Chapter 19 - President Wu's Arrival

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"There you go. Two brand new ID Cards for Miss Wu and your friend."

Getting your ID Card made by President Mo himself was quite an achievement to brag about but the girls didn't think too much of it. They reached out for the cards when President Mo pulled them back.

"Right, I almost forgot. Miss Wu, your grandpa asked me to transfer funds into your ID Card. It will only take a moment, so please wai—" President Mo explained but Wu cut him off mid-sentence.

"No, I don't want it. We have our own money."

Nuwa pulled out all the ID Cards they collected and spilled them onto the counter, creating a small pile.

"Transfer the Credits from all those cards into ours and split them evenly," Nuwa ordered casually but the people around gasped.

How could she talk to President Mo with such boldness, straight up ordering him as if he was just a servant?

"Also, we don't need those ID Cards once they are empty, so you can re-use or throw them away," Nuwa added without much care.

The audacity!

Even though President Mo seemed to take it well, the Citizens and the workers of the Central Bank were mad for him.

ραndαsΝοvεl ƈοm

"I hope it won't be a problem, President Mo," Wu said, already used to Nuwa's personality.

She was ordering her people as a Queen for years and she rarely acknowledged other people. Her fellow sisters and Xuefeng himself were the only ones who Nuwa treated as equals.

"Of course not. I'm glad to help," President Mo replied with a smile, not paying any attention to Nuwa's bluntness.

He took one card after another and transferred all the funds. Normally such transactions were made outside in the special Credit Machines to avoid any suspicions but the girls didn't care if anyone find out they killed those people.

After all, it was a public place. Everyone could see them pull out a pile of cards which was frowned upon. It could only mean they killed or robbed.

"That's quite a bit of ID Cards you gathered there," President Mo commented. "It seems like you met with a lot of trouble before you reached the Safe Zone, right?"

"We were attacked by a few groups of bandits. Not a big deal," Wu replied casually. It would be awkward to keep him hanging, especially in front of so many people.

It would be the best if he didn't talk at all but President Mo didn't stop, chatting as he worked.

"Thankfully, you Ascended to the Fire Land where the Trade Union Headquarters is located. I'm sure your grandpa will take care of you now."

"We are strong enough to take care of ourselves. Anyone who bothered us ended up dead. Just like those ten scammers across the street," Nuwa interjected with a shrug.

As Wu's identity was already exposed, there was no need to stay low-key. Why not choose to be as high profile as possible and become famous, providing Xuefeng global information on where to find them. It was also Nuwa's preferred style anyway.

President Mo finally looked at Nuwa in surprise but his question was still direct, asking with a slight frown, "Miss Wu, did you two kill in the Safe Zone?"

Wu was slowly getting annoyed by how President Mo ignored Nuwa so she joined her ranks.

"We didn't do anything. We only looked at them and they fell down, dying instantly." Wu recounted indifferently. "It's not our fault, right Nuwa?"

"That's right," Nuwa confirmed eagerly. "Even Darkin, the Secretary of Defense came to investigate but was forced to leave the Central Bank with nothing. All I did was look at them and they died, it's really weird."I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

When Nuwa turned to President Mo, he looked away, not taking any chances. He snapped at the cashier who still stood behind him instead and asked, "Was Darkin here?"

"Yes, President Mo. Mr. Darkin left before you arrived," the Cashier replied with a bow. She looked down, completely scared. She didn't know the reason why Nuwa was investigated but who would look at her after knowing the truth?

"I see… That's indeed strange…" President Mo muttered, his enthusiasm to chat gone. He passed them the ID Cards as he stood up from the chair, "Transfers complete. We should move outside and wait for your grandpa."


Just as he said so, they heard a loud explosion outside but everyone seemed already used to it.

"Perfect Timing. Let's go outside to greet President Wu," President Mo called out, avoiding Nuwa as he walked out of the bank, leading the way for them.

The girls only smirked, taking their ID Cards as they followed.

Right above the bank building hovered a luxurious flying ship with its rear still letting out flames as if they used a fire engine.

"That's the fastest Flying Ship in the Heaven Realm. Thanks to President Wu's flames, it can cross the whole Capital in less than an hour," President Mo explained. "Truly magnificent machine."


The Flying Ship suddenly started buzzing and lowered, intending to land directly at the street, right in front of the Central Bank. There were only a few people cultivators who could allow themselves to break most of the Safe Zone Rules and Wu's grandpa was one of them.

The crowd immediately moved away from the landing spot to avoid getting crushed and stood on both sides, waiting to see what was going on. The streets were still full after everyone gathered to see Nuwa's massacre, blocking the streets at the same time.

The Flying Ship wasn't as big as they thought but it still filled the whole street of more than fifty meters.


A metal pad slid out from the ship and crashed to the ground with a dull sound. The door opened right after and multiple experts spilled out, locking down the place.

They pushed the crowd back and no one even argued, listening willingly. Those with power ruled the Heaven Realm, so unless someone was suicidal, no one would challenge them.

When Wu gazed at the opening, she saw a familiar figure walking out. She wondered how will she feel seeing her grandpa once again, the person who she once idolized, and realized all her admiration was gone.

Her grandpa wanted to take Xuefeng away from her. How could she idolize a man like this?

"Little Wu, my granddaughter finally arrived... Come and give your grandpa a hug," President Wu called out as he walked out, spreading his arms to her.

Although she didn't want to, if she didn't, it would be even harder to convince him to spare Xuefeng and let them be together. She didn't really have a choice.

Wu grabbed Nuwa's hand with a soft smile and pulled her towards the ship. On the pad, she released her, making sure she wouldn't be left behind and finally gently hugged her grandpa.

On the outside, it looked like a wholesome scene but in reality, Wu's smile was already gone as she whispered coldly into her grandpa's ear.

"We need to talk, President Wu."