11 Ariel Ravenstein

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I wanted to take a moment to address a narrative shift that you'll notice from this chapter through to the 20th. During this period, Atticus will make only occasional appearances. This part plays a pivotal role in shaping the story's development.

Once we pass this phase, get ready to dive into a whirlwind of training, growth, and becoming OP.

Your support means the world to me, and I'm grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you for choosing to be a part of this exciting tale.

Without further ado, let's continue this action-packed, blood-pumping journey together!

With sincere gratitude,



Ariel Ravenstein sat in the backseat of a luxurious hover car, heading back to the Ravensein estate after a few years of being away. Ariel was a genius, already master+ rank at a young age of 30. One of his most distinctive features was the Ravenstein signature white hair, which sets him apart from others.

He had a subtle presence and can easily go unnoticed if one was not attentive enough. His expertise lay in assassination and information gathering, but he was still a force to be reckoned with in a direct battle. "I can't wait to see Caldor and Ember," Ariel said while gazing out the car window.

"We'll be at the teleportation station soon, sir". said Daven, who was currently driving. He was a burly man, possessing a thick and muscular physique that hints at his strength and power. Daven's physical appearance exudes an aura of dominance and authority, showcasing his master rank presence.

"You should also meet young master Atticus. Master Avalon would be angry you haven't seen him since his birth," said Luna, sitting at the passenger's seat. She was a striking red-haired woman who possesses exceptional abilities, and also master rank. She had been Ariel's Ravenblade since his childhood.

"Well he can't blame me. We've been busy these past few years. I'm glad they finally gave me a break" Ariel replied, happy to finally be able get a break.

They were just coming back from a long, arduous mission given by the Sentinel Guardians, the equivalent of the police force in the human domain. Ariel's mission was to destroy an obsidian order base that was recently discovered in sector 4.

The mission had taken a while and had not been without its challenges, but Ariel and his team had skillfully completed the mission, leaving a trail of incapacitated enemies in their wake.

As they were driving on a road devoid of other cars and people, suddenly, without warning, "Hellblaze!" a man's voice pierced through the air like a reaper.

Reacting swiftly, Ariel's survival instincts kicked in. "Get out of the car now!". With a voice filled with urgency, he shouted. Without hesitation, they all kicked the door open and jumped out of the car. A second later, flames engulfed the vehicle, blasting it to oblivion.

Ariel, Luna and Daven found themselves surrounded by multiple master ranks individuals emanating powerful energies.

"The obsidian order?" Ariel asked. The trio released their aura and Ariel and Luna deployed their Exo Suits. The suit was a symphony of black fabric interwoven with intricate blue lines that traced a mesmerizing pattern across its surface.

The deep black material seemed to absorb and radiate light in an almost hypnotic dance, giving the suit an enigmatic aura. The supple fabric clung to the wearer's form, offering a snug yet comfortable fit that moved with the grace of a second skin.lightsnovel

The intricate blue lines that adorned the suit's surface weren't mere decoration, they served as conduits, channels through which mana flowed like a river of energy. Every child in the human domain gets their Exo suit when they enter the academy, at 15.

"Ariel Ravenstein, right? We finally meet." A man exuding an even greater aura than those present walked slowly to the scene. His jet-black hair cascaded in a raven-hued waterfall, framing his sharp features with an almost regal allure. Each strand seemed to carry a hint of the wind's whisper, an indicator of the element he wielded with mastery.

His green eyes burned with an intensity that spoke of hidden depths, a gaze that could be both alluring and unnerving, depending on the beholder's perspective. The other master-rank present bowed "Master Ronad!". They greeted simultaneously with a voice laced with respect

'Grandmaster-rank!' Ariel, Luna and Daven exclaimed inwardly. They had thought the assailants were master ranks and were confident of escaping even if their lives were threatened.

With a very powerful and complimentary bloodline, a Intermediate+ rank, with high mana control and fighting experience, could defeat an Advanced- rank individual with a weak bloodline.

The fight would be insanely tough for the intermediate+ rank, but it is within the realm of possibilities. But the difference in power levels become pronounced as one advances. A Master rank couldn't hope to defeat a Grandmaster rank regardless of how powerful your bloodline is. The difference in power is just that great.

"Communications have been cut off" Luna whispered.

"Get ready to run" Ariel muttered immediately to Luna and Devan, his voice carrying an edge of grim anticipation. "I'm going to use 'that'." They both nodded.

Ronad, who clearly heard Ariel, stood unfazed by Ariel's declaration. His gaze was sharp, his mind a step ahead, already anticipated this move. A knowing smirk played at the corners of his lips as he spoke, his words cutting through the tension like a blade.


The very air seemed to quiver in response, a subtle shift that heralded the impending manifestation of his power.

As his voice reverberated, a surge of energy erupted from Ronad's core, radiating outward in a shockwave of palpable force. A palpable aura began to unfurl from him, expanding like ripples on a tranquil pond. It swept through the surrounding area, engulfing everything in its path.

Within mere seconds, the aura had spread like a gentle wave, encompassing a vast expanse of 500 meters, with Ronad in the middle. It was as if a protective cocoon had descended, bathing the landscape in a serene and comforting embrace. The air itself seemed to shimmer with a newfound clarity, a profound calm settling over the previously ordinary scene.

Ronad stood at the center of this newfound realm, his gaze steady and unwavering. The world within his domain seemed to come alive, imbued with an otherworldly essence that whispered of his mastery over this realm of influence.

"No need to worry," Ronad retorted coolly, his voice dripping with confidence. "I made sure we get to fight uninterrupted."


Domain. A remarkable manifestation of power, an expression of mastery that only those who have attained a deep and profound understanding of their abilities can bring forth. Within this domain, the laws of reality bend and conform to the individual's will.

The heart of a domain mirrors the theme of the person's abilities, a magnificent tapestry woven from the threads of their power. For example, for an individual whose affinity lies with the earth, the domain becomes a symphony of rock and soil, with landscapes of towering cliffs, sprawling valleys, and labyrinthine caverns. The element dance to their command, painting the canvas of their domain in vivid shades of their elemental prowess.

The attainment of a domain is a pivotal step towards ascending to Grandmaster-rank. It signifies a fusion of self and power, an acknowledgment of one's true potential.

Entering a domain is akin to stepping into a parallel reality, a space where the individual's power reigns supreme. It is a place of limitless potential, where imagination and mastery intertwine to create a world shaped entirely by the individual's intent. Within this realm, barriers are shattered, and possibilities becomes boundless.