12 Vision [2]

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"What is this...?"

It was the first time I saw this screen. No, not quite... I think I remember catching a small glimpse of it before.

When exactly?

I couldn't quite remember. Most probably the moment I came into this world. Back then, I had been so disoriented that I probably hadn't noticed.

But what gives?

Why did it suddenly appear?

"It sort of looks like a status s--Uh?"

The screen disappeared all of a sudden.

"What's going on?"

I leaned my head back.

Why did the screen disappear? Was it because I spoke? Or... An idea floated in my mind and I opened my mouth to mumble,


-- â—�[Julien D. Evenus]â—� --

Level :17 [Tier 1 Magician]

Exp : [0%--[16%]--------------100%]

Profession : Magician

﹂ Type : Elemental [Curse]

﹂ Type : Mind [Emotive]

Spells :

﹂ Beginner type spell [Emotive] : Anger

﹂ Beginner type spell [Emotive] : Sadness

﹂ Beginner type spell [Emotive] : Fear

﹂ Beginner type spell [Emotive] : Happiness

﹂ Beginner type spell [Emotive] : Disgust

﹂ Beginner type spell [Emotive] : Surprise

﹂ Beginner type spell [Curse] : Chains of Alakantria

﹂ Beginner type spell [Curse] : Hands of Malady

Skills :

[Innate] - Foresight

-- â—�[Julien D. Evenus]â—� --


So there was a trigger.


I extended my hand forward in hopes of seeing if I could touch it, but as my hand neared the window, it simply phased through.

".....So I can't touch it."

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

That became apparent after a couple more tries.


I took a deep breath.

My head was still light and I was still recovering from my training. Therefore, it was hard for me to remain focused.

It took several deep breaths before I could finally concentrate again.

Several things jumped out the moment I laid my eyes on the screen.

"Exp...? Level 17. Tier 1 Magician?"

As expected, this was similar to a game system. I wasn't much of a gamer, but I understood the concept of levels and Exp.

Magicians were divided in ten tiers.

From what I knew, the classification went as this;

Tier 1-2 : Apprentice

Tier 3-4 : Master-Mage

Tier 5-6 : High-Wizard

Tier 7-8 : Arch-Wizard

Tier 9 : Monarch

Tier 10 : Zenith

"Level 17... So I'm Tier 1."

That was an interesting piece of information. For one to test their Tier, they needed a special orb that Leon told me about it.

For the past week I had been curious about my Tier.

While I was aware through Leon that I had reached Tier 1. What I wasn't aware of was the fact that,

"I'm on the verge of Tier 2."

Who would've thought...?

Or was I?

I felt my brows slowly come together into a knit.

"I'm level seventeen and Tier 1. Is it safe to assume that my Tier changes with every ten levels?"

It sounded logical, but...

"I'll need to observe."

There was no proof of my judgment. For now, I decided to pay close attention to it. When the time came, I'd be able to know if my assumption was correct or not.

My gaze shifted down.

"Spell list..."

I wasn't surprised by the spells listed in front of me.

[Hands of Malady] was a spell I was already practicing. It was Leon who had told me about it.

What I was surprised about, however, was what was written beneath it.


Innate skill.


"....That explains it."

An answer to one of my questions had finally been answered.

The reasoning behind the vision. It was all due to this skill. The thought made me frown, and several more questions arose in my mind.

"Is there some sort of trigger to these visions? Can I activate it whenever I want?"

I thought back to the vision I just had.

'....How low has Haven fallen for them to select someone as incompetent as you?'

'Not only are you incapable of using any spells, but you even went ahead and challenged everyone with that puny arrogance of yours.'

'It's no wonder you lost your first duel.'

'I should probably end this.'

'.....There are other more important people I need to take care of.'

His cold voice echoed at the back of my mind.

My hand unconsciously trembled at the thought. The sensation I felt back in the visions... I could still feel it vividly in my mind.

It sent shivers down my spine.


"I need to train."

Reminded me yet again about my situation.

"Haaa... Haaa..."

I sat down on the ground and shifted my right hand forward.

Closing my eyes, I channeled my mana.


I swallowed a mouthful of saliva.


I swallowed again.

"Let's start."



Nothing came out of my hand.

I could feel the mana in my core.

It was there.


"I've got to do it."

It just wouldn't flow.


My hand started to visibly tremble.

So did my lips.

"He-h... Come on... Come out."

I thought back at what I did in the past.

I tried to repeat it.

Having done it hundreds of times over the past week, surely I could do it, right?


"...It's not coming out."

The mana simply refused to move along my body.


I knew the reason why.

I just didn't want to acknowledge it.

"...C-come on. Just a little."

I swallowed yet again.

"No... N-no."

My mind kept wandering back to moments ago.

When I failed.

And the pain that came after it.

It replayed in my mind.


And over again.

"...It's nothing."

As if it was a tape on replay.


In the end.

I was afraid.

Afraid of my efforts going to waste like before.

"What am I even doing this for...?"

To the point where I started to question my own objectives.

Why was I doing so much?

Was it because I was just that desperate for answers? Was that the reason why I was pushing myself so hard?

For answers?lightsnovel

Was I really someone who would push themselves to this point just for answers?


How laughable.

Of course, it wasn't.

Deep down, I knew the answer. Why I was pushing myself so hard. Even if it was at the cost of my own sanity and body.

"Go back."

The words escaped from my lips.

Almost as if they were in a whisper.


An image conjured in my mind.

One of a young boy.

Sixteen years old.

And alone.


What I wanted wasn't an answer.

It was a way back.



Mana flowed out from my core.

My entire body shivered as a result. The world started to become a blur, and I could hardly make out what was real and what was fake.

But that didn't deter me from training.

I had a goal in mind.

One that I had to achieve.

So even though I was afraid. My body hurt. And I was exhausted.


I continued to push myself.

I had no choice.


Had to do it.



A plume of smoke floated in the air.

Long flowing platinum hair, deep red eyes, curvaceous body. Kiera Mylne casually sat on the stairs of the Rondeo Dorms.

It was a building only the top rankers were allowed to be in.

She was one of them.

That said,


They didn't allow one to smoke inside.

She had no choice but to smoke outside.

"...Fucking bullshit."

It was an irritating thought. For such a grand and luxurious building... How could they not allow her to smoke?

Like, seriously.

What did she pay so much to attend this place for?

"Maybe if I was the Black Star...."

She thought back to the Black Star. Julien of the Evenus Barony. Maybe he could smoke in his room?

It was a thought that entertained her for a bit.

At first glance, he seemed quite arrogant.

Enough to infuriate practically every first-year cadet.

But unlike the others, she wasn't particularly interested in such meaningless squabbles.


Rather, she found him to be somewhat funny.

"Fucking jokes."


The plume of smoke drifted in the air as she took another drag of the cigarette.

Kiera, who was enjoying herself at the steps of the building, suddenly raised her head, catching a glimpse of an approaching figure.

She was quick to flick the cigarette away.


There was a certain aura about the approaching figure that attracted the gazes of all those around. Her graceful movements exuded a sense of authority, flowing with sophistication and ease, concealing any hint of her flaws.

It was a figure she knew all too well. How could she not know her...?

A woman of the Megrail family.

The Princess of the Empire.

Aoife Kell Megrail.


Though she was in a class of her own, Kiera couldn't help but click her tongue. Her foot dragged over to where the cigarette was and she stepped on it.

Twisting her foot slightly.

Kiera looked down on her. As a noble of high lineage, she was well acquainted with Aoife. They had met many times in past events.

She shone brightly wherever she went. Was always the spotlight.

That didn't bother Kiera much.

...Not until the day of her coming to age ceremony and her talent was made known to Aoife and the royal family.

As a result?

She, who was supposed to have started her training at age fourteen, was forced to train at seventeen. The same age as low-end nobles.

For what reason...?

'This bitch.'


Aoife stopped in front of her. Her yellow eyes slowly sank down to meet Kiera's gaze. Her expression didn't say much.

It was hard to read.

There was nothing unusual about this. She had always been like this. A blank piece of paper with hardly any thoughts.

And the thought irritated Kiera even more.


"Can you move?"


Kiera blinked and looked around. Then she realized. She was blocking the entrance.


'Is that all....?'

No form of acknowledgment. A name? Just... Cadet? They had met several times in the past. Even made brief conversation. It was complete disregard.



Kiera pursed her lips and smiled. It was a bright smile. One of the brightest she had ever displayed.

And what followed after her smile was...

"Fuck you."

A middle finger.


Drip... Drip...

Sweat intermixed with my blood.

My eyes stung.

And my vision was blurred.

A day had passed. It was now early in the morning.




I was met with another failure.

The result of my efforts was the connection of eight runes. A result that was far beneath my desired goal.


Taking a deep breath, I thought about continuing again, when...

To Tok--!

The door knocked.

"Young master."

And a familiar voice sounded.

"...So it's time."

There could only be one reason for him to call me. The first day of the Academy was about to start.

"I'm comin-Ukh...!"


My legs gave out when I tried to stand up.

Fortunately, I was able to stop myself from falling face flat on the floor by grasping the side of the sofa.

"Haaa... Haaa...."

My breaths were heavy and my hands were unusually pale.

It was obvious that my body was in poor condition.



Taking another breath I forced myself into the shower. I stumbled several times in the process before finally making it to the valve where I turned on the cold water.


My skin prickled at the cold.

But at the same time, my mind regained some clarity.

Supporting myself with both hands on the wall, I let the water trickle down my back.

One might think I'd be distressed with the results of my training.

In some ways I was.



At the same time, I was also thrilled.

It wasn't fruitless.

There was definitely a progression.


I laughed out in exasperation.

It was going to take time, but I knew I could do it.

I was that desperate.