18 Blueballed

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Lys' horror was palpable as she immediately replied, "You wouldn't dare!" El just grinned and replied, "Try me".

Hearing El's taunting words, a fiery determination surged through Lys. She couldn't let him threaten her beloved anime collection; it was now a personal matter . Without a moment's hesitation, she threw herself at El, her fury lending strength to her blows.

She lunged forward with a swift punch aimed at El's chest, her fist cutting through the air with conviction. But it was as if she had attempted to strike a ghost, for El gracefully sidestepped her attack, a wry smile dancing on his lips. Undeterred, she followed up with a roundhouse kick, her leg a blur as it sliced through the space where El had been just moments before.

El continued to evade her every move with a fluidity and grace that seemed almost unreal. Her attacks grew increasingly desperate as she threw punches, kicks, and even attempted sweeps, but El deflected them all with casual ease. Each attempt seemed to drain her energy and hope, while he remained unruffled, merely swaying and dodging like a leaf in the wind.


El said "Good spirit, but too hasty. Make strategies before attacking like a fool. Do you even really want to keep your animes?"

Hearing this, Lys opted continued in her frenzy. Their sparring session erupted into a flurry of rapid movements and sharp strikes. Lys's nimble agility and determination were pitted against El's superior strength and combat expertise. Each move calculated and executed with precision.

El maintained his defensive stance, skillfully parrying Lys's attacks while avoiding any counterattacks. He knew he had to keep his promise andrefrain from attacking back. Instead, he focused on reading Lys's movements and finding openings in her attacks.

Lys was relentless, her attacks coming from various angles, mixing punches and kicks with lightning-fast transitions. She was determined to prove her strength, both to herself and to El. Her movements were a blur, and she pushed herself to her limits, fueled by the adrenaline of the fight.

With determination in her eyes, Lys attempted to close the gap, launching a series of quick jabs and hooks. However, El's reflexes were lightning-fast, and he effortlessly dodged her attacks, his movements almost like a dance.

Lys knew she couldn't keep up this relentless assault for long. She was burning through her energy rapidly, and El's defenses showed no signs of weakening. In a desperate move, she attempted a sweeping leg kick to trip him, but he effortlessly stepped over her leg and maintained his defensive stance.

Frustration boiled within her as she grappled with the realization that defeating El seemed impossible. In a moment of desperation, she tried to grapple with him. But El's agility and experience in close combat proved decisive. With deftness and ease, he effortlessly deflected her grappling attempt. He smoothly twisted out of her grip and delivered a precise elbow strike to Lys's side. The impact wasn't devastating, but it was enough to stagger Lys and remind her of the vast difference in their skill levels.

Lys then shouted, "You said you wouldn't attack!" But El responded calmly, "It was just a casual tap. It doesn't count."

She knew it was nonsense but decided not to argue. She couldn't match El's prowess in hand-to-hand combat, but her determination remained unshaken. Catching her breath, Lys locked eyes with El, her respect for his abilities undiminished, and said, "You're good, El, but I won't give up that easily." She was determined to hit him at least once during this spar, a goal she had set for herself.lightsnovel

El nodded, a hint of a smile on his face. He admired Lys's determination as he knew that winning against him was an impossible feat, completelyunaware that her goal is different. "You have to keep training," he advised. "You'll get there."

With renewed determination, Lys nodded and readied herself for another round. The two combatants circled each other, their movements calculated and precise. Lys had learned a valuable lesson from the previous exchange: she couldn't rely on raw strength alone to challenge El. Instead, she needed to outthink him, find an opening, and capitalize on it.

As they closed in on each other again, Lys decided to change her tactics. She feinted a right hook but quickly switched to a low sweep kick, aiming to knock El off balance. To her surprise, El gracefully leaped over her leg, avoiding the sweep effortlessly.

Lys, undeterred, seized the opportunity. As El landed, she lunged forward and executed a perfectly timed leg sweep, causing him to lose his footing. El stumbled but managed to maintain his balance and somersaulted backward, quickly regaining his stance.

Lys then continued with another wave of attacks that were still easily blocked by El. Despite the odds stacked against her, Lys refused to back down. She was determined to prove to herself and to El that she could hold her own in this sparring match.

Their fight continued for hours, a test of Lys's endurance and El's restraint. Lys pushed to her limits, but the power imbalance remained evident. Lys's attacks became more desperate as fatigue set in, while El continued to parry and evade with precision.


After a while,

Lys once again launched herself at him with blinding speed, and El reacted instinctively, lifting his forearm to block her punch. He anticipated the impact but something strange happened. Instead of feeling Lily's fist connecting with his forearm, he felt a sharp pain across his cheekbone. El stumbled back, a hand instinctively reaching for his throbbing face. Bloodtrickled from his nose, and the taste of copper filled his mouth. He couldn't believe what had just happened.

For the first time in the spar, Lys had managed to land a hit. Overwhelmed with excitement, she shouted, "I DID IT!" Her exhaustion momentarily forgotten, she reveled in her small victory before fainting.

El, however, was left staring at Lys in bewilderment. He couldn't believe what he had just witnessed. He wanted to understand what had happened, to see more. He had too many questions, but he couldn't wake Lys, who had dropped to the floor, utterly exhausted.

With no answers forthcoming, El sighed in frustration, feeling as if he had been left hanging. He couldn't help but think, "So this is what being blueballed feels like."