1093 Let Lin Haocheng Marry Her

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Mother Lin straightened her back. "Yes, Haocheng was the one who did it. It's understandable for the Luo family to come and demand an explanation."

"Haocheng was wrong? Doesn't the hotel have surveillance cameras? Then show me the surveillance footage, and we'll see who's at fault."

Old Master Lin looked at Wu Jinghao.

Wu Jinghao tried his best to reduce his presence, and his palms were sweating.

If they were here, then he...

Wu Jinghao's face turned pale.

Upon hearing Old Master Lin's words, Mother Lin's reaction was intense. "You can't check the surveillance cameras!"


Qin Sheng went to the computer. "Grandpa, the surveillance camera footage is here."

She pressed the play button.

An image suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

The entire video was only ten minutes long. Wu Jinghao and Lin Haocheng's figures were very similar, but their hairstyles and outfits were obviously different. Wu Jinghao's hair was very long, dyed, and had ear holes.

Luo Yun's face gradually turned pale.

It was actually Wu Jinghao!

Compared to Wu Jinghao, she'd rather Lin Haocheng molest her.

Wu Jinghao was a wastrel in love, and she had seen him being intimate with other women a few times. Moreover, Wu Jinghao came from a poor family, so Luo Yun had always looked down on him.

It was just that Luo Yun had a strong sense of vanity. She enjoyed Wu Jinghao's pursuit and had been hanging on to him.

Luo Yun had never thought that Wu Jinghao would one day lay his hands on her.lightsnovel

Old Master Lin snorted coldly. "Wu Wanrong, even if you're biased toward your elder brother's son, you still have to have a lower limit. You pushed your own son to take the blame! Are you worthy of being Haocheng's mother?"

Mother Lin tried to defend herself. She straightened her neck and said, "The Wu family only has one son, Hao'er. If something happens to him, what will the Wu family do? Haocheng is different. They won't go too far with Haocheng for the Lin family's sake."

Old Master Lin laughed in anger at Mother Lin's matter-of-fact attitude. "Then do you know that this will affect Haocheng's reputation? Also, are you trying to lower our Lin family's status in front of the Luo family?"

Mother Lin gritted her teeth. "If Haocheng's reputation is ruined, there will still be women willing to marry him. As for the job in the entertainment industry, it's fine."

Old Master Lin had a headache. He didn't want to bother with Mother Lin anymore.

He wasn't an old fogey. Lin Haocheng was an actor. What was wrong with making money with his own efforts?

"I will definitely not let my grandson carry such a baseless accusation."

He turned to Father Luo and said, "This was done by Wu Jinghao. It has nothing to do with Haocheng. Your Luo family should go and find Wu Jinghao."

Father Luo didn't expect this to be the result.

Today's matter had caused a huge ruckus, and it was likely that this matter had already spread. His daughter's reputation would also be destroyed. If his daughter wanted to marry into a rich and powerful family, it would be very difficult.

Father Luo clenched his fists, but he didn't relent. "Wu Jinghao has something to do with your Lin family. How about this? I won't pursue the matter with Wu Jinghao, but I have one condition."

Mother Lin saw that things had taken a turn for the better and quickly said, "Chairman Luo, what are the conditions?"

Wu Jinghao's eyes also lit up.

Father Luo: "Let's just go with the flow and let Haocheng and my daughter get married. At the same time, we can spread the news online that they've been in love for a long time. What happened today was just an accident. This way, Wu Jinghao and my daughter's reputation won't be ruined."

Father Luo's plan was very well thought out. The Lin family and the Qin family had a close relationship. Even his new granddaughter's boyfriend was from the Lu family. The Lin family's development would not be bad in the future.

He could also use this to get into the Qin and Lu families.