Chapter 18 - Tianshi's Confession

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"To think that it was actually true…"

Xuefeng couldn't believe it, holding the ID Card in his own hands. The system in the Safe Zone was almost identical to the modern Earth with few tweaks here and there. It was hard to believe it was all a coincidence.

"Yeah, it's too similar…" Tianshi nodded, checking out her own ID Card.

They just came out of the Central Bank, the first place they went to after entering one of the main Cites in the Water Land. Seeing the whole bank and credit system was similar to their home, Xuefeng couldn't help but think about a certain possibility.

'Is it possible that someone reincarnated to this world with their memories intact like us?' Xuefeng asked curiously in his mind.

Fate Spirits were the ones who controlled the whole reincarnation system in all Realms. Modern Earth he and Tianshi came from was just one of the Realms they managed, reincarnating Souls into Cultivation World. There was a pretty good chance many of his Earth's friends got reincarnated and influenced the Cultivation World with their modern knowledge.

'Hmm, not impossible. As long as a Guardians of Middle Heaven allowed it like in your case, everything is possible,' Ling confirmed.

When Xuefeng entered the Middle Heaven, which is the place where all souls end up, he received a wish. He was quite devastated after losing Tianshi, so he wished to keep his memories intact, wanting to always remember her. Who would think she would follow him to this world? Now they were enjoying adventures and life together as lovers.

"I wonder if we will meet that person one day," Tianshi muttered after he forwarded Ling's message.

They learned about the Safe Zones and realized the City they arrived in wasn't one of the nine Capitals. If they wanted to meet such a person, they would probably need to search in one of the biggest Cities.

"Maybe. We will need to ask around to learn who created the whole system. They might still be alive," Xuefeng agreed fully. "Shall we go? We will visit the Trade Union before finding a place to cultivate."

Tianshi grasped onto his arm and nodded, leaning on his shoulder.

The City was still enormous, so it would take them a while to reach the Trade Union anyway. They could take advantage of that and sightsee like husband and wife. Tianshi couldn't ask for anything more.

As they walked towards the line of Beast Taxis, Tianshi confessed with a gentle smile, "You know, I think I'm glad we all separated. I can finally spend some more time with you. Just the two of us."

Xuefeng was about to scold her, but her next words made him silent.

"Don't get me wrong. I love everyone. It's just that I have never experienced real dating where your lover is fully focused on you the whole time. Now I have, and I am sure I will enjoy every single minute."

Xuefeng stopped in the middle of the road, pulling her into his arms.

"I want to say that I'm sorry… but I can't anymore. It would mean I don't value others when I do care about each of you," Xuefeng spoke from the heart. "I cannot be more thankful that you followed me and gave me your heart. I love you, Tianshi. I prefer to show it instead of saying it, and that's why I will protect you, care for you, and make our dreams come true."

"I know, and that's why I chose you," Tianshi replied, pulling on his shirt.

Their lips locked, first roughly, eager to connect and then softly, delicately, like butterfly wings. Both of them wished to prolong the moment.

Thankfully, they could.

Vehicles barely moved forward, people froze, and flying beasts hovered in the sky with their giant wings moving in slow-motion. Xuefeng didn't slow down the time but instead sped it up for them to enjoy their moment for much longer.

Someone needed to be responsible though.lightsnovel

"Dummy, don't waste your Qi for a kiss," Tianshi scolded, pulling away. "Let's finish what we have planned and find a room instead."


His mood improved greatly with that one closure, yet Ming ruined it quickly.

'Tianshi is right. You are indeed a dummy. In that short time, you were discovered by at least five other Fate Spirit Holders. You won't be able to enjoy your love once you are dead,' Ming informed sternly. 'I can mask your identity, but it's impossible if you use your abilities in the middle of the crowd.'


Xuefeng breathed out deeply, getting on one of the flying taxis. Under the influence of the moment, he casually used his ability, forgetting the dangers.

'Do you know their location?' Xuefeng questioned, trying to fix it.

'Two are sitting at the balcony at two, observing the crowd from above. The other three already blended in the crowd.'

He didn't hesitate and followed her directions, scanning the nearby townhouses for the two men.

'Found them.'

The two were leaning against the rails at one of the many inns. There were barely any private houses in the area.

The men were still watching him, and their gazes locked. Xuefeng smiled confidently and pointed with two fingers at his eyes before directing them at two men.


"I'm watching you," he mouthed silently. Although they couldn't hear him, it wouldn't be hard to figure out his gesture.

Just as he thought, the two men frowned and returned to the inn, intimidated by his bold move. Normally, it wouldn't be possible for him to sense him, yet Ming was much more powerful than their Fate Spirits.

All Fate Holders were natural enemies. They killed each other for their Fate Qi as well as new abilities he could steal from them. The sheer fact he noticed them as well was enough for them to back away.

'See? I saved it. Don't be mad,' Xuefeng muttered, hoping to soothe Ming. 'I will be careful from now on. I promise.'

'Tsk, what would you do without me. Next time warn me beforehand so that I can prepare,' Ming replied with a snicker, showing she wasn't mad anymore.

'Got it.'

"Sir, are you okay?" the Beast Taxi owner asked, looking weirded out by Xuefeng's actions. "Where should I take you?"

Xuefeng quickly snapped back to reality, embracing Tianshi by the waist.

"To Trade Union, please."