Chapter 17 - Wu's Background

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"How do you know?"

Wu got suspicious and took a step back when the lady behind the cash register stood up abruptly, shaking her hands in panic.

"No, no, please, don't worry. I know because we were contacted today by President Wu. He asked us to take care of you and offer premium treatment once you arrive. Your appearance match and the surname Wu is unique, with only Wu Family having one. We don't have any ill intentions," the lady explained hurriedly, almost all in one breath.

Wu exchanged glances with Nuwa and finally relaxed.

Though, a moment later, she tensed up, hearing gossips all around the Central Bank. Naturally, they listened to the lady's question, which exposed her identity.

"Please don't worry about them. I'm sure that everyone already knows about you," the lady assured with a bitter smile.

"Huh? How come?"

"President Wu already announced your arrival to everyone. All top Families and Clans know about you already. I even heard the was supposed to be a celebration in your name once you arrive home, but this might be a rumor," the lady replied, showing her gossipy nature. "I'm sure the whole Trade Union is searching for you as well. At least the Central Banks throughout the Heaven Realm were notified about your case."

Wu got a little overwhelmed, not expecting her grandpa to create such a scene about her arrival. Mobilized the whole Trade Union, Central Bank, contacted all top Families and Clans. Who else? The President of the entire Heaven Realm?

Well, she was close. Just as she thought about it, a tall man around her age appeared next to them. It seemed like he had just woken up as his eyes were barely open.

"Lady Wu! I'm so glad you arrived safely. Your grandpa will be overjoyed once he hears the news," the tall man called out, causing panic in the hall.

"President Mo!"

All cashier ladies quickly bowed, followed by ordinary Citizens. Only the newcomers like Nuwa and Wu did nothing, filled with confusion.

"Hello, ladies! Good afternoon!" President Mo called out while stretching before introducing himself. "I'm Mo Shi, the President of Fire Land Capital Central Bank. I'm pleased to meet you two."

Everyone in the hall gazed at him in amazement. How often could they meet one of the nine Presidents of the Central Bank? Almost never.

Before Wu could say anything, he walked behind the cash register and sat down on the cashier's seat.

"Shall we register you, Miss Wu and your friend? We should finish before your grandpa arrives," President Mo asked cheerfully.

From start to finish, he didn't even ask for Nuwa's name as if she wasn't important, but Nuwa didn't seem to mind at all. In all honesty, she was still a nobody in the Heaven Realm, but that would for sure change in the future.

"My grandpa is coming here?" Wu asked in surprise to which President Mo nodded eagerly. "Yes, the moment you arrived, I already informed him. He should be here any minute."


Wu didn't think it was necessary to make such a scene. Their attempts to stay low-key were not blown by the wind but a tornado instead. Now everyone in the Fire Land Capital would know that President Wu's granddaughter arrived.

"Shall we start?"


"Is this necessary? I'm not your Goddess…"

Seeing all the food at the tables and a full-blown celebration in her name, Yiren didn't know how to feel about it. She just came to this Village to make new friends with cute Beasts, yet now everyone treated her like Goddess.

The Village Leader smiled apologetically as he leaned over to her seat of honor and apologized, "I'm sorry for using Miss, but would Miss be kind enough to assist me today? My Village was already losing faith and forgetting about our founder. Miss arrival gave them new vigor. If Miss can pretend to be our founder for a short time, I would be grateful."


"Yes, the founder of our Village, who we all proclaimed as our Goddess. Surprisingly, she looked very similar to Miss, coming from an Elf Race as well. She created this Village with a group of locals and taught them Beast Taming. We pass on her words and knowledge since the moment she left us a few hundred years ago. She departed to pursue her dreams and never came back. Many only know her from legends," the Village Leader explained.lightsnovel

They were in the bigger plaza, celebrating outside with music, dancing, and food. Lisa and Yiren had their table together with the leader and his family, allowing them some space to talk freely.

"I see… I wonder if we are related in some way. If she looks like me, then she might have come from our Holy Realm. Many of our Queens left to explore the world and find their man," Yiren commented casually as she picked up another snack, enjoying the familiar flavor. "Even your food is similar to ours."

Her race also used to eat various snacks wrapped in edible leaves.

Nom, nom, nom.

Lisa wasn't even listening to their conversation, consuming one snack after another.

"Gosh, they are so delicious…" Lisa muttered, forgetting about her slim figure as she stuffed herself to the brim.

"They are indeed good, but my Grandma made the best snacks ever. No one can beat her," Yiren countered proudly as she pulled out her stock her grandma prepared for her travels. "Take a bite of this. You will notice the difference right away."


Lisa would never reject free food, so she immediately grabbed it. Her eyes widened right away as she looked at Yiren in amazement.

"It's so good! Can I have more?!"

"Nope, they are mine," Yiren rejected firmly, keeping the stock for herself. It would take a long time before she will meet her Grandma once again.

"If Miss is related to our Goddess, then that would be truly a coincidence," the Village Leader agreed before changing the topic. "I heard from my son that Miss is also a Master Tamer. We could see Miss' performance, which confirms it. My son told me Miss tamed a Phoenix and a Dragon. Is that true?"

"Well, Drakos is still mischievous, but he listens to me, and Bella is my big sister. They are not tamed. They are my friends," Yiren corrected.

Seeing the confusion on the Village Leader's face, Lisa cleared it up as Yiren's manager, "Drakos is a Dragon while Bella is the Celestial Phoenix with her own Humanoid Body. They are our companions."

"I see. So Miss can tame Celestial Beasts. That's truly amazing." The Village Leader said with respect as he looked at Yiren. "Would you like to help us then?"


"Yes. There is this Celestial Beast dominating our Region. She hates Humans and attacks us whenever she sees us. Many of us perished under her claws. I tried to tame her, but nothing worked," the Village Leader explained. "I'm sure for Miss it wouldn't be a problem?"

His words grabbed Yiren's attention.

"Celestial Beast? Is she cute?"

"She is a cute Beast if that's what you look for, but she is also dangerous. She is a—" the Village Leader got cut off by Yiren.

"I'm in!"

"But I didn't even tell Miss what Beast it is…" The Village Leader's eyes widened in surprise.

"Does it matter? I am sure we can be friends," Yiren replied with a shrug.

"Alright, I will lead Miss to her tomorrow. How about enjoying the celebration tonight?" the Village Leader asked when his wife suddenly approached and interrupted them.

"There are a lot of kids that would love to meet you, Goddess. Would you spare us a minute?"

Behind her were multiple kids of various ages, looking at her with shiny eyes. Yiren couldn't reject such cuties.