7 Chapter 7: Apex

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Aiden left his lab, feeling a mix of curiosity and anxiety. He had just learned that he had a countdown timer until his next hunt, and he had an idea what that meant. He wondered what would happen if he didn't do it, or if he failed.

He decided to sort out himself before the time elapsed, and figure out his situation. He wanted to know more about his condition, and his potential. He wanted to know more about Eve, and her role. He wanted to know more about his bloodline, and his destiny.

He walked to the entrance of his lab, where Max was waiting for him. Max was his bodyguard, and his friend. He was a former soldier, who had served in the pandora army for many years. He had been hired by Aiden as his personal security, and had saved his life on several occasions. He was also a trusted confidant, who had shared many secrets and stories with Aiden.

Max looked at Aiden with a concerned expression, and said:

"Boss, are you okay? You look pale."

Aiden smiled weakly, and said:

"I'm fine, Max. Just a bit tired."

Max nodded his head, but he didn't look convinced. He knew that Aiden was hiding something from him, and he didn't like it. He knew that Aiden had been acting strange lately, ever since the incident. He knew that Aiden had changed somehow, and he didn't understand it.

But he decided to let it go for now, and follow Aiden's lead. He trusted Aiden

They walked to the entrance of the building, where James was waiting for them. James was Aiden's driver, and his employee. He had been driving Aiden for over a decade, and he knew his preferences and habits. He was also a skilled driver, who could navigate the busy streets of Aravon with ease.

James looked at Aiden with a surprised expression, and said:

"Mr. Knight, you're back."

Aiden nodded his head, and said:

"Thank you, James. You're always so dependable."

James smiled, and opened the door of the limousine for Aiden. Aiden got in, and Max followed him. James closed the door, and got in the driver's seat.

Aiden said to James:

"James, we're stopping by my tailor to get my measurements for a new suit, and then back home."

James nodded his head, and said:

"Yes, Mr. Knight. I'll take you there right away."

He started the engine, and drove away.

Aiden leaned back on his seat, and closed his eyes. He felt Eve in his head, and he decided to talk to her.

He thought:

"Eve, are you there?"

Eve heard his thought, and said:

[I am here, Aiden. I am always here.]

Aiden felt a bit uneasy, and he said:

"I need you to investigate and keep track of the movement of all the board members in my company. If you notice anything suspicious or linking to my assassination, inform me immediately."

Eve said:

[Acknowledged, Aiden. I will do as you ask.]

Aiden decided to entertain himself with the TV in the car, and he turned to the news channel. The news was about a brutal murder that occurred in a nearby alley. He had passed by the site of the murder on his way to work, and he had seen the police tape and the crowd of curious onlookers. The news reporter said that the scene was very gruesome, and that the body looked like it had been mauled by a wild animal. Aiden felt a sense of foreboding, and he had a feeling that he was linked to that body.

He asked Eve to search for more information about the murder, and to show him the results. Eve did as he asked, and said:

[I have searched for more information about the murder, Aiden. Here is what I found.]

[The victim was identified as a John Doe, with no records or fingerprints. The police have not identified any suspects or motives.]

Aiden's heart skipped a beat he remembered waking up covered in blood, and he was pretty sure that is the body of the assassin. Could it be that there was killer out there? Or worse, could it be that he was responsible for this heinous act without even realizing it?

His mind raced with questions and doubts, but he knew he had to stay focused. With Eve's help, he needed to get to the bottom of this mystery. Aiden asked her to dig deeper, to find any connections between the murder and his own countdown timer.

Eve took a moment before responding, her voice in his head calming and collected.I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

[Aiden, I've analyzed the data, and there seems to be a correlation. The time of the murder coincides with the time you blacked out. It is highly likely that the two events are connected.]

Aiden's thoughts raced as he tried to process the information. It meant that he probably did it, this insatiable need to hunt. But why?

As the limousine arrived at the tailor's shop, Aiden stepped out with purpose. He had a newfound determination burning within him. Max and James followed closely behind, their loyal presence a reminder that he was not alone in this fight.

Inside the tailor's shop, Aiden's mind drifted as the measurements were being taken. He thought about the role fate had played in his life, the intertwined paths that had led him here. He couldn't escape his bloodline, but he could decide how he used it.


Apex was a popular nightclub in Aravon, owned and operated by the Fenrir syndicate. It was a place where people came to dance, drink, and have fun. It was also a place where the Fenrir syndicate conducted its illegal business, such as money laundering, drug trafficking, and racketeering.

The nightclub had two floors, each with a different theme and atmosphere. The first floor was loud and flashy, with colorful lights, loud music, and a large dance floor. The second floor was dark and cozy, with dim lights, soft music, and a private lounge.

The boss of the Fenrir syndicate, Willem Grant, preferred the second floor. He had his own office there, where he met with his associates and clients. He also had his own security team there, who guarded the entrance and monitored the cameras.

Willem Grant was a tall and muscular man, with short blond hair and piercing blue eyes. He had a handsome face, but it was marred by a scar on his cheek. He wore a black suit and a red tie, and he had a silver ring on his finger.

He was also a cunning and ambitious leader, who wanted to expand his influence and wealth. He had built the Fenrir syndicate from scratch, and he had made it one of the most powerful and feared organizations in pandora. He had many enemies and rivals, but he also had many allies and followers.

He was currently in his office, yelling at his right hand man, Damien. Damien was a loyal and efficient member of the Fenrir syndicate, who handled most of the operations and logistics. He was a slim and dark-haired man, with brown eyes and glasses. He wore a gray suit and a blue shirt, and he had a pen in his hand.

He was also a nervous and anxious man, who hated to disappoint his boss. He had been working for Willem for many years, and he had seen him kill many people who failed him or betrayed him. He didn't want to be one of them.

He was currently listening to Willem's rant, and trying to calm him down.

"Damien, you idiot! How could you let this happen? How could you let Aiden Knight survive? How could you let Venom disappear? Do you have any idea how much trouble you've caused me?" Willem shouted, slamming his fist on his desk.

"Boss, I'm sorry. I don't know what went wrong. Everything was going according to plan. We hired the best assassin in pandora, we planted the tracker in Aiden's phone, we leaked the photo of his bedroom. We should have killed him by now," Damien said, nervously.

"Well, you didn't kill him! You failed! Aiden Knight is still alive!" William said, angrily.

He looked at Damien, and said:

"Find out what happened to Venom. I need you to find out where he is, and why he didn't report back. I need you to find out if he's alive or dead."

"Yes, boss. I'll do that right away," Damien said, nodding his head.

He got up from his seat, and walked towards the door.

He opened the door, and left the office.

Willem watched him go, and then reached for his phone.

He dialed a number, and waited for the call to connect.

He heard a voice on the other end of the line, and recognized it as John Stewart.

John Stewart was one of Aiden's board members, and one of Willem's partners.

He was a greedy and impatient man, who wanted more power and money.


He had agreed to Willem's offer, and had betrayed Aiden.

He had planted the tracker in Aiden's phone, and had leaked the photo of his bedroom.

He had helped Willem kill Aiden.

But he had failed.

Willem said: "Hello, John. It's Willem."

John said: "Willem? What do you want? I'm busy right now."

Willem said: "I want to talk to you about our deal, John. I want to talk to you about Aiden Knight."

John said: "Aiden Knight? What about him? He's alive. We all saw him at the board meeting."