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Chapter 90 - Conscious Voice

He Feng and Fang Ya held Wang Xu’s arm at the same time. “You can’t!”

“Why?” Wang Xu looked at the two of them in confusion. “Haven’t we already found the clue?”

He Feng and Fang Ya looked at each other.

Fang Ya pulled Wang Xu’s arm and said, “Now we’re just relying on Li Yu’s guess. We have no actual evidence.”

“If we go looking for them now, and if they really took the child away, it would be hard to avoid alerting them,” Fang Ya analyzed carefully.

“If they take the child further away, we might really not be able to find her!” Fang Ya said as she gently let go of Wang Xu’s hand.

Wang Xu thought about it for a moment and nodded in agreement. “Then what should we do now?”

Fang Ya carefully recalled the contents of the news report. Since it said that they were going to sell the child, it was most likely not related to Li Yu’s in-laws.

Even if it was her in-laws’relatives, they might also be trying to scam her in-laws out of a sum of money.

With this conclusion, Fang Ya was even more certain that the child could not be at Li Yu’s in-laws’house.

However, they had searched the entire amusement park. Where could Kang Qi be hidden?

Li Tong quickly brought three or four people back. Everyone searched the amusement park together.

Until late at night, there was still no sign of Kang Qi.

Fang Ya was inwardly annoyed. “It shouldn’t be like this! The child should be in the storeroom!”

He Feng saw that something was wrong with Fang Ya. He walked forward and gently held her. “Don’t worry too much. We’ll definitely find her!”

Fang Ya raised her head and looked at He Feng. “I know, I know…”

Although Fang Ya said this, she clearly felt very nervous.

He Feng thought that Fang Ya had recalled Tang Tang’s situation at that time and felt the same way.

However, as time passed, Fang Ya’s reaction became even stranger.

She had always stressed that the child should be in the storeroom.

However, they could not find it even after searching several times.

He Feng wanted to persuade Fang Ya not to be too persistent. Although they did find the doll, it could only mean that Kang Qi had been there before.

Fang Ya accompanied Li Yu to the Public Security Bureau to report the case, but they were only questioned for records and it was never officially escalated into a hot case.

Li Yu asked Fang Ya to accompany her home.

He Feng said that he would accompany her.

He ordered Li Tong to send Wang Xu Home. He Feng then drove Li Yu and Fang Ya to Li Yu’s home.

As they walked into the dark house, Li Yu suddenly broke down and cried.

Fang Ya also wept quietly in a corner.

After crying for a while, Li Yu returned to the bedroom to rest under Fang Ya’s comfort.

Fang Ya and He Feng sat in the living room of Li Yu’s house.

He Feng finally had time to ask Fang Ya, “Why are you so sure that Kang Qi is in the storeroom?”

“I…” Fang Ya did not know how to answer.

He Feng asked again, “You’re acting strange.”

“Do you know something?” He Feng’s expression became very serious.

Fang Ya lowered her head and thought about it for a moment, then raised her head and looked at He Feng. “I don’t know how to tell you…”

“My consciousness told me that Kang Qi is there.” Fang Ya found an excuse. “Just like what I told you before each time.”

He Feng recalled that every time Fang Ya reminded him in such a manner, it was when he was stuck in a case.

Fang Ya held He Feng’s hand. “I hope you can understand. If it’s possible, I will tell you everything I know.”

“But, these things are feedback in my mind bit by bit.”Fang ya frowned and said.

“It kept telling me that Kang Qi would be there, so I believed it even when I have no clue at all.” Fang Ya stared at He Feng.

He Feng looked at Fang Ya as if he was judging whether Fang Ya’s words were true or false.

She had acted too strangely this time.

If Fang Ya had not been by He Feng’s side all along, He Feng would even suspect that she had something to play in this kidnapping case.

But after a few reminders from Fang Ya, it was true that every single one of her reminders always came true!

He Feng gritted his teeth and decided to believe Fang Ya’s words.

At least, this was their best bet at the moment.

“Then if you can think of anything else, you must tell me! You must not act alone!” He Feng instructed her again.

Fang Ya smiled and nodded. “I know!”

The two of them sat in the living room, quietly waiting.

The next morning, Li Yu’s parents rushed over after receiving the news.

“How’s the child? Have you found him?” Li Yu’s father, Li Qiang, looked straight at Li Yu and asked.

Li Yu looked at her parents with tears all over her face.

Her mother stretched out her arms and held her daughter in her arms. “Don’t be afraid! Qiqi will definitely come back!”

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