15 Chapter 15: A New Era for ExoTech

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The grand hall of ExoTech was awash with the synchronized hum of eager whispers and the subtle clinks of champagne glasses. An expansive, ornate room filled with displays of technological wonders, it was a haven for the inquisitive. Looming large was the main platform, bathed in the soft glow of blue and white lights, awaiting the event's protagonist – Aiden Knight.

With each passing moment, the anticipation grew palpable. Tech analysts, shareholders, employees, and journalists from every corner of the globe had come. They awaited the genius behind ExoTech, the man who had revolutionized industries and was rumored to have recently made a power move unlike any other in the corporate world.

Then, as the lights dimmed, leaving only the stage illuminated, Aiden stepped into the spotlight. His presence, undeniable and commanding, was complemented by the soft hum of Eve, ever-present, a shadow in his consciousness.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Aiden's voice rang out, clear and confident, reverberating throughout the hall. "Tonight isn't just about unveiling a product; it's about sharing a vision, a future shaped by innovation and driven by passion."

He embarked on a detailed walkthrough of the new technology. The intricate details, the complex algorithms, the myriad applications-all were showcased with a finesse that only Aiden possessed. As he spoke and demonstrated, the audience was spellbound, hanging onto every word, every gesture.

Yet, even in these moments of triumph, the observant could catch instances when Aiden's expressions seemed distant. Those were the moments when the boundaries between his consciousness and Eve's insights blurred. Their bond, deeper than anyone knew, was proving to be both a strength and a challenge.

The demonstration concluded to a thunderous applause, a standing ovation that lasted minutes but felt like hours. The atmosphere was charged with awe and admiration. But this was just the beginning. The Q&A session was next.

A renowned tech journalist was the first to rise. "Mr. Knight," she began, her tone respectful yet probing, "Rumors abound regarding the mysterious acquisition of a significant portion of ExoTech shares. The whispers suggest you're behind it, especially given the unexpected departure of the entire board. Can you shed light on this?"

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Aiden, always composed, responded, "Yes, I've indeed acquired those shares. ExoTech is more than a company to me; it's my life's work. If investing further in my own vision means strengthening the foundation of this company, then it's a step I'll willingly take."

His candid admission sent murmurs through the crowd. Another hand shot up, this one from a seasoned business analyst. "Aiden, while your capabilities are unmatched, isn't it a risky move to centralize so much power with one individual? Historically, boards are crucial for diverse perspectives."I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

With a thoughtful expression, Aiden replied, "Historically, yes. Boards have been vital. But we're in an age where agility and swift decisions can be the difference between innovation and stagnation. My team at ExoTech is talented and shares my vision. That, combined with my drive, ensures we're well-equipped for the challenges ahead."

The media was on fire, every journalist trying to get their question in. In the midst of this, a reporter from a global news agency posed a more challenging query, "Isn't such concentration of power alarming? The optics suggest a potential autocracy."

Pausing for emphasis, Aiden retorted, "Power is a tool. In the right hands, it drives progress. I've always acted in ExoTech's best interest and always will. And concerning investment, I've been fortunate enough to accumulate substantial wealth, allowing me to back ExoTech entirely."

Questions continued pouring in. An investor asked about ROI projections, a tech blogger inquired about integration with existing systems, and a young journalist from a startup magazine queried about potential collaborations.

Then, amidst this whirlwind of questions, came the most challenging one. "Your decision to work without a board, your audacious moves, some in the business circles are calling it madness. What's your take on that?"

Aiden, looking around the room filled with curious eyes, responded, "Madness has been the precursor to many of humanity's most profound moments. As the saying goes, the greatest blessing of mankind comes by way of madness, which is a divine gift. If believing in ExoTech and our future so fervently means I'm mad, then I wear that label with pride."

The conference ran for hours. It was a marathon of questions, answers, and revelations. By the end, journalists had their headlines, investors had their answers, and employees, their renewed faith.

As the event wound down, and the attendees began to depart, the enormity of the evening settled on Aiden's shoulders. This night was not just about technological advancement; it was about laying the foundation for ExoTech's new era-an era where Aiden, with Eve silently intertwined with his very essence, would lead the company to horizons yet unimagined.