12 Domain

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The deployment of Ronad domain settled over the trio like a heavy shroud. Ariel, Devan, and Luna found themselves on an island made of air, suspended high above the earth.

The winds that swept across the floating island were nothing short of formidable, carrying an unyielding force that threatened to sweep them off their feet. Gusts howled with a fury, and the air itself seemed to vibrate with the power of the tempest. Every step they took required deliberate effort, a testament to the unrelenting strength of the winds that surrounded them.

"Welcome to my domain." Ronad said, spreading his arms.

"Shit!" Ariel exclaimed. With this domain deployed, his trump card became obsolete. The only thing that can fight a domain Is another domain. There's no escape when you get caught in one.

The trio exchanged a silent glance, their expressions a solemn acceptance. The reality of the situation hung in the air, a palpable understanding that the outcome of this battle was far from certain, yet they were willing to fight till the end.

Ariel moved with the fluid grace of a shadow as he reached for the pair of daggers that hung on his waist. With a swift and practiced motion, he drew the daggers from their sheaths, the blades gleaming like slivers of moonlight in the darkness.

The daggers seemed to come alive in Ariel's hands, an extension of his very being. Then suddenly, Ariel's form seemed to melt into the shadows, a testament to his mastery of stealth.

Devan, a behemoth of power reached into his space storage, anticipation crackled in the atmosphere. With a swift and practiced motion, he withdrew a massive hammer, its imposing weight and intricate design a testament to both craftsmanship and might.

The hammer gleamed with an otherworldly energy, its surface etched with ancient symbols that seemed to pulse with a faint, luminescent glow. Devan's fingers tightened around the weapon's handle, and an immediate connection hummed between them. He hefted the colossal hammer effortlessly, its sheer size and weight held in check by his formidable strength.

As Devan's grip on the hammer tightened, an undeniable surge of power radiated from him, a tangible force that sent ripples through the air. His very being seemed to resonate with energy, a harmonious symphony of strength and purpose. The ground beneath him seemed to tremble in response to his presence, a testament to the raw might he wielded.

And then, in a breathtaking display, Devan's clothes strained and tore, unable to contain the sheer muscle that lay beneath. Fabric gave way to sinew and muscle, revealing a physique honed through dedication and training. His bulging muscles flexed as he adjusted his stance, a living embodiment of power and determination.

He then charged forth with unyielding determination, wielding a massive hammer that seemed to defy the laws of physics. The weapon bore down upon Ronad with a force that promised devastation.

Ronad's face remained unchanged, as though a giant hammer wasn't threatening to turn him into mush. With uncanny agility, he raised a single hand, intercepting the colossal blow with an almost casual nonchalance.

The impact resonated through the air, an explosive collision that sent shockwaves rippling outward, before Devan could recover, a fist shot through the air like a thunderbolt, striking Devan with an explosive force that sent shockwaves rippling through the atmosphere.

The impact was like a cannon blast, a collision of raw power and unyielding determination. Devan's body was propelled backward, his limbs flung out as he hurtled through the air with astonishing speed.

Luna's fingers closed around the pair of bracelets on her wrists, channelling mana into them. The bracelets responded to her, elongating and reshaping, its form adapting seamlessly to the contours of her fingers and wrists.

Her breath caught as the gauntlets encased her hands in a perfect fit, their design pulsating with a soft, ethereal glow. Luna flexed her fingers and her aura, once a subtle presence, surged outward, enveloping her in a radiant, almost tangible energy. It was as if the gauntlets had unlocked a hidden reservoir of strength within her, amplifying her very essence.

With a newfound confidence, Luna clenched her fists and entered the fray with a flurry of blows, her movements a whirlwind of grace and speed, but Ronad simply seized Luna's arms, a vice-like grip that crushed her resistance, before slamming her onto the unforgiving floor. The force of the impact reverberated through her form, sending shockwaves of sensation radiating outward.

Ariel seized the opportunity, striking with the deadly precision of a predator. His daggers arced through the air, one aimed for Ronad's heart, the other his eyes. Yet, Ronad's defenses remained impenetrable. With a flick of his wrist, he summoned an air barrier, it shimmered to life, deflecting the lethal strike.lightsnovel

Ariel's attack was met with a swift counter, a powerful kick in the stomach that sent him reeling, he hit the floor, coughing out blood.

Ronad's voice cut through the chaos, dripping with condescension. "Let me show you why master-ranks can't compare to Grandmaster-ranks" he taunted. In surge of movement, a blur of speed, he closed the distance with impossible swiftness. Devan's throat was seized in Ronad's grip, a cold smile playing on his lips as he twisted with a sickening crack.

Ariel's cry of anguish reverberated through the air, a symphony of grief and rage. Luna suddenly lunged forward, fury plastered on her face. She unleashed her strongest move,

"Etherstrike Fist" she muttered.

In an explosive burst of motion, the gauntlet's surface rippled with a surge of energy. A mana-infused punch was unleashed with blinding speed, the air crackling with the sheer force of the blow. The gauntlet seemed to extend its reach, the punch becoming an extension of the Luna's will.

Ronad responded with an air barrier, made twice as strong as the one used to deflect Ariel's strike.

The impact was as awe-inspiring as it was devastating, but the air barrier held firm. Ronad sent her a brutal kick to the chest, the impact sending her hurtling backward. She landed with a bone-jarring thud, unmoving.

Fury surged through Ariel, a tempest of emotion that fueled his recklessness. He charged at Ronad with a ferocity born of desperation, his attacks a whirlwind of strikes and slashes. But Ronad was unfazed, his movements a blend of preternatural grace and calculated precision.

Ariel suddenly stopped, deciding to unleash is ultimate move. Lowering his stance with his daggers raised.

"Shadow Strike." he muttered.

In that instant, his form seemed to dissolve into nothingness, his very essence becoming one with the elusive realm of shadows.

Ronad's gaze sharpened as he detected a flicker of movement. Before he could fully react, a sudden chill raced down his spine. Out of nowhere, a dagger materialized with blinding speed, its gleaming edge mere inches from Ronad's eyes.

Ronad instincts kicked in, and with an almost uncanny reflex, he surged forward, his hand snapping out to catch Ariel's wrist. He seized Ariel's hand with a grip of iron, yanking it free with a sickening snap. Pain and shock were etched across Ariel's features as Ronad's voice resonated with a chilling finality.

"This is for my son" Ronad declared, his tone a venomous whisper. "Incase you still haven't figured it out, your last mission was bait" Ronad whispered in Ariel's ears. The realization hit Ariel like a physical blow, the devastation evident in his eyes.

There was a traitor in the Sentinel Guardians!

"Ember, Caldor. I'm sorry". Ariel muttered with grief.


Ronad's laughter echoed through the air and with a swift, brutal motion, he ended Ariel's life, breaking his neck with cold finality. His body fell down, lifeless.

Ariel Ravenstein was dead.