four main parts.

First – Main army.

Second – Special force.

Third – Squads. (Adam and chris are part of these.)

Fourth – Support. (Eva and her army.)

Strcture of Fleets:-

Fleet:- Every flee is made up of more than 1000 Lightweight spaceships (LWSS), about 100 HWSS, and little more than 10 Cargo ships and a mothership.

Star Fleet:- Every hundred fleets create a star fleet. At max, there can be a 10-star fleet. After that, you count for example as one 10-star fleet and one 2-star fleet.

Nexus Fleet:- Every hundred 10-star fleet turns into a Nexus fleet. Same as star fleet at max there can be a 10-Nexus fleet.

Death fleet:- Every death fleet consists of min. of a trillion LWSS and HWSS with more than a billion Cargo ships. There are only 1250 death fleets.


Board of Officers. (Min. – 30 death fleets.)

Top:- Officers. (Min – 10 death fleets.)

Planet owners/ Field Marshal. (Planet owners are given honor positions. Field Marshals each led a hundred 10-Nexus Fleet.)

ραndαsΝοvεl ƈοm

Chief Marshal. (Min – ten 10-Nexus Fleet.)

General. (Min – 1-Nexus Fleet.)

Middle:- Lieutenant General. (Min – hundred 10-Star Fleet.)

Major General. (Min – ten 10-Star Fleet.)

Commander. (Min – 1-Star Fleet.)

Captain. (Min – 10 Fleets.)

Lieutenant. (Min – 1 Fleets.)

Bottom:- Sargent. (Min – 100 ships.)

Squadron leader. (Min – 10 Ships.) (Eva is a squadron leader currently.)

Soldiers.I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

Imp Point:-

1) You can identify who is at what power level by seeing their color of aura. Violet means 7-star and red means 1-star.

2) In the case of mages, usually their robes can define their power level, in reverse to aura red meaning 7-star and violet meaning 1-star. But in case the mage hadn't worn his robe, then the only way to guess the power level will be by calculating the number of stones on the wand, 7 stones means the mage is 1-star and 7-star mages don't use wands.

3) The threat level is quite simple. 1-star is city-level, 2-star is multi-city level, and 3-star is a state-level threat. 4-stars are national-level threat and 5-stars are continent-level. 6-star is planet-level. 7 stars are solar system-level threats.

4) The threat level is just the average threat level because each officer is more than powerful enough to destroy multiple solar systems with just one of their spells. And the strongest spell is enough to destroy a whole galaxy.

5) Last but most important point, every planet owner is a 7-star mage or warrior, but the oath they had taken at the time of becoming owner prevents them from participating in any kind of battle. If they did participate, they would die immediately.