Chapter 5: Eve

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Chapter 5: Eve

Aiden walked to a metal cabinet, and opened it. He took out a syringe that contained a small microscopic chip. The chip was a silver cylinder, no bigger than a grain of rice. It had tiny wires and circuits embedded in it, and a blue light that blinked softly. It was the result of years of research and development, and it was Aiden's most prized creation.

He inserted the chip into a device that would inject it into the back of his neck, connecting it directly to the nerves leading to his brain. The device was a black box, with a needle and a tube attached to it. It had a button and a screen on its side, and a port on its top. It was designed to be simple and efficient, and it was Aiden's most trusted tool.

He sat down on a specially designed chair in his lab, and clicked the button. The process began, and the machine started operating on its own.

Aiden's lab was a large and modern space, filled with various equipment and devices. It had a medical station, a treadmill, a dumbbell, a pair of headphones, and many other gadgets. It had a metal cabinet, a desk, a couch, a bookshelf, and a fireplace. It had a white and silver color scheme, and a minimalist and elegant design. It was Aiden's personal sanctuary, where he conducted his experiments and research. It was also his secret vault, where he stored his most valuable and confidential data and projects.

Aiden was injected with anesthesia, but he felt it leaving his system immediately. He sighed, and thought that he should have expected that. His body had become resistant to most drugs and chemicals, ever since his transformation. He decided to proceed with the process anyway, and hoped that it wouldn't hurt too much.

He felt nervous and excited at the same time. He had been working on this project for a long time, and he had high hopes for it. He wanted to create an AI system that would be his partner and his guide, that would help him understand his condition and his potential. He wanted to create an AI system that would be his friend.

But he also felt doubtful and fearful at the same time. He knew that this project was risky and experimental, and he had no guarantee of success. He knew that this project could have unforeseen consequences and dangers, and he had no way of predicting them. He knew that this project could change him forever.

An incision was made at the back of his neck, and he felt a slight sting. He felt his incision attempting to heal itself immediately, but the machine prevented it from doing so. The machine injected the syringe containing the chip, and it attached itself to his nerve. He felt a jolt run down his body and back to his brain, and he gasped.

A holographic screen appeared before his eyes, and he saw that the chip was beginning its function. It was supposed to scan his body, monitor his stats, analyze his data, enhance his abilities, and communicate with him. It was supposed to be his partner, and his guide.

But something went wrong.

Error messages began to appear on the blue screen, and he saw blood red color begin to consume the blue screen. He heard a whisper in his head, the same whisper that had plagued him since his transformation. It said:

[Assimilating]I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

And then he felt his incision begin to heal, and the back of his neck feel like it was boiling. The chip was melting and fusing with his nerves, and a current was carried from the nerves to his brain. He began to convulse, and he screamed.

He felt a sharp pain in his head, and a burning sensation in his neck. He felt like his brain was being invaded, and his body was being violated. He felt like he was losing control, and losing himself.

He tried to fight back, and resist the process. He tried to disconnect the device, and remove the chip. He tried to stop the assimilation, and save himself.

But he couldn't.

The device malfunctioned, and locked itself on his temple. The chip fused itself to his nerve, and became part of him. The assimilation continued, and overpowered him.


He was helpless, and hopeless.

A tattoo began to form at the back of Aiden's neck, and it looked like a snake in the shape of an infinite symbol eating its tail. The holographic screen became fully blood red, and it read:

[Assimilation Complete]

The voice that had plagued him since his transformation began to gain a more distinct voice, and it sounded female now. She whispered:

[I am Eve]