Chapter 25 - Surprising Reunion

"Shan!" Wen called out in warning, and they both turned around, attacking the Flood Dragon with everything they got.

Bang! Bang!

Wen created fireballs that momentarily disappeared from her palm only to explode right at the Flood Dragon's face. Shan created thousand of small Ice Shards and sent them at the incoming attack.

One was a Master of Flames, the other a Master of Ice, but it didn't seem to matter. The Flood Dragon didn't care at all. It ate all their skills and didn't even slow down.

"Fuck, how is it so strong?!" Wen cursed as they teleported away right when the dragon's maw closed to swallow them whole. "Their Qi is just too overpowered. We need to start refining our Qi too!"

They learned about Qi Refining after their first battle, realizing their Qi was utterly useless against Heaven Realm's experts. If not for their superior skills, they would be already dead.

"We won't be able to escape, we need to fight them," Shan deduced, realizing their Ether Qi was already running out. They could instantly teleport away with it, but they used it too many times already on dodging their skills.

Hearing Shan's words, Wen got fired up, always ready to beat some bastards. "Count me in!"

They didn't have a habit of running away from the battle, so Wen got irked each time they had to escape. They dominated the whole Earth Realm with Xuefeng in the lead, and it couldn't be different now.

"Buy me some time, I'm setting up my Ice Domain," Shan informed as Water Qi gushed out from her body. It was her ultimate move, but they weren't in the position to hold back.

Wen didn't need more, her crimson sword already firmly in her palm. They continued to fly away, and she waited for her training dummies to get close.


Just as she prepared for a counter-attack, they heard explosions from the other direction.

They both gazed ahead at the horizon only to see another group of cultivators, similarly chasing after two beauties. When they saw their faces, Wen and Shan's hearts almost jumped out of their chests.

It was Wuying and Yi! Did they Ascend to the same Land? How lucky were they?

Too bad, they didn't have the time to contemplate it as two forces got closer and closer.

Wuying and Yi were also surprised seeing the two, but they didn't show it on their faces. If the two groups learned they knew each other, they would be doomed. Without saying anything, Wuying passed by her sisters and gazed at the bald young master chasing them, putting on a mask of desperation on her face.

"Young Master! Please save us!"

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Her shiny brown hair fell messily on her face as she kept her blood daggers, approaching the opposite group empty-handed. Yi followed closely behind, copying Wuying's act. She spread her short silver hair, displaying her beauty while pleading with sudden tears in her eyes.

"Please, help up! They tried to rob and ra.pe us!"

When the bald youngster saw the two new beauties, both looking desperate and asking for his help, he momentarily stopped his group with the raise of his hand.

"Don't be afraid, ladies, Sky Land Sect will protect you!" He called out righteously, bringing out an eye roll from all of his Sect's buddies.

Didn't you just want to kill the other two beauties?

Wuying clutched onto her chest in gratitude and entered inside their group, hiding behind him. She hugged Yi and announced to everyone, "We will repay you all. Even if we don't have much money, maybe we can provide some relief to you after the battle… Please help us get revenge."please visit panda-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ1.co)m

Wuying's shy and embarrassed smile made the men's blood boil. How could they not understand what she implied? Once they handle their problem, they would be able to play with them afterward. Who wouldn't accept such a deal?

The bald man wasn't the only one fired up anymore as they all stared daggers at their opponents.

"It's a Hundred Islands Sect! Despicable! How dare they rob and ra.pe innocent women?! And their claim to be a righteous Sect?" Someone questioned angrily after recognizing the different group's uniforms. "Let's fuck them up!"


Their battle cry could be heard from afar as they raised their swords, moving forward to a battle with no fear in their eyes. Wuying and Yi only smiled, blending in their group while preparing themselves for their move.

Did they really think they would let anyone other than Xuefeng lay hands on their bodies? Delusional.

At the same time, Wen and Shan were busy playing with the other pursuers, following Wuying's idea. Showing their sexy curves, the girls managed to grasp their hearts with just a few sweet words.

"Bastards! How dare they?! Sky Land Sect is too much!" the young cultivators cried out with their fists raised. "Don't worry. We will protect you!"

"Thank you! We will try to help in the fight, but we are still new… We only Ascended to this Realm today so we can only depend on stronger experts like you," Shan muttered in gratitude, bowing down deeply.

Almost all guys stared at her cleavage, gulping down on their saliva. Heavenly beauties like Wen or Shan with skin clear and soft like sky clouds were scarce anywhere. Even the few ladies in the group were gazing at two goddesses in amazement; their looks only average so they couldn't even compare.

"Don't worry! Our Sect will take care of you two." One of the men with a giant materialization of an eagle above his head assured them, acting as their leader. "Also, we just happen to have open recruitment for our Sect. Would you mind joining us once we are done here?"

"Sure! It would be an honor!" Shan replied happily before blushing and fidgeting her fingers as she muttered, "I will be watching you closely, so please do your best! If someone impresses me, I wouldn't mind following them afterward…"

Wen almost choked but managed to hide her cringing expression. She internally praised Shan for the performance of the year.

The men's eyes widened, and they didn't hesitate anymore, approaching the enemy group with their morale high as the sky.

"Today, we fight! Till the last drop of blood!"



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