Chapter 1049 - 1049: Search

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Chapter 1049: Chapter 1049: Search

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It was all because of these people that the monk had fallen to such a state!

If it were not for them, he should be able to get out.

Killing intent rose in his heart as he secretly avoided Sikong Wuyuan.

Sensing that someone was looking at him, Sikong Wuyuan looked around and found no one. However, the suspicion in his heart could not be eliminated.

He simply stood still and closed his eyes.

When the monk saw this, he did not dare to rush forward. He also waited quietly. The two sides were at a stalemate.

Noticing that no one was attacking him, Sikong Wuyuan decided to wait and described his current situation to Yuan Hehe and Jiang Ming.

The two of them felt that the monk might have come to Sikong Wuyuan’s side and reminded him.

Sikong Wuyuan understood something, so he stood up and looked around.

This place was only so big. Could the monk have gone anywhere else?

Just as he was thinking about this, his speed increased.

The monk caught a glimpse of Sikong Wuyuan’s actions and could not help but suspect something.

Could it be that he had been discovered?

While he was hiding, he was looking for other living creatures, trying to distract Sikong Wuyuan.

He looked around and found a cat.

The cat had lost an ear, but its body was densely covered in flower spots.

The monk used his spiritual energy to tease the cat. The cat kept jumping up and down along with his spiritual energy.

Such a commotion naturally attracted Sikong Wuyuan.

He walked forward warily and found the cat.

He walked toward the cat but found that it seemed to be hostile toward him.

Before he could say anything, the cat pounced on him.

Sikong Wuyuan did not notice its attack and fell backward.

He was speechless, and he hugged the cat.

All of this was controlled by the monk. He instantly withdrew his spiritual energy.

He knew that the cat was useless, so he turned his attention elsewhere.

Sikong Wuyuan hugged the cat and found that it seemed to be friendly to him again. It began to lick his face.

She had clearly pounced at him just now and wanted to attack him. Why did her attitude suddenly change now?

Sikong Wuyuan was really curious.

Combined with what Jiang Ming and Yuan Hehe had told him just now, he felt that everything was ordered by the monk.

“Did someone order you around just now?” he whispered into the cat’s ear.

After saying this, he wanted to laugh.

He was really crazy to talk to a cat. This cat probably couldn’t understand human language.

Unexpectedly, the cat understood his words and nodded.


Sikong Wuyuan could not help but be surprised. He whispered in its ear, “In that case, can you lead me to the person who called you?”

The cat nodded again, turned around, and jumped to the monk’s side.

The monk was still looking for other things, but after the cat’s actions, he immediately noticed her and could not help but feel strange.lightsnovel

Why did this cat suddenly come back? Wasn’t it playing with Sikong Wuyuan?

“l finally found you. 1 knew it was you. We might have to settle the score just now.”

Sikong Wuyuan rushed over and sneered.

Seeing his face, the monk was instantly frightened. He hurriedly retreated and wanted to escape, so he threw the cat out again.

The cat let out a cry of surprise, but Sikong Wuyuan caught it.

Because of the distraction, when he looked up again, he found that the monk was gone.

He felt a little helpless, but he did not regret it.

In Sikong Wuyuan’s opinion, the cat had helped him, so he had to repay it.

“Go play. Don’t get caught by that monk.”

Sikong Wuyuan released the cat.

The cat thanked him and left.

Yuan Hehe and Jiang Mings situation was a little difficult. They found that they could not break through the wall at all, even if they used brute force. Not only that, but the place did not change at all. It did not shrink like before.

“What’s going on?”

Jiang Ming really could not understand and looked around.

Yuan Hehe sat down on the ground and said, “This is really bad. Let’s not talk about finding Sikong Wuyuan. We can’t even get out now. This is really bad.” However, at this moment, they suddenly heard banging sounds.

The sounds were so loud that Jiang Ming felt like his ears were about to burst.

Then, he raised his hand and set up a barrier around the temple.

The barrier blocked the sounds, and they could not hear the sounds any longer.

“Could there be someone outside?” Yuan Hehe asked. “Speaking of which, I don’t even know if our space is connected to Sikong Wuyuan!s or if this is a separate temple. This temple is really strange.”

“Why don’t we test it out?”

Jiang Ming realized that there was no door in the room at all, so he decided to create a door himself. He used his spiritual energy to make a dagger.

Yuan Hehe knew what he was trying to do. He quickly told him. “We used all our strength just now, but we couldn’t open this room. You can’t do anything, can you?”

Jiang Ming did not say anything and directly cut open a door with the dagger.

When Jiang Ming opened the door, it worked perfectly well.

“Looks like the only way out of this room is to cut open a door.”

He quickly explained to Sikong Wuyuan and asked him to give it a try.

With such a method, Sikong Wuyuan could not wait to experiment quickly. After tying up the monk, he hurriedly used his spiritual energy to conjure a dagger.

However, his dagger could not cut through a door, and the dagger disappeared.

He suddenly became dejected and explained the situation to Jiang Ming.

Jiang Ming felt strange, but he still asked Sikong Wuyuan to stay where he was. He and Yuan Hehe went to find him.

Seeing that Sikong Wuyuan’s method was ineffective and that he had been kidnapped, the monk was filled with resentment. He mocked Sikong Wuyuan from the side, “Aren’t you able to get us out? Why can’t we get out at all? Is that all you have?”

Sikong Wuyuan felt uncomfortable and walked to the monk.

His tall figure shrouded him, and the monk suddenly felt afraid.

Sikong Wuyuan laughed. “I’ll cut off your tongue at this rate. Then, you wouldn’t be able to continue being a monk, right?”

“You were a monk?”

The monk looked at him in confusion.

However, with just a glance, he had lost to Sikong Wuyuan in terms of aura..