20 Better healer

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Back in the arena, El suppressed his enthusiasm, gently picked up Lys, and carried her in a princess-style hold. He nodded to the Knights who had been watching the match as he made his way out. El had long been aware of their presence, but he didn't mind since they posed no threat, and he had no intention of concealing his combat abilities. Many Knights were already aware of his exceptional blade skills, so displaying his hand-to-hand combat skills wasn't a concern.

Quickly, he headed towards Lys's room, conveniently located next to his own. Upon entering, he couldn't help but shake his head in amusement. It had been a while since he'd been in this room. Lys's space was adorned with countless pictures and anime figurines, most of which he had no idea how she had acquired. With a wry smile, he walked over to her bed and gently placed her on it.

El contemplated calling the healer to ensure there were no underlying issues causing Lys to faint, likely due to fatigue from their brief spar. However, he realized he didn't have the healer's contact information. Typically, it was Lys's role to summon people for him, making him realize how Elian and him dependent on her in many ways.

He then considered summoning a random maid to fetch the healer, but a more practical idea struck him. Covering Lys gently, he stepped out of her room and walked towards another office. Upon arriving, he knocked on the door and heard a voice from within say, "Come in."

As he entered the room, he found Julia seated on a couch, engrossed in her phone.

Julia, on the other hand, was taken aback when she noticed El's presence. She could count on one hand the times he had sought her out. Without attempting to conceal her surprise, she asked, "Is there something you need, El?"

El was well aware of her surprise but didn't pay it much mind. He replied calmly, "Yes, could you please check on Lys?"

Julia was initially taken aback and inquired with evident concern, "Did something happen?"

El responded calmly, "Nothing happened, don't worry. She just fainted from fatigue after a brief spar with me."

Although Julia's worries eased, she remained surprised and questioned, "Why did she spar with you?" Her genuine surprise was evident.

El was an exceptional fighter, and not just because of his elemental affinity level. His mastery of martial arts alone was enough to overpower most young knights. Many recruits couldn't hope to defeat El, and for Lys, sparring with him seemed like a reckless endeavor. Fainting from fatigue was perhaps the best possible outcome in a spar between El and Lys.

Julia began to contemplate another possibility – that Lys hadn't sparred with El willingly but was compelled to do so. When she observed El, this theory seemed increasingly plausible. Considering El's combat enthusiasm, the idea that he might have coerced her into the spar wasn't far-fetched. Concerned about the potential harm to Lys, she decided to intervene.

"El, could you please refrain from sparring with Lys in the future?" she implored.

Her request came with an authoritative tone as she continued, "If you're looking for someone to spar with, there are plenty of knights available. We can't risk traumatizing that young girl any further."

El couldn't help but furrow his brows in frustration. He was determined to uncover the truth behind that mysterious punch incident, and avoidingsparring with Lys posed a significant obstacle to his investigation. He knew he could inquire about it directly, but he remained resolute in his desire to confront it within the crucible of combat.lightsnovel

"I'm sorry, Julia, but I need to spar with her again," El insisted, his voice resolute.

Julia, however, was taken aback by his persistence. Despite El's natural arrogance, he had shown a willingness to heed the words of Elian's parents and Lys. This transformation had occurred over the years, as he had grown to consider them trustworthy figures. Julia wanted to reprimand him for potentially traumatizing the young girl, but her faith in El's rationality made her pause. She knew there had to be a compelling reason for El's insistence.

"Why do you insist on sparring with her instead of other knights?" Julia inquired, her curiosity evident.

El hesitated briefly, aware that revealing the true motive behind his desire to spar with Lys could complicate matters. His intuition told him that whatever had transpired was connected to something Lys was concealing. Until he spoke with her privately, he couldn't divulge any details.

"I can't tell you," he said bluntly. El was determined not to resort to lies, as he knew that Elian would strongly disapprove.

Julia's expression remained stern as she responded, "That's not a problem. But until you can provide a valid reason, you are forbidden from engaging in any more fights with her. Is that clear?" Her tone left no room for negotiation.

"Yes," El agreed, though it pained him slightly to give up the opportunity to spar with Lys. However, he recognized that safeguarding her secret took precedence.

Julia then continued, "If she fainted from fatigue, just call the healer."

But El quickly answered, "But you're a better healer." He didn't want to mention that he didn't have her number, and besides, Julia's office wascloser than the healer's.


Julia's lips twitched, at a loss for words. El seemed to believe that the astounding recovery Elian underwent was proof of her superior healing skills compared to their house healer. However, Julia couldn't take credit for it, as it wasn't her doing.

Just as she was about to respond to El, she heard the message 'Let's go see that girl' echoing in her mind and replied silently with 'Ok. Thanks again.' Then, addressing El, she added, "Alright, but consider this the last time I'll be healing any of you." She didn't want to burden her friend, even if she didn't mind.

El nodded and left the room, with Julia following closely. A few moments later, they entered Lys's room and were met with a distressing sight. Lys thrashed fitfully in her bed, her face etched with fear. Beads of perspiration formed on her forehead, and she clutched the bedsheets tightly, her grip displaying a strength beyond her years. Her rapid, uneven breaths filled the room, occasionally interrupted by desperate whimpers and shudders.

Suddenly, she cried out, "NOOOOO!"