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Chapter 73 - Split up

Li Ran refused.

“It’s inevitable. Cars are merely means of transportation so it’s alright.”

“You’re right, but I don’t think we should go to the city anymore. I feel like there will be a lot of zombies. We won’t be able to handle them.”

Gu Jin started to have second thoughts. It felt like they were about to walk into their own graves. He did not have the courage.

“Isn’t there a safety base? Maybe we can go there instead. Zhao Zhao may have to be investigated but it’s still better than turning into a zombie,” said Zhao Ying

Gu Jin pursed his lips and said politely, “Miss Li, where would you be going? Do you know a safe place?”

Li Ran understood their worries. She chuckled and said, “I’m going to collect supplies. Even if we go to the safety base, we still have to do hard labor. There is no free lunch in this world. We have to face reality.”

Although what Li Ran said was true, Gu Jin could not help but display an expression full of sadness.

After driving for about ten minutes, they arrived at a small street. There was a supermarket nearby. It was two stories tall and next to it was a liquor store.

Li Ran wanted to enter and take a look. She needed to make some preparations before her baby’s arrival.

Otherwise, as time passed, who knew if she would be able to get the necessary items anymore.

If she had nothing by the time her baby was born, that would be a real problem!

Li Ran pointed to the supermarket and said, “I want to go to that shop over there. Do you want to come along? Maybe you can find something to eat.”

Gu Jin’s eyes were filled with fear, but after he looked at Zhao Ying and Gu Zhao, he nodded.


“I’ll go too. Can Zhao Zhao wait in the car? The zombies shouldn’t be able to get in, right?”

Zhao Ying was ready to get out of the car.

The little boy blinked his eyes.

“I want to go too. Zhao Zhao is not afraid!”

Li Ran smiled and handed him a lunch box that she had prepared earlier for herself.

“You can’t. Be a good boy and eat in the car. We’ll be back soon, okay?”

Gu Zhao’s eyes widened when he saw the food. His mouth began to water. He looked at Zhao Ying and asked, “Is it okay?”

Zhao Ying was very grateful. Li Ran had been nothing but kind to them. It was as if she was their savior.

The three of them got out of the car. Li Ran locked the doors and they went into the supermarket. She took a glance inside. There were no zombies. Then, she said softly, “You guys go on ahead. I’ll be over there.”

Gu Jin was surprised.

“You’re going alone?”

Li Ran nodded.

The two of them watched with admiration in their eyes as Li Ran left. Zhao Ying sighed and said, “She’s so amiable.”

“Let’s focus on our own task and scavenge for some supplies first. We’ll look for her once we’re done.”

Gu Jin was right. Zhao Ying braced herself and the two of them began searching for supplies carefully.

Meanwhile, Li Ran was in the baby aisle. The store was quite big. She looked through the brands and found one that had a good reputation. It made her feel a lot more at ease.

However, because it was so quiet, every little sound she made was amplified, inducing her breathing.

She slowly walked down the aisle.

The shelves were filled with baby bottles, diapers, strollers, and other related items. There were also baby clothes on display.

Next to the shelves was a glass door. It was hard to see what was inside, but heavy footsteps could be heard.

Li Ran did not notice that the goods on the shelves were stained with dark red blood. She grabbed everything she needed as quickly as possible and stored them in the mysterious space.

While doing that, she would often raise her head and check the surroundings.

There must be zombies in there.

After all, there was a foul stench that was lingering around.

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