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Chapter 91 - Unconscious

Chapter 91: Unconscious

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When Yun Wei saw Ni Kun’s figure, he rushed forward to help him pull the luggage and asked respectfully.

“Teacher, are you hurt? How did you end up with the people from Coiling Dragon…”

Ni Kun disliked the fact that he had disturbed his discussion with Bai Jing about weapons modification. He could not hide his displeasure and pushed away his arm. He carried the box of the sniper rifle and sat in the back seat.

He frowned and remained silent, and Yun Wei did not dare to say anything. He could only drive away from the Coiling Dragon’s base.

The hotel had been damaged by a terrorist attack, and currently, there was no way to arrange for Ni Kun to move to another hotel. Yun Wei had no choice but to bring him back to the station.

Ni Kun looked at the unfamiliar environment and training ground and smacked his lips.

“Kid, you’ve hidden quite well…”

He knew that many officers in the Combat Division would organize their own forces overseas. Without affecting the normal military operations, the Combat Division would not interfere and control them.

However, Ni Kun did not expect Yun Wei to do such a thing.

Ni Kun sized up his disciple and said with a hint of warning in his tone, “It’s not a problem for you to prepare a backup plan for yourself.”

“But remember, as a lieutenant general of the Combat Division, there are many things that you must stick to the bottom line and not cross it. Otherwise, if you make a mistake, no one will be able to protect you…”

Yun Wei’s figure froze, but he quickly nodded and replied, “Yes, thank you for your guidance, Teacher.”

Ni Kun sighed and shook his head. His gaze fell on the gun case of the sniper rifle and immediately revealed an excited expression as he asked, “Is there a shooting range here?”

“I want to try this new sniper rifle. Find me two of the best snipers, quickly!”

Yun Wei brought Ni Kun to the open space of the shooting range. Hearing that they were going to test out a new type of weapon, many mercenaries gathered around to watch the show. They sized up the gun that was no different from a normal sniper rifle and discussed it without any expectations.

Ni Kun scolded him for not recognizing the goods. He told the sniper how to use the gun that Bai Jing had told him. They got used to it for a moment before shooting directly.


The bullet shot out from the gun’s barrel and entered the bull’s eye at an extremely fast speed!

At the same time, the paper target ignited into a raging fire and instantly burned to ashes!

When the mercenaries saw this scene, they were so shocked that they could not close their mouths. The sniper looked at the powerful new type of weapon in disbelief. He could not suppress the hot blood and excitement in his body.

Ni Kun had expected that the modified sniper rifle to be very powerful, but he also didn’t expect it to be so powerful…

He muttered, “As expected of the Genius God!”

Hearing Ni Kun’s whisper, Yun Wei felt a little admiration for the genius weapon master that he had mentioned.

Thinking of his upcoming battle with Bai Jing, if he could mass-produce and use this super sniper rifle, it would definitely be a huge help to his victory!

“Teacher, can you lend me the sniper rifle for a few days? You know, I’ve always been interested in weapon modification.”

Yun Wei knew that the Genius God held an extremely high position in Ni Kun’s heart, so he deliberately pretended to be humble and studious. “When I meet her in a few days, I want to ask her some questions about gun modification. You can start with this sniper rifle…”

Ni Kun had some trust in Yun Wei, so he agreed without hesitation.


Yun Wei handed the super sniper rifle to the mechanic at the station to disassemble it. The mechanic studied the structure overnight and started to copy it.

Seeing the armory gradually filled with super sniper rifles, Yun Wei raised the corner of his mouth and his eyes were filled with fanaticism.

In Coiling Dragon’s base, Bai Jing returned to her room and looked at Bai Chen who was still asleep. She turned around and asked the mercenaries.

“Did he wake up midway?”

The mercenaries shook their heads.

Bai Jing furrowed her brows and performed a few basic checks on Bai Chen. She guessed that he was in shock and had been in a state of anemia for a long time, causing his body to become unstable.

Bai Chen’s current condition urgently required blood transfusions to increase his immunity.

And Yun Shu had Bai Chen’s blood on her hands…

Bai Jing thought of the letter and immediately asked the mercenaries to help her find a few guns and daggers, preparing to meet up with Yun Shu.

When Chou Hai received the news, he quickly ran over to stop her. “Miss Bai, didn’t you promise to think of a solution together when Mr. Si comes back?”

“Please don’t make things difficult for me!”

Chou Hai said anxiously, winking at the mercenaries around him. They stood like a human wall, trying to force Bai Jing to stay.

However, his method of pretending to be miserable was no longer effective. Bai Jing looked at him coldly and said, “Get out of the way.”

“Bai Chen’s physical condition can not wait any longer!”

“If Si Qian has any problems after returning, tell him to come to me!”

Bai Jing pushed Chou Hai away, but he gritted his teeth and blocked the door.. “If you are in danger, Mr. Si will definitely come after me!”

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