13 Chapter 13: Board Meeting

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After the lab's revelatory testing session, Aiden Knight headed towards the citadel of corporate power within ExoTech – the boardroom. The looming silhouette of the headquarters served as a stark contrast to the city's vibrant skyline. As he approached the boardroom, the rhythm of industry's hustle softened into the hush of high-stakes decision-making.

As the boardroom door glided open, a sea of apprehensive faces, the board of directors, turned towards Aiden. They were the industry's heavyweights, but tonight they were waiting, unknowing of the storm that was about to hit them.

"Good evening," Aiden began, his voice echoing in the room. He stood tall, his gaze sweeping over the board members. There was no news of the Cognitive Enhancer tonight, no discussions of financial projections or future trials. Tonight was about a different kind of change.

"I called this meeting because ExoTech is at the precipice of a new era," he started, his tone firm, his eyes unblinking. "And to usher in this era, we need a clear path, free of hindrances."

The room went quiet, the air thick with anticipation and a growing unease. Aiden continued, "In light of recent investigations, I've found evidence of activities that pose a threat to our company's future."

A flurry of whispers rose around the room. Accusing glances were exchanged, brows furrowed in worry, and denials were muttered under breaths.

Aiden raised his hand, calling for silence. His next words were sharp, clear, slicing through the tension like a knife. "I have sufficient proof for legal action against each one of you."

The room froze. The silence was deafening.

"But," Aiden continued, "I'd prefer we avoid that messy route." He paused, letting the weight of his words sink in before he delivered the final blow. "I offer an alternative. You sign over your remaining shares to me at a predetermined reduced price, and you leave, quietly."

The board members sat stunned, their eyes wide and mouths agape. Before they could react, the boardroom door opened, and Aiden's secretary walked in, carrying a tray of documents.

"Here are the agreements," Aiden motioned towards the papers. "Review them and make your decision. It's an easy choice, really: leave with dignity or face legal repercussions."

As the secretary distributed the documents, the boardroom was filled with a tense silence, punctuated only by the rustle of papers. Aiden stood, his silhouette against the city lights, the embodiment of resolute leadership.

The meeting ran late into the night, but when Aiden finally walked out of the boardroom, he did so with the certainty of a man who had just cleared the path for a new era for ExoTech. He was the captain at the helm, ready to navigate the vast and uncharted waters of the future.

As the tense atmosphere lingered in the boardroom, John Stewart, one of Aiden's long-standing board members and earliest investors, was growing visibly agitated. His eyes narrowed, and his fists clenched, a reflection of the greed and impatience that fueled his ambitions. He had always sought more power and wealth, and tonight was no exception.I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

"What is the meaning of this, Aiden?" John spat, his voice dripping with anger. "You can't just threaten us like this and expect us to comply."

Aiden turned his gaze to John, his expression a mix of disdain and disappointment. "John, you were a special case," Aiden said, his voice firm. "You were entrusted with a position of power and trust. But recent happenings suggest you've abused that trust."

John's face turned pale, a realization dawning upon him that Aiden might be aware of his involvement in the recent misdeeds. His arrogance began to waver, replaced by a sense of vulnerability.

"John," Aiden continued, his tone colder now, "You planted a tracker in my phone, didn't you? You allowed someone to follow my every move."

John's attempt to keep his composure crumbled as he stammered, "I-I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh, spare me the lies," Aiden retorted, his eyes never leaving John's trembling form. "I have evidence of your involvement in this betrayal, and you know what that means."

The room fell silent once again, the weight of Aiden's words hanging in the air like an impending storm. John knew he was cornered, and his greed had led him to this point of no return.

"Here's what's going to happen, John," Aiden continued, his voice unwavering. "You will sign over your shares at the agreed price, and you will leave this company, effective immediately."

"You can't do this!" John protested, his voice trembling with desperation.

Aiden's eyes narrowed further as he retorted, "You should have thought about the consequences before plotting against me and ExoTech. I trusted you, John, and you betrayed that trust."

The rest of the board members watched in silence, their eyes darting between Aiden and John, witnessing the fall of a once-powerful man brought down by his own greed and ambition.


As the meeting concluded, John reluctantly signed the documents, sealing his fate and his departure from ExoTech. Aiden looked at him with a mix of disgust and disappointment, knowing that power and greed had corrupted a once loyal ally.

In the end, Aiden had shown his resolve, his unyielding commitment to the future he envisioned for ExoTech. But, as the room cleared, and the city lights continued to twinkle outside the boardroom window, Aiden couldn't help but feel the weight of betrayal and the cost of ambition in this game of power.