11 Chapter 11: Fenrir

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Willem Grant, reclined in his lavish office within the depths of their clandestine night club. The air was thick with the scent of smoke and the pulsating beat of the music that enveloped the establishment. It was here, amidst the flickering neon lights and the undercurrent of decadence, that Willem received the report he had been awaiting.

As the door swung open, his trusted right-hand man, Alexander, entered the room with a grave expression etched upon his face. The dim glow of the room cast long shadows across his features, emphasizing the gravity of the news he carried.

Willem's sharp gaze fixed upon Alexander, a mix of anticipation and impatience in his eyes. He knew that this report concerned the missing member, the one who had been assigned to eliminate Aiden, the wealthy innovator and inventor with no ties to the supernatural.

Alexander's voice carried a weight as he spoke, his tone laced with urgency. "Willem, we have discovered the fate of our missing member. His body was recently found, brutally murdered, and now lies at the center of the police investigation into the John Doe case."

A surge of anger coursed through Willem's veins, his normally composed demeanor faltering for a fleeting moment. The betrayal within their ranks, the loss of one of their own, struck a chord deep within him. How had this happened? Who could have orchestrated such a heinous act?

Confusion clouded his mind as he tried to piece together the puzzle before him. Aiden, a man seemingly untangled from the threads of the supernatural, had become entwined in a web of darkness and death. The intricate tapestry of their operations had been disrupted, leaving Willem at a loss for answers.

Willem's voice resonated with a mix of anger and frustration as he spoke, his words laced with an underlying sense of uncertainty. "How did this transpire? Aiden, the target, he is merely a wealthy and intelligent individual. He has no known connections to our world. It makes no sense. None of this adds up."

His mind raced, searching for the missing pieces of the puzzle. The death of their member, the involvement of the police, and Aiden's unexpected place in the unfolding drama left him grappling with a maelstrom of questions. The shadows that veiled the truth seemed to grow deeper, their secrets eluding his grasp.

In the midst of this chaos, Willem understood that he needed to act swiftly and decisively. The Fenrir syndicate's grip on power and control had been challenged. The death of their member demanded justice, and the truth behind Aiden's involvement needed to be unraveled.

As his anger simmered beneath the surface, Willem's mind became a cauldron of strategizing. He would delve deeper into the enigma that surrounded Aiden, peeling back the layers of his existence to uncover the secrets that lurked beneath. The Fenrir syndicate would not be deterred, nor would they allow their hidden world to be exposed.

With a steely determination, Willem rose from his seat, his gaze fixed upon the city outside his window.


Meanwhile, at Aiden's lavish mansion, he engaged in a conversation with Eve, the advanced AI system created in the image of the original Eve.

"Do you retain all the capabilities of the original Eve?" Aiden inquired, his voice filled with curiosity and anticipation.I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

"[Yes, Aiden]," Eve replied, her voice resonating with a mix of familiarity and efficiency.

Aiden's expression turned serious as he continued, "I need you to keep me updated on every move John Stewart makes. I have a gut feeling that he is deeply involved in this complicated situation."

"[I will fulfill that task diligently, Aiden]," Eve assured him, her tone displaying unwavering dedication.

Aiden let out a sigh, his mind troubled by recent events. "I have become too complacent lately. It's unnerving to think that a single bullet to the head could have brought everything to an abrupt end."

Realizing the need for immediate action, Aiden made up his mind. "It seems I must accelerate my plans. Eve, I want you to gather comprehensive information and evidence on all the members of ExoTech's board of directors. I intend to remove them through legal means."


Eve acknowledged his request with precision. "[Acknowledged, Aiden. I will initiate an extensive investigation into the backgrounds of each board member, utilizing publicly available data, corporate filings, and relevant databases. By uncovering their professional histories, financial interests, and potential conflicts of interest, we will build a solid foundation for a legal strategy to oust them from their positions.]"

Simultaneously, Eve continued, "[I will utilize my computational capabilities to analyze the current market conditions. This will allow me to identify potential shareholders and devise a strategic plan to gradually acquire shares in your company, consolidating your control over ExoTech.]"

Aiden nodded, impressed by Eve's comprehensive response. "Excellent. I want all of this accomplished before the unveiling of my new technology in two days. Time is of the essence."

Eve reassured him, her voice radiating confidence, "[Rest assured, Aiden. My fusion of AI and human consciousness enables me to comprehend the urgency and complexity of these tasks. I will allocate significant computational resources to expedite the data gathering, legal preparations, and share acquisitions, ensuring a focused and efficient execution of your instructions.]"

"Good," Aiden said with a sense of satisfaction, appreciating Eve's unwavering dedication to the cause.

Curious about the time remaining until the next hunt, Aiden asked, "How many days are left until the next hunt, Eve?"

"[Five days, Aiden]," Eve promptly responded.

"Very well. We still have time," Aiden remarked, his mind already contemplating the crucial steps that lay ahead.