Chapter 1806 - 1806: Underground Gambling Den

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Chapter 1806: Underground Gambling Den

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“l didn’t expect this underground gambling den to really be underground… I thought the word underground is just metaphorical. I didn’t expect it to be so literal!” Qiao Mei said to herself, a little lost for words.

Qiao Mei used her foot to tap on the manhole cover forcefully. When the people below heard the sound, they opened the entrance door. Qiao Mei went down the stairs to the bottom and discovered a different world below. It was a very grand-looking place. The entire room was filled with smoke and everyone looked very euphoric. Everyone here was looking for that one chance which could reverse their fortunes and change their lives. This was the first time Qiao Mei had seen so many gamblers in one place.

“Miss, are you here alone?” the guard at the door asked.

“Yes, why? You don’t allow lone players?” Qiao Mei questioned.

“It’s not that. Miss, please exchange for chips here. We do not allow anyone to bring any communication equipment or other things into this place. Only money is allowed. Please put all your belongings in the cabinet over there,” the guard at the door said.

Qiao Mei only exchanged 50 dollars worth of chips. Big bets were still uncommon in this era. After all, in this era, the average income was very low and the bets commensurate with the situation. However, even then, these gamblers could still rack up more than 10,000 dollars in gambling debts, sometimes even more than 100,000 dollars.

Qiao Mei observed the surroundings. There were many different ways to play.

She did not really know how to gamble, so she chose the simplest game, Sic Bo. She sat down at the table and the people around stopped what they were doing. Everyone looked at her curiously. It was very rare to see such a beautiful woman in the gambling den.

“Why? I can’t play? Or I’m not welcome here?” Qiao Mei questioned.

“That’s not it. Miss, do you want to bet big or small?” the croupier asked Qiao Mei with a smile.

Qiao Mei placed her hand on the table and the butterfly mark on her chest warmed slightly. She could clearly see the numbers on the dice in the dice cup.

“I’ll bet big.” Qiao Mei threw out half of the chips she was holding. Everyone was stunned by Qiao Mei’s action. They had never seen anyone play like this. “Does this woman know how to play? It’s clearly small!”lightsnovel

“Stupid people always have lots of money. She’ll lose everything in a while! How can she play like this!”

“It doesn’t matter. If she loses, I can lend her some money. If she can’t pay me back, then she can pay using her body! It’s no loss to me since she’s such a beautiful woman! ”

“Hahaha! Count me in! I want to have a taste of this beauty too!”

The people around Qiao Mei said all sorts of obscene things, making her feel nauseous. These people looked normal on the outside, but in this underground gambling den, they seemed to have completely torn off their usual disguises and exposed their true selves.

“Everyone, place your bets. I’m going to open it now.” After saying that, the croupier opened the dice cup. The number of points added up to “Big”.

“Damn it! This woman actually guessed it right!”

“Oh my… Seriously… This woman is just lucky! She won’t be so lucky in the next round! ”

Qiao Mei smiled disdainfully. This was only the beginning. In the next hour, Qiao Mei did not lose a single round and there was a mountain of chips in front of her by now. Qiao Mei toyed with one of the gambling chips. She looked at the croupier expressionlessly and the croupier was so nervous that he was sweating. He had never met someone like her before. No one could keep winning at the gambling den, unless the person cheated.

However, croupiers like him knew how to cheat too. Moreover, they had all been trained to prevent those really lucky people who won a lot of money from leaving immediately with their winnings. Otherwise, the gambling den would make a loss. The croupiers would cheat to make these people lose all their winnings. This was how the gambling den kept these gamblers coming back.

Qiao Mei, on the other hand, was different. No matter how the croupier cheated, Qiao Mei could accurately know the number of points the dice added up to every time. He did not believe that Qiao Mei did not cheat.

“You cheated! You must have cheated!” shouted a gambler beside Qiao Mei as he pointed at her. He had already lost nearly 5,000 dollars.

“If so, did you see how I cheated?” Qiao Mei questioned.

The rule in the gambling den was that everyone could win money using their own abilities. There was a common understanding that it did not matter if one won through cheating or by luck. One could cheat as long as one could remain undiscovered. However, if one was caught, one would have to leave behind one’s pair of hands..