Chapter 3: ExoTech

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Chapter 3: ExoTech

ExoTech was a global leader in artificial intelligence and robotics, founded by the visionary entrepreneur Aiden Knight. From humble beginnings in his garage, Aiden built ExoTech into a multi-billion dollar company that creates cutting-edge AI products that enhance people's lives and solve the world's challenges. ExoTech was a place where innovation thrives and where the best and brightest minds work together to shape the future of technology. ExoTech was Aiden's dream come true, and he was determined to protect it from any threats or interference.

Lisa was surprised to see Aiden in sweatpants, but she didn't comment on it. She was just relieved to see him alive and well. She greeted him with a smile, and said:

"Mr. Knight, I'm so glad you're here. We have a lot of things to deal with."

Aiden nodded his head, and said:

"Yeah, things happened. Let's go to my office, and you can brief me on the situation."

They passed through security, and headed up to Aiden's office using his personal elevator. Aiden scanned his eye and his fingerprint, and the elevator doors opened. They entered his office, a very neat and futuristic looking space. It had a large desk, a comfortable couch, a coffee table, a bookshelf, a fireplace, and a wall of windows that offered a panoramic view of the city. It had a minimalist and elegant design, with white and silver colors.

Aiden sat at his desk, and Max waited outside the door. Lisa stood in front of his desk, and said:

"Mr. Knight, there's a rumor going around that you're dead. Someone leaked a photo of your bedroom, with blood on the wall and the floor. They said you were shot in the head by an assassin. The board members are calling for an emergency meeting, and the employees are expressing shock and grief over your death."

Aiden felt a surge of anger, and suspicion. He realized that someone was trying to ruin him, and his company. He wondered who it was, and why they did it. He wondered if it was related to his assassination attempt, and his resurrection.

He decided to deal with it now.

He said to Lisa:

"Lisa, call a board meeting immediately. I need to address this issue as soon as possible."

Lisa nodded her head, and said:

"Yes, Mr. Knight. I'll do that right away."

She took out her phone, and dialed the number of the board room.

She said:

"Hello, this is Lisa, Mr. Knight's secretary. Mr. Knight is here, and he wants to speak to you all. Please gather in the board room as soon as possible."

She hung up the phone, and looked at Aiden.

She said:

"They'll be waiting for you in the board room, Mr. Knight."

Aiden nodded his head, and said:

"Thank you, Lisa. Let's go."

He got up from his desk, and walked towards the door.

Aiden entered the board room, and saw the board members sitting around a large table. They were a group of men and women, who represented the major shareholders and stakeholders of ExoTech. They were also Aiden's partners and advisors, who had helped him build and grow his company.

They were also his rivals and critics, who had challenged and questioned his decisions and actions.

They looked at him with a mix of emotions. They felt relief and surprise to see him alive and well. They felt anger and distrust to see him in sweatpants and not a suit. They felt curiosity and confusion to see him changed and different.

They greeted him with a mix of words. They said:

"Mr. Knight, we're glad you're here."

"Mr. Knight, we're sorry for your loss."

"Mr. Knight, we're concerned about your situation."

"Mr. Knight, we're disappointed in your appearance."I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

"Mr. Knight, we're curious about your condition."

Aiden ignored their words, and walked to the head of the table. He sat down on his chair, and looked at them with a calm and confident expression.

He said:

"Thank you for coming to this meeting. I'm sure you all have a lot of questions, and I'm here to answer them."

He paused, and added:

"But first, let me address the elephant in the room. The rumor that I'm dead is false. I'm alive and well, as you can see. Someone tried to kill me last night, but they failed. Someone also tried to ruin me and my company today, but they also failed. I don't know who they are, or why they did it, but I'll find out soon enough. And I'll make them pay for it."

He paused again, and said:

"Now, let me address the other issue. The company's stock price has dropped significantly due to the rumor, causing losses for investors and employees. This is unacceptable, and we need to fix it as soon as possible."

He took out his tablet, and tapped on it.

He said:

"Here's what we're going to do. We're going to issue a statement confirming my health and well-being, and reassure the market of our stability and growth prospects. We're going to show them that ExoTech is still strong and innovative, and that we have many exciting projects and products in the pipeline. We're going to show them that ExoTech is still the leader in artificial intelligence and robotics, and that we have a clear vision for the future of technology."

He showed them the tablet screen, which displayed a draft of the statement.

He said:

"We're also going to investigate the source of the rumor, and take legal action if necessary. We're going to find out who leaked the photo of my bedroom, and who spread the false information. We're going to expose them, and sue them for defamation and damages. We're going to show them that ExoTech is not a company to mess with, and that we have a strong legal team to back us up."

He showed them another tablet screen, which displayed a list of suspects and evidence.

He said:

"This is our plan of action. This is how we're going to deal with this crisis. This is how we're going to protect our company."

He looked at them, and asked:

"Do you have any questions or comments?"

The board members looked at each other, and then at Aiden. They were impressed by his plan of action, and his display of leadership. They were also curious about his transformation, and his survival. They had many questions and comments, but they decided to keep them to themselves. They didn't want to antagonize or provoke him. They knew he was still the boss, and the majority shareholder. They knew he had the power and the authority to fire them, or worse.

They nodded their heads, and said:

"No, Mr. Knight. We have no questions or comments. We agree with your plan of action. We support your decisions. We trust your judgment."

Aiden smiled, and said:


"Good. I'm glad we're on the same page. I appreciate your cooperation and loyalty."

He paused, and added:

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some other matters to attend to. Lisa, please send the statement to the media, and inform the clients and investors. Max, please escort me to my lab, and guard the door. I need some privacy."

He got up from his chair, and walked towards the door.

He was followed by Lisa and Max.

He left the board room, and headed to his lab.

He had some other matters to attend to.

He had some other secrets to reveal.