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Chapter 184 - Rich Widow

Fang Ya took Shao Xiang and Han Qiao out of Lin Bin’s law firm and went straight to the parking lot.

Ever since Uncle Chen became Fang Ya’s chauffeur, no matter where Fang Ya went, Uncle Chen had been dutifully waiting for her to finish all her errands like a manservant.

Uncle Chen was honest, diligent, and trustworthy. It was only because he had an unreliable son that he worked so hard in his old age.

On the way home, Fang Ya remembered that she still had some things to give to Nie Jun, so she asked Uncle Chen to take a detour to the hospital.

Shao Xiang and Han Qiao did not go upstairs. They just sat in the car and waited for Fang Ya.

Fang Ya walked into the hospital and came to the outside of Nie Jun’s ward. However, she heard a fierce argument coming from inside.

Fang Ya could not hear the contents of the argument clearly, but it seemed to be related to He Feng.

Fang Ya leaned in to listen but was suddenly tapped from behind.

She was shocked and quickly turned to look. She saw Xiao Yao grimacing at her. “Sister-in-law, what a coincidence.”

Xiao Yao’s voice was not loud. It was almost drowned out by the sound of the argument.

However, the argument in the room also stopped.

Fang Ya nodded blankly and handed the lunchbox in her hand to Xiao Yao. “I brought some food over for the Secretary.”

Xiao Yao smiled and took it before pushing open the door and said, “Don’t stand outside. The secretary just woke up.”

Fang Ya followed Xiao Yao into the ward. She saw Nie Jun sitting on the sofa, facing a man she had never seen before.

Fang Ya greeted Nie Jun and nodded at the strange man.

The strange man returned the greeting and said to Nie Jun, “Think about it carefully.” Then he turned around and left.

After the strange man left, Nie Jun looked at Fang Ya, and a smile gradually appeared on his face. “Why are you here?”

Xiao Yao placed the lunchbox on the table in front of Nie Jun and answered for fang ya, “Sister-in-law is here to deliver food.”

Fang Ya nodded stiffly, and it was a long time before she came back to her senses. “Yes, my mother made some snacks and she asked me to bring them over for you.”

Nie Jun looked at the small snacks in the lunchbox and the smile on his face widened. “It’s been hard on your mother!”

Fang Ya shook her head and smiled. “You’re too kind!”

Nie Jun picked up a piece of snack and tasted it. He could not help but praise it.

Fang Ya watched Nie Jun eating happily and gradually forgot about the conflict that occurred just then.

After saying a few words to Nie Jun, Fang Ya excused herself and left, saying that there were still people waiting downstairs.

After Fang Ya left the ward, she quietly took a deep breath.

The argument in the ward just now had been too strange.

Who exactly was that man?

Did He Feng know about this matter?

Why was Xiao Yao there?

The more Fang Ya thought about it, the more strange she felt. After walking out of the hospital, she picked up her phone and called He Feng.

She did not know if He Feng was busy and was unable to answer the call.

Fang Ya thought about it and decided to wait for He Feng to go home before talking to him about this matter.

When Fang Ya got into the car, Shao Xiang noticed that her expression did not look right.

“What happened to you?” Shao Xiang asked with concern.

Fang Ya shook her head and said, “Nothing! I must have been in a hurry!”

Shao Xiang did not think too much about it. She only said that Fang Ya was probably tired recently, so she decided to prepare some nourishing things for her back home to replenish her vitality.

Uncle Chen drove all the way home. After he had safely sent Fang Ya and the others home, he parked the car at the door of Fang Ya’s house.

Uncle Chen was very honest. He had never once driven the car back to his own house.

Fang Ya was very satisfied with Uncle Chen’s attitude. She had even sent many things to Uncle Chen’s house on a daily basis.

Many neighbors were envious of him. Among those were some who used to speak ill of Fang Ya. At that moment, they were also extremely envious.

No one had ever thought that a widow who brought her child to live in this shabby place would be so rich!

The neighbors who had not made much contact with Fang Ya’s family also ran to Fang Ya’s house from time to time to get familiar with her.

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