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Chapter 89 - Snatching Bai Chen Away

Outside, the Coiling Dragon’s training base was in chaos.

Bai Jing saw a few agile figures flash past the perimeter. Two off-road vehicles were waiting outside the base, while a masked man was holding Bai Chen hostage in his arms!

Seeing that those people were about to retreat out of their attack range, this was a planned and organized sneak attack!

Their target was very clear, and they did not want to fight!

Bai Jing heard Bai Chen’s incessant crying, and her expression was extremely ugly.

She grabbed the sniper rifle and a few short-range artillery shells from the mercenary beside her and jumped into the passenger seat of the convertible SUV. She looked at Chou Hai and roared, “Drive!”

Chou Hai was stunned for two seconds and immediately drove the car to chase the enemy in front. From time to time, he secretly glanced at Bai Jing. He was so shocked by the terrifying aura around her that he did not dare to speak.

Bai Jing carried a sniper rifle and said coldly, “Drive steadily!”

She narrowed her eyes. Her left hand supported the open iron frame of the SUV. Her right hand pulled the trigger and the bullet directly penetrated the tires!

The high-speed car skidded and hit the curb. The fuel tank on the hood of the car emitted clusters of flames.

Bai Jing directly jumped out of the car and ran to the back seat of the crashed car. She carried Bai Chen, who was so panicked that he fainted.

“Miss Bai, be careful!”

Chou Hai reminded her anxiously.

Bai Jing bent down nimbly to avoid the sneak attack. She raised her leg and kicked the enemy’s waist. She stared at him with bloodthirsty eyes. Without pausing for a moment, she took out a dagger. The seemingly light throw accurately pierced into the heart of the sneak attacker and killed him instantly!

The Coiling Dragon mercenaries arrived. Bai Jing handed Bai Chen to them for protection. She took out two modified revolvers from her waist and fired indiscriminately.

When everyone saw how powerful she was, they were so shocked that they forgot to breathe.

At this moment, Bai Jing was like a messenger to claim people’s life. In the blink of an eye, the ground was covered with corpses and heavily injured mercenaries.

Bai Jing was killing crazily as she approached the enemy’s core camp step by step. She saw that the leader protected by the group of masked men was actually that woman with green eyes that day!

Bai Jing stared at the pair of eyes that were flickering with a dim light. She recalled the scene of Si Qian and her getting out of the car. Bai Chen’s crying voice echoed in her ears. She couldn’t control her frustration and killing intent and raised her pistol!

Kill that woman…

This thought welled up in her heart.

Just as Bai Jing was about to pull the trigger, Chou Hai suddenly stood under the muzzle of her gun. “Be careful!”

Chou Hai’s sudden action stunned her for two seconds. By the time she pushed Chou Hai away and wanted to continue aiming, the other party had already retreated. All she could see was the exhaust of the car in the distance…

“Were you protecting them just now?!”

Bai Jing was furious. She grabbed Chou Hai’s collar and pointed the muzzle at his glabella. “Because that woman is related to Si Qian, right?”

“The woman I saw at the training ground that day was her! The things that Si Qian wanted to do after leaving the Coiling Dragon’s base were also related to her. All of you knew very early on about the plan that they were going to snatch Bai Chen, so before Si Qian left, he told me not to worry!”

“Chou Hai! Look me in the eye and answer me, is what I said the truth?!”

Bai Jing roared. The mercenaries saw their confrontation and anxiously tried to persuade her, but they did not dare to go forward, afraid that she would kill Chou Hai.

Chou Hai gritted his teeth, his face still had traces of blood from the bullet’s graze, “Miss Bai, I can guarantee with my life that Mr. Si has no special relationship with that woman, and it’s not what you think. But other than that… I can’t say.”

“It’s our fault that we didn’t protect Bai Chen well. If you want to kill me, go ahead!”

Chou Hai closed his eyes. The suffocating feeling of death enveloped him.

Seconds and minutes passed.

The surroundings were as silent as suffocation.

Finally, Bai Jing put down her gun and kicked the door of the SUV hard. The iron door instantly caved in, leaving a footprint!

Hearing the loud noise, Chou Hai opened his eyes. Seeing Bai Jing vent her anger by killing the few remaining mercenaries on the ground, his heart still palpitated.

Because the car was damaged in the chase, Chou Hai and the mercenaries escorted Bai Jing back to the hotel on foot to rest.

However, things had not been peaceful recently. When the group passed by a hotel, they saw terrorists robbing it.

They recklessly destroyed the shop and kidnapped beautiful women. Their style of doing things was arrogant.

Bai Jing looked up expressionlessly. She did not want to meddle in other people’s business.

But, the next second, she saw a familiar figure running out of the hotel…

Ni Kun was dragging a box in a sorry state as he used his hands to disperse the smoke. Behind him, there was a group of terrorists chasing after him. They were shouting something about the urgency of the situation!

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