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Chapter 70 - Hong Kong City’s Four Most Handsome Men

Chapter 70: Hong Kong City’s Four Most Handsome Men

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With two big stars promoting the studio, there was no need to worry about not having any artists to work with after that.

He Lili and Du Jiuyuan were the only ones working in the studio. These two celebrities have to be served for the whole year, and with the addition of new customers, they would be completely overwhelmed.

‘Seems like I need to do some recruitment,’ Du Jiuyuan thought to herself.

Lu Ziang scrolled through Weibo and strode back to the lounge. When he opened the door, he saw Ji Jingchen with a gloomy face.

“Chen, what’s wrong?”

Ji Jingchen looked up and his voice was a little hoarse. “Why didn’t she reply to any of my messages?”

Lu Ziang felt very sad and shocked when he heard this. Something was very wrong. Was the man in front of him Ji Jingchen? Or was he switched by an alien?

“Maybe she’s busy. Think about it! She just set up a studio and needs to do everything herself.” Lu Ziang didn’t have the heart to say anything else and comforted him.

“When did you download WeChat? Come and scan my QR. I’ll set up a group.” Lu Ziang immediately changed the topic.

Ji Jingchen waved his hand to refuse.

“Are you still my buddy? Don’t forget that I’ve helped you a lot in the past. Hurry up!”

“Scan it yourself!” Ji Jingchen said arrogantly.

Lu Ziang picked up the two phones and skillfully added each other as friends. Then, he set up a group called “The Four Most Handsome Men in Hong Kong City”.

The group included Lu Ziang, Gu Xingchen, Ji Yanchen, and Ji Jingchen. Ji Jingchen took the phone and saw the group name. His first reaction was that he wanted to leave the group. Such a ridiculous name was beneath his dignity.

Ji Yanchen saw that Ji Jingchen had downloaded WeChat, so he decisively added him as a friend. Gu Xingchen had a lot on his plate these past two days, so he did not have time to fiddle with his phone, and he did not react to the new group being formed.

Meanwhile, in the group.

Ji Yanchen texted, “Bro, is it you? Your dearest Brother has added you as a friend.

“Bro, hurry up and approve it!

“Bro, hurry up and approve my friend request!”

Ji Jingchen replied, “You’re so noisy…”

Ji Jingchen accepted Ji Yanchen’s friend request. Then, he opened up his profile and spent a long time uploading a photo of him and Du Jiuyuan in their wedding dress.

Lu Ziang immediately commented on the picture, “A man in love is really scary.”

Ji Yanchen was rendered speechless.

The next day, time was running out. Luoluo was attending a movie press conference as one of the main characters. The genre of the movie was romance, and it was about the story of a young girl’s first love.

Du Jiuyuan chose a floral dress for Luoluo, combed her hair into a single ponytail, put on some makeup, and paired it with a few accessories that she had made on the spot.

Luoluo was full of the aura of youth. To begin with, she was not old, so even if someone said that she was a high school student with this kind of dress, they would believe it without a doubt.

Du Jiuyuan took two photos and posted them on Yuan Hua Studio’s Weibo. She edited the caption, “Thank you for your love, the aura of a young girl!”

To prevent Luoluo from getting cold after standing outside for a long time, Du Jiuyuan even prepared a jacket for her.

During the halftime break.

“Yuanyuan, you are simply too amazing.” Luoluo happily pounced on Du Jiuyuan. She had received quite many good reviews today, and many of them had turned into her fans.

A woman’s beauty depended on her age. There was the beauty of maturity, the beauty of first love, the beauty of a mother, and Du Jiuyuan’s choice of clothes made Luoluo feel like she had returned to high school.

“Come down quickly. There’s still a whole set of clothes. Go and change.” Du Jiuyuan was a little resistant to physical contact, so she said this without knowing what to do.

This romance movie was basically about a couple who walked out of school and entered society. Each of them became business elites who were extremely busy every day. They had differences, but in the end, they found love again. Hence this movie showed the transition of a couple on campus until they grew up into business elites during the second half of the movie.

Du Jiuyuan contacted the director last night and revealed her identity. She even signed a confidentiality agreement in her email account to get a portion of the key script.

The director carefully approved Du Jiuyuan’s request for the script. This was because there were people with bad intentions, who were eager for a quick buck would sell out the script, which made the producers very distressed.

In the end, it was Du Jiuyuan’s words that moved the director, “The styling design of an artist does not only derive from the luxury brand that they are wearing, but it also needs a visual conflict and a direct touch to the soul. I want to know what the whole story is like so that I can match the most suitable clothes for Luoluo.”

The director had not seen such a serious person for a long time, and he was willing to trust her for once. Just to be on the safe side, he signed a confidentiality agreement and sent a part of the script to Du Jiuyuan.

After Du Jiuyuan saw it, she felt very immersed.. After understanding the storyline, she deleted the script immediately.

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