Chapter 1479 Stealing

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Grey looked at the man with red eyes. His break through was about to end while the Pseudo-sovereign was on the verge of breaking through to the Sovereign Plane.

If he continued fighting he would definitely lose. The issue was that he couldn't retreat at this moment. The moment he tries to retreat, the Pseudo-sovereign will never give him that chance.

He looked at the man with cold eyes.

"If I don't break through, then you should forget about it." He said coldly.

His eyes were red and he attacked the Pseudo-sovereign. Since the start of the battle with the man, he had been on the defense, but now, he attacked. He didn't want the man to break through while he was still stuck in this stage.

The Pseudo-sovereign didn't mind his attacks, he focused on defending. As long as he didn't give Grey the chance to catch him unaware, he was certain that he would survive. Once he breaks through, he would kill Grey and hand him over to the Gnomes for the rewards.

As he was breaking through, he couldn't help but thank Grey. The reason he wanted to attack Grey was because he was trying to break through, but now, he didn't even need to hand Grey over, yet he was breaking through to the Sovereign Plane at the moment.

Grey attacked in a vicious way, but the Pseudo-sovereign didn't shy away, rather, he stayed and blocked Grey's attacks. He knew even though Grey's attacks were powerful, they wouldn't be able to kill him. All he had to do was defend against them and he was fine in the long run.

Grey's essence was stopping, meaning the end of his attempted breakthrough, while the man's essence was increasing, signifying his breakthrough.

At the moment, one failed while the other was on the verge of getting the Sovereign Plane.

Grey didn't know how to react. He wasn't afraid since he had Void by his side, but he was a little worried about himself. He couldn't break through to the Sovereign Plane even after absorbing so much essence.

The only thing he could do at the moment was ensure his survival against the Pseudo-sovereign.

The Pseudo-sovereign was in high spirits as he attacked Grey. He knew with his current state, he could not only defeat Grey, but achieve something he never thought was possible.

The fight was very aggressive, but the Pseudo-sovereign gained the advantage as his essence increased while Grey's essence decreased.

Grey looked at the situation and a smile appeared on his face.

'I've stopped one Pseudo-sovereign from breaking through before, I can do it again.'

This was the thought in his head. Since he couldn't break through, there was no way he was going to allow his opponent get to the Sovereign Plane which was going to guarantee his death.

He had stopped someone from getting to the Sovereign Plane before, and that was his plan at the moment. Without hesitation, he shot straight to the essence that we are gathering in the sky.

"Haha, even with your presence, I'll still break through. I want you dead, and you're going to die." The Pseudo-sovereign laughed in delight.

He already declared Grey death when he sensed the situation. Most people in the same position as himself would do the same.

Grey thought this was a situation he wouldn't be able to escape without the help of his Faction Leader's talismans or his Father's help, but things didn't go the way he thought. There were things that showed that he wouldn't need to experience the same situations.

The main reason was that he was different. Unlike others who had to face an opponent that was breaking through, he had the chance to change his opponent to one who wasn't breaking through.

And something unlike ever came to his mind.

'What if I absorb his essence?'

This was the thought in his head.

He could destroy the essence one needs to break through, what if he attempts to absorb the essence they need?

It was only a thought in his head, but he soon tried it with others. And the answer was something he expected. He could actually mess with when people broke through to the Sovereign Plane. At the moment, he was the only one with such an ability. And he didn't allow others to know about it.

Grey shot into the sky, and did something that had never been done before, he tried to absorb the essence that belonged to the man. Since he could destroy it, he felt he could absorb it as well.

The Pseudo-sovereign didn't think something like this was possible, but to his greatest surprise, Grey started to suck in the essence he was absorbing.

"What the hell?!"

He screamed in shock. This was the first time he was experiencing something like this, and he never thought it was possible.

Without hesitation, he attacked Grey.

Grey, who was mid-air, was shocked at what was happening. To be honest, he wanted to disrupt the breakthrough of the Pseudo-sovereign, but he never thought he would be able to absorb the essence.lightsnovel

'I've destroyed it. Does this mean I can absorb it as well?'

Grey thought as he tried to stop the man from breaking through. The Pseudo-sovereign didn't think something like this was possible, so when it happened, he was caught off-guard.


Grey is a greedy individual, especially when it comes to absorbing essence like this.

The Pseudo-sovereign absorbed as fast as he could, while Grey did the same.


Outside this place.

The apparition that was showing signs of fading off started to show signs of solidifying.

Most people didn't know what the sign was, but some took it for what it was and used it to their advantage.

They tried to increase the cultivation of some of their Venerables. They all knew that this was something that happens when a Venerable tries to get to the Sovereign Plane.

Grey watched as the Pseudo-sovereign's cultivation stopped increasing.

Unlike him who had to know from the Pseudo-sovereign's cultivation, the others didn't need it. They could see that a Peak Venerable was on the verge of the Sovereign Plane, even though there was something that showed that it was out of the ordinary.

The Pseudo-sovereign was stunned when he noticed something strange. The essence he was receiving wasn't as much as he expected. In fact, it was so little that he knew that there was no chance he would be able to get to the Sovereign Plane.

'What the fuck?!' He thought internally.

He knew this was something that had been on for a while, so seeing someone that has managed to bypass it was shocking.


The entire world was placed on freeze. No one thought what happened would happen.

Grey literally paused the world and continued it.

Most people don't know how powerful Grey's attacks are, only when they try to use it do they know how strong it is.

Grey doesn't care about all this, he attacks with intent, making sure whoever his enemies are, he gains the advantage.

Some people do not know of this and try to attack Grey who's in a dormant state. Only when they attack does he fight back.

The fight was very aggressive, and both people wanted each other dead.

Grey didn't know if the other partner would survive, neither did the other. The duo tried to kill each other off to favor theirselves, but in the end, it only favored the web.

The battle was very aggressive as both partners tried to make sure there was no way the other party wouldn't survive the attack of the other. In the end, both parties not only survived, but they thrived.

Grey was very aggressive in his attacks, he didn't want the Pseudo-sovereign to get to the next stage, while the Pseudo-sovereign was trying to ensure he broke through to the next stage.

In a moment, it was a battle of time.

Each party was fighting for who would get to the next stage first.

Grey didn't know if there was any chance for him, while his opponent was certain. His only chance war to make sure he broke through before his opponent.


For others.

The apparition that was fading off wad starting to gain color. It didn't only fare, but was starting to retain the previous color 8t had. As long as it regained the previous color, it had had itself.

Grey was delighted when he noticed that he. Could absorb the essence of the Pseudo-sovereign. As long as he could asbob it, it meant that he could get to the next stage before the opponent.

He knew that most do the people in the same stage as himself would have a change against him but once he used his advantage against them, he would be able to beat them. As the fight raged on, none of them was able to break through to the next stage. Grey had a way to stop him, he wouldn't let it go.