6 Lysandra

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Elian sighed as he walked, lost in his thoughts. Fortunately, he soon reached his destination. In front of him was a simple reinforced door. He placed his right hand on the door and a second later, a robotic voice was heard.

[Identity Confirmed]

[Welcome Master Elian]

The door then slid open and Elian smiled and turned to his maid and said "Lys, come," Elian said before entering.

"Right after you master."

Lysandra walked into Elian's lab and the place was buzzing - literally. The lab was huge, about the size of a basketball court, and every inch of the walls was packed with machinery. Gears were spinning like crazy, and there was this constant low hum in the air that made you feel like you were inside a giant engine.

Off to one side, there were these shelves just bursting with stuff. Not just stuff, though. They were filled with manuals that looked like blueprints for building amazing contraptions. And right in the middle of these stacks of know-how were these adorable little robots doing their thing. One was scribbling on paper as if it had a deadline to meet, another was polishing pieces of metal with real dedication, and then there was this one doing the most unnecessary yet impressive spinning routine you have ever seen.

Workstations filled with runic tools and scrolls dominated the heart of the lab. Magnifying glasses stood ready, while shelves held a collection of meticulously labeled parchments, each containing the secrets of various runic combinations [according to Elian].

Next to these rune stations, Technocraft's workstations buzzed with life. Holographic displays shared space with delicate gears, a testament to his knack for weaving magic and technology together.

Taking in the scene, Lysandra watched as Elian approached the table where he held the bracelet. His subtle smile conveyed a mixture of emotions-pride and curiosity intertwined in his eyes.

Placing the bracelet on his workbench, Elian spoke aloud,

"Zero One, could you please analyze the composition?" Elian inquired, his tone expectant.

[Confirmed, Master. Estimated time: 7 minutes, 15 seconds]

Satisfied, Elian turned towards his maid, a knowing smile gracing his lips.

"Lys, I will be engrossed in my work for the next few hours. Feel free to indulge in your series," he informed her.

"Of course, master," Lysandra replied, a glimmer of amusement in her eyes, although her tone remained respectfully formal.

"But you know, it's actually called anime," Lysandra retorted in the recesses of her mind, an impish grin playing on her lips.

With a graceful movement, Lysandra retreated to a corner of the lab, where a cozy recreation area awaited. Plush cushions offered comfort, warm lighting provided ambiance, and a sense of relaxation pervaded the nook. As she settled in, she sent a request into the digital realm.

"Zero One, please continue my anime." [Understood, Miss Lysandra]

Before her, a holographic screen materialized, ready to immerse her in the world of her beloved shows.

[Anything else?] the synthesized voice inquired.

A mischievous glint sparkled in Lysandra's eyes. "Yes, ask Franky to bring my snacks."lightsnovel


A small brown teddy bear ambled into view, its miniature paws carefully carrying a tray laden with an assortment of treats – candy, popcorn, and juice. The bear reached Lysandra, seemingly alive with its own sense of purpose. She accepted the tray, her fingers brushing the bear's plush fur.

Elian watched this interaction, a fond smile curving his lips. He relished these moments when Lysandra shed her usual composure, embracing the joy of a carefree young girl. It was a stark contrast to her typical stoicism, a difference he cherished.

Lys became his friend a few days after her father brought her home. In fact, she was still his only friend, if you didn't count Zero One. The first few days after her arrival, she was quite sad, and Elian did his best to entertain her. But it didn't take a week for her to enjoy spending time with Elian, because she really loved how he used his brain to invent the most unique and exotic toys for her. At her request, he even built her sleep buddy at the time: Franky. In a few weeks, she became his best friend and they spent their days together. The recreation area of Elian's lab was made for her to watch him do his experiments. Even his parents didn't have that privilege as Elian refused them access, saying they would disturb his concentration.

In fact, she had to take a stricter soul oath to avoid consciously or unconsciously spilling the beans about Elian's experiments.

Unfortunately, as Elian grew up, he began to have more and more lessons and trainings, and she couldn't be with him during them, and she was bored out of her mind because she was treated like a guest and had nothing to do. Sick of this, Lysandra and Elian decided to tell the parents.

They then suggested that she become his personal maid, which she immediately accepted. Little did she know that by training with the head maid, she would see him even less.

Six months later, after completing her accelerated training, Lysandra and Elian were able to spend their days together.

But something had changed.

Unlike the former outgoing and smiling Lysandra, the new Lysandra was now stern and serious. Completely disappointed, Elian confronted her, and her answer still baffles him to this day.

"A perfect maid, should always be serious and ready to serve at any time," she said with a stern face.

They remained good friends and spent their time together again. Elian soon noticed that it was only when they were alone in the lab that he could observe the Lys who missed him so much. He also discovered her deep interest in those cartoons, or 'anime' as she called them. He liked the concept too, but not as much as she did.

In fact, she only enjoys the anime produced before the cataclysm, because for her, those were the only truly authentic ones, as they were created by humans and not machines, unlike the contemporary productions.

She doesn't even know that these antiques are really expensive. All pre-Cataclysm data is listed in the Museum of Humanity.

The website is open to everyone, but not many can afford to buy anything there.

He uses his own pocket money to buy every anime she watches. Fortunately, his family is wealthy enough, and he generally buys very little.So as not to make her feel guilty, he even went so far as to say that he pirated the site. She easily believed it since, he has already hacked

many websites in the Kingdom. However, the Museum of Humanity is 1000 times more secure than any other website in the kingdom.

She'll probably find out eventually, and she'll probably be furious, but every time he sees the smile on her face as she watches these episodes, he can't help but think...It's worth it.

His thoughts were interrupted by the voice

[Analysis Completed]

[Unknown Material]

[But after further analysis, I am 98% certain that this material is 95% Quantaflux Crystal].