3 Chapter 3. Spectre

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After the Nova Corps had concluded their questioning, the Davis family was moved to the capital city, Eden. The following morning, Silvers took the siblings to the King's Might, an Esper Guild founded by the former No. 1 Esper, 'KING'.

"Pathetic, I mean, both of you are a disappointment," Silvers remarked, his hand pressed to his forehead in an exaggerated show of disappointment.

Gabriel and Lucas lay on the ground, gasping for breath. Their legs and hands were weighed down by iron bells as part of a stamina exercise.

"You guys really want to be Espers?" Silvers inquired, his doubt evident.

"Absolutely!" they both exclaimed.

"Seems like you've got the determination, but remember, will power can only get you so far."

"A damn nuke's barreling towards the city, and if you don't halt it, millions will bite the dust. Will your willpower alone prevent that catastrophe? No! Will your bonds of friendship miraculously rescue the citizens? Hell no! It's all a load of crap. What counts is your ability to react to disasters and your training to combat the wicked. That's what'll save the day," Silvers emphasized, hammering home the harsh reality.

With heads drooping and expressions tinged with remorse, Lucas and Gabriel acknowledged their shortcomings. Their aspirations had sparkled with potential, yet they hadn't mustered the dedication required to transform those dreams into reality until now. After all, dreams without the scaffolding of relentless effort were akin to castles built on shifting sands.

Observing the comprehension dawning on the siblings' faces, Silvers pressed on, "Your past actions and identities are immaterial now. Don't dwell on the 'what ifs' or 'could haves.' If you're looking to tread the path of Espers and ace that entrance exam, you'll need to roll up your sleeves and work for it. No shortcuts, just the grind."

"DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" Silvers' voice boomed.

"YES, SIR!" The siblings replied in unison.


"SIR!!! YES, SIR!!!"

For the next six months, Lucas and Gabriel plunged themselves into a grueling routine of training. Every single day, every second, they pushed their bodies to the limits and beyond. Their determination burned like fire, fueled by the desire to transform themselves into formidable Espers.

The training ground became a battleground of sweat, pain, and effort. Silvers watched over them, a relentless taskmaster, pushing them to their breaking points and then urging them to go further.

"Push harder! You're not even close to your limit!" Silvers barked as the siblings struggled through another set of intense exercises.

Lucas's muscles burned, and his breath came in ragged gasps, but he refused to give in. "I can do this," he muttered to himself.

"Form matters! Focus on your stance!" Silvers called out, his voice cutting through the exhaustion.

Gabriel stumbled, his legs trembling, but he straightened himself with sheer determination. "I won't quit," he thought, his teeth clenched in gritted resolve.

The days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months. Slowly but surely, the siblings began to see progress. Their bodies grew leaner, more defined. The weights that once felt unbearable became manageable. The techniques that seemed impossible to master began to make sense.

"Good! You're finally getting it!" Silvers' voice held a hint of approval as he watched Lucas execute a complex maneuver.

"I'm not there yet," Lucas panted, sweat dripping down his brow, but his eyes were alight with determination.

Gabriel struggled with a series of rapid punches, each one an effort. "Come on, Gabe! You can do this!" Lucas cheered him on.

"Keep pushing! Your limits are farther than you think!" Silvers' voice echoed, driving them forward.

The sun rose and set countless times as the siblings toiled relentlessly. It wasn't easy, and there were moments of doubt, frustration, and exhaustion. But with each passing day, they climbed higher, inching closer to their goal.I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

"Never stop moving! Your body can do more than your mind believes!" Silvers' words resonated, guiding them through the toughest of times.

And finally, after six months of unwavering dedication, Lucas and Gabriel stood before Silvers, their bodies transformed. Muscles rippled beneath their skin, their endurance and strength beyond what they had imagined.

Silvers gave a rare smile. "You've earned this. But remember, this is just the beginning. Next comes your ability to control your powers."

The siblings exchanged a glance, their eyes filled with determination. "We're ready," they said in unison, the fire of their newfound strength burning bright.

For half a year, fueled by their fervent aspirations, the siblings relentlessly pursued the pinnacle of human physicality. For Gabriel, the ambition to uphold 'KING's legacy and match his power propelled him forward. He was determined not to let down the memory of his predecessor after inheriting his ability. On the other hand, Lucas harbored an entirely different ambition, one more personal. His goal was to transform into a weapon, a devastating force engineered to obliterate any evil that dared obstruct his brother's journey.

After all, villains don't play fair. No, they do everything sinister thing they can to win. While villains toss rules to the wind, Espers are bound by them. Thus, Lucas wants to be an Enigma who walks the shadows. An extreme measure in these dark times.


Eden- Unknown Location- Spectre Summit

In Attendance- Violet King, Red Queen, Blue Bishop, Green Knight, Yellow Rook, and Black Pawn.

In a dimly lit chamber, veiled in an atmosphere of foreboding, the key figures of the villain organization known as "The Spectre" gathered around a table shrouded in shadows. Violet King, a woman of regal poise and a mind sharper than a dagger, commanded the attention of her peers with a commanding presence.

Seated beside her, the enigmatic Red Queen exuded an air of seductive power, her piercing gaze revealing a soul steeped in manipulation and ambition.

In the depths of the shadows, the macabre tone of their presence lingered, a testament to the dark forces at play.

The calculated Blue Bishop leaned forward, his analytical mind dissecting their agenda. "The 'KING' posed a threat, questioning our dominion over the underworld. We couldn't afford a challenge to our supremacy."

The sultry voice of Red Queen followed, laced with a venomous allure. "He dared to meddle in our affairs, challenging our grip on the shadows. His fate was sealed the moment he overstepped his boundaries."

Green Knight, a man of twisted genius, interjected with a grin that spoke of both sadism and strategy. "He thought he could play the hero, but we made sure he learned the hard way that villains write history."

Yellow Rook, a master tactician, smirked in agreement. "He really thought we will let him take away our power. Just because he was too blind to see the true potential of power. We take everything we can and anything we want."

Black Pawn, an enigmatic presence lurking in the background, finally spoke, his voice a whisper that carried the weight of death itself. "He thought himself as justice, yet he doesn't know the people at the top write what's right and what's wrong."

Violet King's gaze turned icy as she continued, her words dripping with ice-cold determination. "His demise solidified our status, leaving no doubt about who controls the strings."

Blue Bishop leaned forward, his analytical mind at work. "We've reasserted our dominance, and now, with the vacuum created, we shall expand our reach further."

Green Knight nodded in agreement. "Our territories will thrive, and our rule will be unchallenged."

In the annals of villainy, these characters came to life as complex, ruthless individuals driven by their insatiable desires, a testament to the human capacity for darkness when consumed by their obsessions.

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