Chapter 20 - Let’s Talk About Xuefeng

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Any grandparent would be shocked hearing such words from their grandchild but President Wu seemed already prepared. Nuwa watched the scene happen from the side and covered her face to stop her incoming laughter.

Nuwa would never trust such a man. Not only did he look scheming but he also wanted to kill her husband. Nuwa would be crazy if she befriended him, so President Wu was already canceled for her with no chance of redemption. She didn't even want to enter the Flying Ship but Wu already grabbed her hand, pulling her inside.

"Little Wu, wait! We can talk about it! Don't be mad at Grandpa," President Wu called out after her, but Wu didn't stop, walking through the clean and fancy passage of the Flying Ship.

It had a simple build with a wide corridor in the middle and both sides filled with various rooms. Some were used by guards the other seemed exclusive for President Wu. At the end was the cockpit which was Wu's destination.

"Little Wu, stop," President Wu commanded as he overtook them and spread his arms to halt their advance. "Let's talk about it calmly."

"Do you still think of killing Xuefeng?" Wu asked sternly, gazing at her grandpa's face. His waist-long black hair coiled around his clear facial skin, showing he still had a lot life ahead of him. She used to adore how long they were but now those times were gone.

Xuefeng was more important to her than anything else, even her family.

"Well… Aren't we supposed to discuss it now?" President Wu replied without a clear answer she looked for.

"There is nothing to discuss. Either you accept him or not. I'm giving you one day to answer. If you choose the latter, you will never see me again. Simple," Wu announced her ultimatum and brushed her grandpa to the side, walking past him with Nuwa in tow.

They entered the cockpit and she didn't hesitate to order one of the pilots, "Start the ship, we are flying away."

"Who are—"

The pilot was confused at first but seeing President Wu entering right after them, he seemed to realize there could only be one person who dared behave like this in his presence. The person they flew all the way here for.

"Yes, Miss Wu," the pilot nodded, seeing President Wu didn't say anything and called out through the strange ear-piece stuck in his ear. "We are setting off. Everyone, get back on board. Closing the pad in five seconds."

President Wu had a calm expression despite the whole disagreement. "Little Wu, are you going to sulk the whole flight or will we talk properly?" He asked patiently.

"No, let's talk. I want to settle it as soon as possible so that I can find my husband," Wu replied out loud, making sure the people in the cockpit heard her.

Their eyes widened but under President Wu's gaze, they all turned back to their work, acting as if they didn't hear anything.

"Follow me to my office then."

Wu wasn't scared to make a point and fight for her rights. Being the main figure who led the Trade Union in Earth Realm, her reputation was already established. Those who worked with her and Ascended before her would definitely remember the fearsome Manager Wu.

The office was just next to the cockpit but President Wu halted by the entrance and finally turned to Nuwa who has been pulled around by Wu the whole time.

"You must be Little Wu's friend, right?" President Wu asked curiously.lightsnovel

"I'm more than a friend. I'm her sister," Nuwa corrected. "If you plan to tell me to wait in another room because it's a family conversation then my answer is no. I don't know you hence I don't trust you. I won't let my sister stay in the same room with a random old man."

"Huh?" President Wu frowned at that remark. "I'm her grandpa. I wouldn't do anything to hurt her."

"Oh, really?" Nuwa asked in wonder. "I didn't think that grandparents show their affection by killing their granddaughter's husband, someone they love dearly. Is this some new trend? I thought you said you don't plan to hurt her?"

The doors to the cockpit were open so Nuwa's savage questions were all heard by the pilots. Wu realized it was precisely what they needed. Spread the news and show the true colors of her grandpa. Which grandparent would be so cruel to destroy their granddaughter's happiness?

President Wu was quick to react.


The doors to the cockpit closed with a bang as President Wu's Spirit Awareness spread in the passage. None of it was directed at Wu but instead at Nuwa, aimed to force her into submission.

It was one of the main benefits of having high Cultivation Stage. The stronger Cultivation, the more powerful Spirit Awareness and higher pressure a Cultivator can create. Being able to pressure your enemy's soul with just your Cultivation alone was a great advantage, to say the least.

Too bad, how could he compare to Nuwa whose main power came from her soul?

Wu wanted to act, bashing her grandpa for attacking her when Nuwa laughed, "Hahahaha, you must be joking, right? Did you really think such puny pressure can do anything to me?"

Nuwa seemed so amused, making President Wu visually surprised but he momentarily twisted the truth while withdrawing his pressure. "Not bad, your sister seems to be skilled enough to follow you. Her soul is really powerful and she passed my test effortlessly."

"Bullshit! You wanted to hurt her!" Wu called out angrily, glaring at him yet President Wu only shrugged, entering inside his office.

"You can think what you want. I was just checking if her skills match the sharpness of her tongue. Do you think I would allow any weakling to speak like this to me? Even if she was your friend, I would kill her right away."

Even though Wu was mad and knew there was no test whatsoever, she couldn't refute his reply. If she was at his position and someone accused her in the same way, Wu would do the same.

Although violence was for weak-minded people, it was also the easiest and fastest method to solve problems.


"Don't worry, I didn't even feel it," Nuwa assured her, burning President Wu at the same time as her little revenge.

"Come inside you two. Let's talk about that Xuefeng then."