20 Chapter 19 Another place -I

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Fifty years ago, within the confines of Eternity's territory on a distant planet, a young boy could be seen situated amidst a training ground scattered with multiple practice dummies. His focused attention was evident as he engaged in meticulous breathing exercises, each inhale and exhale contributing to his state of readiness. With determination, he rose from his seated position, exhaling resolutely as he assumed a poised stance. In this stance, one hand firmly gripped the hilt of his katana, while the other hovered over the blade's handle. It was a posture akin to the preparation for executing the swift Iai technique.

After a brief moment, he gradually relaxed his stance, drawing the air back into his lungs. In the span of a single breath, the atmosphere shifted dramatically. With uncanny swiftness, he unleashed a series of slashes, and in the blink of an eye, three out of the six dummies surrounding him were cleaved cleanly in half. However, rather than eliciting satisfaction, an overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction clouded his demeanor. This sentiment was made evident by the stern voice of his master, whose presence materialized abruptly.

A stern reproach resonated through the air, emphasizing the gravity of the boy's mistake. "How many times must I impart the same lesson to you? Mastery requires ceaseless practice until each move is executed flawlessly. You shall remain within this room until you can demonstrate proficiency in your technique." His master's words were punctuated as the door to the chamber was shut and locked from the outside, leaving the boy alone with his thoughts and the weight of his unmet expectations.

(Note:- The whole novel will be around humans and other races. So, unless I say explicitly the character's race, it will be human by default)

250 years ago, on one of the most backward planets in the universe.

In a small village, nestled on the outskirts of a dense forest, lived a timid but curious ten-year-old boy named Frank Levine. The village was known for its close connection with nature and the tales of mythical creatures that roamed the nearby woods.

One day, driven by a mixture of curiosity and the desire to prove his bravery, Frank found himself wandering along a seldom-trodden path that led deep into the heart of the forest. As he ventured further, the eerie silence was broken by the sight of lifeless monster bodies strewn across the path. Fear gripped his heart, and his wide eyes darted anxiously from one shadow to another, dreading the possibility of another terrifying creature lurking nearby.

Clutching onto a small, worn-out map he had discovered among his father's belongings, Frank hesitated. He had followed his adventurous father into this nightmarish realm, eager to mirror his bravery. But amid a chaotic battle with the fearsome monsters, Frank had lost sight of his father's familiar figure.

As Frank stood at a crossroads of fear and determination, he noticed something unusual – a faint trail of footprints leading away from the main road. His heart skipped a beat as hope surged within him. Could these footprints belong to his father? Gathering his courage, he decided to follow them, even though he couldn't shake the gnawing fear that he might encounter more menacing creatures along the way.

With each step, Frank's imagination ran wild with possibilities. The woods seemed to come alive with eerie sounds and rustling leaves, but he pushed himself forward, driven by the hope of reuniting with his beloved father. In his pocket, he carried a trinket his dad had gifted him - a small, glowing crystal that was meant to keep him safe.

As Frank ventured deeper into the labyrinth of trees, an unexpected sight greeted him. A friendly, luminescent creature with soft, kind eyes emerged from the darkness. It was unlike anything he had seen before, resembling a blend of a small woodland animal and a magical being. The creature beckoned him closer, emitting a warm, reassuring glow.

Though still wary, Frank felt a curious connection to the creature, sensing that it meant him no harm. Intrigued, he decided to follow its lead, and as he did, he noticed more of these mystical beings appearing, almost as if they were guiding him on his quest.

As Frank continued to trail those enchanting creatures, they led him deeper and deeper into the heart of the forest. The shadows grew thicker, and the air filled with an otherworldly aura that both thrilled and unnerved him. Finally, as they emerged into a small clearing, he beheld a sight that took his breath away.

There, standing regally amidst a soft, glowing mist, was the most majestic beast he had ever laid eyes on. Its massive form exuded an aura of ancient wisdom and grace. Frank's heart raced with a mixture of awe and trepidation, realizing he was in the presence of something truly extraordinary. Comparing it to the count of his town, whom he had once thought of as the epitome of majesty, now seemed like an insignificant comparison.

The creature's fur shimmered with a mesmerizing blend of colors as if reflecting the hues of a thousand sunsets. Its eyes, wise and gentle, met Frank's gaze with a profound understanding that transcended human comprehension. For a moment, time seemed to stand still as they locked eyes, and an unspoken connection formed between the young boy and the magnificent being.

As Frank absorbed the majestic presence of the creature, he was startled by the unexpected sound of speech. His heart skipped a beat as he turned to see one of the majestic beings speaking. His mind raced with a mixture of astonishment and fear. He had never heard of any beast capable of coherent thought and speech. The tales his father had shared about his hunting adventures had never mentioned anything like this.

The realization that these creatures could communicate in words left Frank bewildered. It shattered his perception of the world he thought he knew. He trembled with uncertainty and fear as he tried to process the creature's unsettling words.

"He is not enough. He is too small for the stomach."I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

Those words echoed in his mind, and the implication struck him like a bolt of lightning. The magical creatures he had followed, the ones he admired for their beauty and grace, had something far more sinister in mind. The realization that he might be on the menu for these creatures filled him with terror. All thoughts of awe and wonder were replaced by a primal instinct to survive.

In his distress, Frank's eyes welled up with tears, and he cried out for his father with all the strength his little voice could muster. The forest seemed to echo his desperate calls, but there was no response. He felt abandoned, alone in a world that had suddenly turned dark and treacherous.

As Frank's wails filled the air, the magical creatures huddled together, conversing in hushed tones about their gruesome plan. It seemed they were deciding among themselves who would have the unfortunate honor of feasting on the boy. In the eerie silence that followed, one of the creatures was chosen as the designated one to devour the trembling child.

As the chosen creature prepared to strike, extending its menacing claw toward Frank, a sudden and unexpected intervention disrupted the malevolent act. Before the creature could reach the boy, a swift and precise motion sliced through the air, and its claw was severed cleanly from its body.

A new figure emerged from the shadows, clad in a mysterious cloak that seemed to blend with the darkness of the forest. This enigmatic savior wielded a gleaming blade, and with unparalleled skill, they had thwarted the creature's deadly assault.

The creature recoiled in shock and pain, emitting an anguished cry that pierced the night. It glared at the cloaked figure with a mix of fury and fear, now realizing that their prey was not as defenseless as they had assumed.

Frank's tear-filled eyes widened in astonishment and relief as he witnessed the unexpected rescue. His cries began to subside, replaced by a sense of hope that had been nearly extinguished moments ago. He watched in awe as the cloaked figure moved with grace and precision, a warrior of undeniable prowess.

Slowly, the creatures began to retreat, their confidence waning in the face of the cloaked figure's intervention. However, before they could make their escape, the majestic creature let out a resounding howl that echoed through the forest. Its voice carried both a warning and a threat, one that struck fear into the hearts of the other beasts.

"Run away, and that will be the last day you and your kin will ever live. Fight, die, and kill that human, and you will live."

The beasts, frozen in their tracks, exchanged anxious glances. The weight of their decision was evident in their hesitant eyes. They were torn between the desire to flee for their lives and the fear of losing their loved ones if they didn't comply with the creature's command.

Yet, even in the face of uncertainty, there was an air of resolution that overcame them. Their bond with their kin ran deep, and their instincts to protect their kind prevailed. With a newfound determination, they turned their backs on escape and chose to confront the cloaked warrior.

As they charged toward the mysterious warrior, their aggression and desperation were palpable. They were willing to go to any lengths to protect their families, even if it meant risking their own lives in the process. But the cloaked figure remained unmoved, displaying an aura of unwavering strength.

ραndαsΝοvεl ƈοm

In a swift, fluid motion, the warrior unsheathed their blade, and the air seemed to crackle with energy. The creatures closed in, their sharp claws aimed to tear the warrior apart, but before they could even come close, their attacks were met with an impenetrable defense.

He moved with unparalleled grace, deflecting the incoming strikes effortlessly. With each movement, the air around them seemed to hum with power. The forest bore witness to a mesmerizing display of martial prowess and mystical abilities.

Despite their combined efforts, the creatures were no match for the warrior's skill. With each swing of the blade, the cloaked figure left a trail of destruction in their wake. The creatures' attempts to harm the warrior only led to their demise. They were shattered into small pieces, their menacing presence extinguished in an instant.

"I warned you to run away, but you didn't want to listen," he said with a voice of authority, standing amidst the remains of the defeated creatures. "So now, I shall take your head and place it where everybody can see you. A lesson for any others who dare to challenge the safety of these woods."

And after that, the mysterious warrior fought a great battle against the beast, all the while bearing the responsibility of protecting little Frank. Despite the disability, the warrior's skill and valor proved unmatched, and the fearsome creature stood no chance against him. With every strike of his blade, warrior exhibited a prowess that defied imagination. The battle raged on, but victory was ultimately claimed by the warrior.

As the dust settled, Frank rushed to reunite with his worried family. They embraced him tightly, relieved to see him safe and sound. Gratitude filled their hearts, and they turned to thank the mysterious warrior who had saved their beloved son. However, before they could utter a word of thanks, Valorius Sentinel had already vanished, as if he was a fleeting gust of wind. That fateful encounter marked the last time anyone ever laid eyes on Valorius Sentinel.