5 Rude awakening

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Having bid farewell to his mother after the morning meal, Elian found himself entangled in a web of emotions. Impatience knotted within him, driven by his eagerness to unravel the surprise his mother had alluded to. Would her secret revelation truly have the potential to alter his resolute decision? Doubts flickered like fleeting shadows, yet he recognized his mother's intelligence and held onto a thread of hope, granting her the benefit of doubt.


Amidst the impatience, a veil of sadness descended upon him. The customary breakfast trio, a ritual etched in familiarity, was now reduced to a duet. The quiet absence of his father's presence loomed, a void that cast its melancholic shade over their shared moments. In the past, this time marked the transition to lessons under Marcus's guidance, an experience that had shaped his life since the tender age of eight. But today, that chapter closed, replaced by the challenge of crafting a new routine.

Yet, overriding all these emotions was an irrepressible surge of enthusiasm. He regarded the delicate bracelet cradled in his right hand, a token retrieved from the package that lay in his chamber. His path led to a workspace where its intricate design awaited his attention. A foolish grin curved his lips as he contemplated the task at hand. The anticipation of his mother's reaction added a layer of amusement to his excitement.

"Could her surprise rival mine?... Impossible," he mused aloud, a playful twinkle in his eyes. But the smile waned as he remembered the one person he wouldn't be able to share his forthcoming masterpiece with—his father. The realization settled with a weight, a poignant reminder of his father's absence. It was his father who had bestowed upon him the final, pivotal component for this endeavor. The origins of that piece remained a mystery, a puzzle piece he would set aside for another time.

At this moment, his main focus was on unraveling the best ways to utilize his father's gifts to their fullest potential. It felt like tackling an exciting puzzle that he was eager to crack open – not only to express his gratitude for his father's thoughtfulness but also to push his own abilities to a whole new level.

In the distance, trailing behind Elian by about a meter, was a young girl. Cascading down her back was a cascade of long, silver hair, flowing like a luxuriant mane. Her eyes held the ethereal hue of a clear, pale blue sky. Skin as fair as newly fallen snow graced her features flawlessly. Her form was delicate and graceful, akin to that of a dainty bird.

Adorning herself, she sported a black dress adorned with delicate white trim, its knee-length skirt swaying gently with her every step. A white half- apron, embellished with ruffles, adorned her waist, while a matching ruffled headpiece rested atop her silver locks.

Her name was Lysandra, a young girl of considerable thirteen years. Her watchful gaze remained fixed on her young master's countenance, a shadow of concern crossing her features. Despite her outwardly reserved demeanor, she shared a close bond with Elian that transcended mere formality. Indeed, she occupied a unique place in his life as the closest thing he had to a friend. Lysandra had been entrusted to his care from the moment she entered the household at a tender age, only nine, becoming an unwavering presence by his side. Throughout the years, her observant eyes had never witnessed Elian adorned with any expression other than his characteristically carefree one.

The Thorne family, although militarily esteemed, did not hold noble status, thereby freeing Elian from the weight of aristocratic obligations. Unlike the heirs of noble lineage, his responsibilities were less traditional, with the primary expectation being to eventually assume the family mantle when the time inevitably arrived. Marcus Thorne, Elian's father, had assiduously safeguarded his son from the pressures of this role. In fact, he had encouraged Elian to embark upon his own pursuits, even while adhering to the essential training and lessons requisite for any noble progeny. In this respect, Elian underwent rigorous training, possibly even more intense due to his father's military background. However, given Elian's unique disposition, the demanding regimens scarcely registered as an inconvenience.

In addition to his lessons, Elian had cultivated a burgeoning fascination with runesmithing and technocrafting from an early age. His affinity for these crafts was unprecedented, and he had dedicated himself to their mastery since he was a mere seven-year-old. His talent in these areas was nothing short of extraordinary, a fact most evidently reflected in the myriad of innovative devices that adorned the Thorne estate. Curiously, Elian chose to remain independent from the formal associations associated with these crafts. This decision aligned with his father's foresight, as Marcus was keenly aware of the lengths to which certain crafts masters would go to preserve their stature and reputation.

Marcus had taken even more stringent measures to secure the family's privacy, implementing soul oaths that extended to every inhabitant of the estate save for his wife and son. These solemn commitments ensured that none would divulge the intricacies of the knowledge exchanged within the property's confines. Although Elian's prodigious talents were a contributing factor, the necessity for these oaths extended beyond his remarkable abilities.lightsnovel

Thus, from an early age, Elian's visage remained unburdened by the weight of expectations, reflecting the absence of any pressing obligations. However, the harmonious façade of his carefree existence had been shattered the day before.

With his father's passing, Elian's ideal world crumbled, replaced by a harsh reality that demanded he confront an array of challenges.

One of the foremost challenges was the sheer expectation that came with his new title. As the designated heir of a respected military lineage, the Kingdom's eyes turned to him with a mix of curiosity and anticipation. The scrutiny was intense, and Elian felt the pressure to live up to the esteemed reputation his father and forebears had meticulously built over generations. The question of whether he could maintain and further elevate the Thorne name loomed large in his mind.

This expectation also extended to his family's retainers, who had witnessed the revered General Marcus in action. As the heir, Elian faced the challenge of proving himself to these seasoned individuals, many of whom had served the Thorne family for years. He needed to demonstrate not only his competence but also his ability to carry on the legacy in a manner that did justice to his father's memory.

Additionally, the sudden void left by his father's absence in his life was a challenge of a deeply personal nature. Marcus had been Elian's mentor, his guide, and his role model. Now, without his father's guidance, he felt a sense of uncertainty that he had never known before. He had to navigate decisions on his own, ones that his father would have once helped him make. The absence of that guiding presence was keenly felt, and Elian grappled with finding his own way forward.

Elian was grateful for the unity and serenity within the Thorne family; otherwise, he would have been adrift without a compass. Little did he know how swiftly his perspective would shift.


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