43 Lightning

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As consciousness gradually returned to Elian's mind, he stirred, his eyelids fluttering open.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

"Ugh" A groan escaped his lips, as he was greeted by an unforgiving glare of light, forcing him to shut his eyes again.

With a surge of determination, he attempted to raise a hand to shield his eyes, but his limbs felt like lead weights, refusing to obey his commands.

Disoriented and lost, he then tried to search his memories to understand what's happening to him but everything was hazy. He didn't remember anything whether it's his past life, recent events, or even his own name. The sense of disconnection from his memories left him in a state of profound confusion. He strained to piece together fragments of recollection, yet the effort merely deepened his bewilderment. Each attempt to grasp onto a memory felt like trying to catch elusive shadows dancing at the edge of his consciousness. A faint whisper echoed in his mind, a whisper that seemed both distant and intimate, leaving him with an inexplicable sense of longing and an urgent desire to unravel the enigma of his own identity.

Driven by curiosity and a yearning to comprehend his surroundings, he attempted once more to pry his eyes open, eager to grasp any semblance of the world around him. Yet, the moment he dared to glimpse the environment, a searing discomfort seized his senses. Even the faintest hint of light pierced his vision like an intense laser beam, an excruciating assault that forced his eyes shut in reflexive defense.

Enshrouded in impenetrable darkness, Elian grappled with the agonizing uncertainty of his whereabouts. Desperate to break free from the shackles of ignorance, he sought refuge in his memories, hoping to decipher his current predicament. However, a nagging fear warned him against this perilous endeavor. Yet, the gnawing pain of not knowing outweighed his apprehension.

With a deep breath, Elian delved into the depths of his mind, bracing himself for the impending onslaught of memories. His worst fears materialized as a searing, lancinating headache pierced his consciousness.

"AAhhhhhh!" he screamed, his parched throat and mouth barely able to produce a sound. If his limbs had been responsive, he would have been writhing in agony. The relentless headache intensified, forcing him to unleash a desperate plea for help.

"HELLLLP!!!" he cried out, his voice a tormented echo in the oppressive darkness. "MAKE THIS STOOOP!!!" The pain was unbearable, a torment that should not be possible. Regardless of his surroundings or the intentions of those within, he couldn't bear this excruciating ordeal any longer.

Thankfully, his gamble seemed to pay off. A soothing feminine voice intervened, "It's okay now," its gentle cadence easing the tempestuous storm within his mind. The headache gradually subsided, its agonizing grip loosening.

Elian exhaled a sigh of relief, his body surrendering to the release of tension. A feeble "Thank you" escaped his lips, his voice rendered hoarse from the earlier outburst.

"You're welcome," the feminine voice replied before inquiring, "Can you move?"

Elian eagerly responded, "Only my neck." He was overjoyed to finally have someone to interact with. Moreover, her willingness to assist suggested that she might be open to answering some of his questions. However, he urgently needed to address the issue with the light.

"Could you please adjust the light?" he asked politely, unsure of his relationship with this person.

"The light?" she repeated, before a realization dawned upon her. "So that's why your eyes are still closed?"

Elian heard her mutter to herself, "Interesting!" before announcing, "Done! The light is off."

With cautious trepidation, Elian slowly opened his eyes, the lingering trauma from his previous attempts casting a shadow over his actions.

As Elian's eyelids fluttered open, revealing a world initially shrouded in a uniform gray, he quickly realized it was not quite gray but a profound darkness. To his astonishment, his eyes possessed an uncanny ability to perceive within this dim environment, adapting to the obscurity with remarkable clarity.

With only his neck able to move, he cautiously scanned his surroundings, taking in the details of the room. He found himself lying on a bed, two figures standing guard. One stood a few meters away, her silhouette barely discernible in the darkness, a limitation his newfound night vision couldn't overcome. The other stood closer, beside the bed, her features clearly visible despite the pervasive gloom. An instinctive recognition washed over him, and he uttered


His voice was barely audible, a faint rasp that struggled to emerge from his parched throat. Yet, it was enough for the woman to hear her response, a mix of relief and concern, "Son, I'm so thankful to have you back." However, her expression betrayed no joy.

Julia's expression, clouded with concern, caught his attention. "Is there a problem?" he inquired, his voice laced with apprehension.

Julia quickly masked her worry, offering a reassuring smile as she replied, "No, there's nothing wrong, dear. Let me help you."

Extending her right hand, she gently touched Elian's forehead, her mana flowing through her fingertips. A sensation of warmth washed over him, like being immersed in a healing lake, the restorative energy seeped into his pores. His body, once heavy and sluggish, began to awaken, regaining its vitality. His limbs, once leaden weights, regained their lightness, allowing him to move once more.

Yet, Elian remained still, an instinctive awareness that the healing process was not yet complete. Next, a soothing sensation spread through his parched and sore throat, as if he had quenched his thirst with countless bottles of water. The sensation extended to his stomach, filling the emptiness that had gnawed at him.

A perplexing realization dawned upon Elian. His mother, through her mana, was not only healing him but also sustaining him, replenishing his energy reserves. He was slowly regaining his memories and knew that such a feat was beyond the realm of ordinary mana manipulation. And to his further astonishment, he could distinctly sense her actions, pinpointing with precision the exact organ she was tending to. This ability, devoid of any skill or technique, felt purely instinctive.

The revelation struck a chord within Elian, triggering a surge of unexpected sadness. He couldn't fathom the reason for his dejection, but the yearning that had plagued him earlier resurfaced with renewed intensity, a pang in his heart that demanded answers. The weight of this longing became unbearable, driving him to seek the truth.

Elian's gaze shifted to Julia, who had finished healing him and stood observing him with a concerned expression. His memories were gradually returning, but he felt a crucial piece of the puzzle was missing.

The uncertainty gnawed at him, fueling an overwhelming fear. Unable to wait for his memories to fully resurface, he blurted out to his mother, his voice trembling with anxiety, "Mom, did something happen?"

Julia's expression darkened upon hearing the question, her eyes filled with worry. She hesitated, clearly grappling with how to deliver the news, but Elian's growing distress spurred her forward.

Tears welled up in his eyes as he demanded, "Tell me!" His fragmented memories hinted at a truth he dreaded to know, but he couldn't bear the uncertainty any longer.

"I-I...." Julia stammered, unsure of how to approach this delicate conversation.

Sensing her friend's anguish, the woman standing a few meters away stepped forward, her voice gentle yet firm, "Leave it to me, Julia."

With that, she declared, "Catch this!" and hurled a small object towards Elian at an inhuman speed. Caught off guard, Elian, still lying down, instinctively caught the eraser with his left hand, the object's trajectory bringing it within his reach.

However, his focus lay not on the object but on the sparks of lightning dancing around his left hand. His mind reeled, disbelief washing over him. Was he dreaming? Was he capable of conjuring lightning?

As this realization fully sank in, a torrent of tears erupted from Elian's eyes. He let out a heart-wrenching cry, a primal expression of the profound emotions that surged through him.

"BROOOOOOOOOOTHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!!!!!!!" he roared, his voice echoing through the room, a testament to the turmoil within his soul.


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