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Chapter 90 - Buying at a High Price

Bai Jing stopped in her tracks and crossed her arms as she watched Ni Kun run around in a panic, ready to watch the show.

Who would have thought, Ni Kun seemed to have sensed Bai Jing’s presence. He suddenly raised his head and met her gaze. He excitedly turned around and ran towards her with the box in his hand!

“I didn’t expect you to be here! Save me!”

Bai Jing’s smile gradually froze.

The pursuers were stunned for two seconds when they saw Ni Kun’s actions. When they saw the figures of the Coiling Dragon mercenaries with guns, they immediately reacted!

“He has reinforcements! Charge!”

The pursuers ran across the street and threw smoke bombs as cover, shooting at the Coiling Dragon mercenaries!

Bai Jing looked at Ni Kun, who was crouching in the middle with his head in his hands, and said impatiently.


The terrorists treated them as their enemies. It was obvious that Coiling Dragon couldn’t escape the fight, so she had no choice but to destroy them!

“Chou Hai, I’ll lead you to surround them from the back of the building and cut off their escape route! You guys, cover me and rescue that old man!”

Bai Jing gritted her teeth as she said this, but Chou Hai didn’t dare to let her take the risk. He kicked his assistant’s butt and said, “You will go and rescue him!”

The terrorists did not expect Coiling Dragon’s firepower to be so fierce, and they gradually could not withstand it.

The assistant threw a smoke bomb as a cover and carried Ni Kun back to their camp.

This last-minute battle quickly ended with Coiling Dragon’s victory.

Bai Jing told Chou Hai to clean up the battlefield and retrieve all the guns that could be used!

Ni Kun looked at her in shock. The Genius God was really diligent and thrifty!

Bai Jing felt his gaze and asked in a cold voice, “What happened to you?”

Ni Kun snapped back to his senses and said angrily, “My disciple and I went to the Golden Triangle to meet you, but that unfilial disciple abandoned me! I originally wanted to go out for a walk, but now that the terrorists have taken over the hotel, I can’t go back either…”

He stole a glance at Bai Jing and deliberately hinted at her.

Bai Jing frowned. Since the two of them were familiar with each other, she could only temporarily bring Ni Kun to Coiling Dragon and warn him.

“Don’t wander around!”

After the incident of Satan’s sneak attack, Bai Jing was worried that they would sneak into Coiling Dragon again. She ordered Chou Hai to arrange for the most elite mercenaries to be on duty in Bai Chen’s room 24 hours a day, and no one was allowed to leave!

After confirming that Bai Chen was safe, she continued with her previous work.

Weapons Research Laboratory.

Ni Kun looked around curiously. He had never seen many of those weapons before. He guessed that they were all made by Bai Jing.

His gaze fell on the super sniper rifle on the display stage, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

She was indeed a Genius God!

After her heavy modification, ordinary weapons could display twice or even five times their original combat strength!

If the Combat Division could obtain this sniper rifle and conduct research and mass-produce it…

Ni Kun stood there, relying on his friendship with Bai Jing, he directly asked, “Can I have this rifle?”

“I see that you’re researching other weapons, so you wouldn’t be stingy, right?”

Ni Kun asked with a smile.

Bai Jing glanced at the sniper rifle and replied nonchalantly, “Yes. Five million, you can transfer the money or swipe the card.”

“When the money arrives, you can take it away!”

Ni Kun almost had a heart attack when he heard the exorbitant price. He placed his hand on his chest and discussed, “Can you give me a slightly cheaper price?”

Bai Jing furrowed her brows and placed her hand on the sniper rifle. She made a gesture as if she wanted to take it back. “Forget it then.”

Ni Kun hurriedly stopped her. “Deal!”

Not long after, Bai Jing received a text message alert on received payment. She nodded in satisfaction and reminded him of a few things he needed to pay attention to when using the sniper rifle.

Ni Kun raised his thumb and praised sincerely for such good after-sales service, “You are indeed a genius. You are a businesswoman with a conscience when doing business!”

On the other side, when Yun Wei learned that the hotel had been attacked by terrorists, he hurriedly sent people to look for Ni Kun.

“What? My teacher was taken away by Coiling Dragon’s people?”

Yun Wei finally became a little anxious. He immediately drove to Coiling Dragon’s station. When he wanted to go in to look for Ni Kun, he was stopped by the sentry.

The various forces in the Golden Triangle were mixed and none of them could enter others’ territory.

Yun Wei could only wait outside. He anxiously indicated that his teacher was currently with Coiling Dragon. This visit did not have any intention of attacking or probing the situation. He only wanted to bring him back…

The mercenaries brought the news to Chou Hai, and Chou Hai passed it on to Bai Jing.

When Bai Jing heard that Ni Kun’s disciple came to pick him up, she did not have much interest and continued to fix her weapon. “You should leave soon.”

On the contrary, Ni Kun was a little reluctant. He kept turning back his head while he held the super sniper rifle and walked to the door.

He was afraid that Bai Jing would forget their agreement, so he could not help but remind her, “You must remember the time we agreed to meet!”

“I’ll wait for your news at the hotel!”

Bai Jing frowned and nodded perfunctorily, asking Chou Hai to send him out as soon as possible.

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