19 Speech

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As Magnus began to speak, his voice resonated through the hall, a deep timbre that seemed to reverberate in the very bones of those who listened. His words cut through the silence, carrying the weight of his emotions and the urgency of the moment.

"Our family has suffered a grievous loss," Magnus intoned, his voice tinged with a mix of sorrow and steely resolve. "Ariel Ravenstein, a pillar of our legacy, was targeted and taken from us." A collective murmur of agreement rippled through the assembly, the pain of their loss etched onto each face.

A sense of simmering anger permeated the air, an emotion shared by all present. Magnus' words struck a chord, reminding them of the vulnerability that had been exposed, the loss of the fear and respect that had once been synonymous with the Ravenstein name.

"But let it be known," Magnus declared, his voice growing stronger, "That we will not stand idly by. The obsidian order has dared to challenge us, to undermine our power and threaten our family. This affront will not go unanswered."

His words hung heavy in the air, a promise of action and retribution. The very room seemed to vibrate with the intensity of their collective determination. The Ravenstein family, known for their formidable strength and indomitable will, the madmen of the human domain, were prepared to go to war.

Magnus' gaze swept over the assembly, his eyes meeting each pair with an unwavering intensity. "We are not to be trifled with," he proclaimed, his voice carrying the weight of centuries of history.

The room fell into a hushed silence, the gravity of his words sinking in.

With his voice infused with unshakable resolve, Magnus concluded, "I, Magnus Ravenstein, here by wage war against the obsidian order! Let the human domain bear witness once more to the might of the Ravenstein family."

The room remained still, the air heavy with anticipation. The path forward was clear, revenge.

Following the family meeting, a palpable determination hung in the air as the Ravensteins dispersed. Among them, Avalon, walked alongside Nathen, Lyanna, and Sirius.

Amidst their solemn stride, Lyanna's voice sliced through the charged atmosphere, relaying important information. Her words held a steely edge as she reported on a recent breakthrough: "We caught and interrogated a man at Sentinel Guardians," she began. "He was the one who orchestrated Ariel's mission. A spy of the obsidian order."

Avalon's jaw tightened, his anger simmering beneath the surface. "And what did he reveal?" he demanded, his voice a low growl.

Lyanna's gaze didn't waver as she continued, "He disclosed that the mastermind behind Ariel's targeting is a man named Ronad. He is the head of the obsidian order's branch in sector 4."

"It appears," she continued, "That Ronad's motive was personal. Ariel had killed his son during one of his missions, driving him to seek revenge."lightsnovel

Avalon's fists clenched at his sides, his anger intensifying. "Ronad," he seethed, the name dripping with venom. "I want him found. Every resource at our disposal, Lyanna. Spare nothing. Let me know the moment you have any lead."

Lyanna nodded, her expression resolute. "Consider it done, Avalon."

As Lyanna departed, Sirius stepped forward. "You should take it easy, Avalon. We'll get him and make him pay for this," he said, placing a reassuring hand on Avalon's shoulders.

Avalon let out a deep breath, his voice filled with determination. "Yeah. The Obsidian Order dared to target us, we'll make sure they regret it!"

"I'll be staying at the estate for the time being. By the way, where's your son? I think it's about time I see him," Sirius inquired, tapping Avalon's shoulders gently.

"He's in the mansion," Avalon replied

"Alright then, I'm off. We'll get him, Avalon. Don't worry," Sirius assured him, his gaze unwavering.

Avalon's gratitude was evident as he nodded. "Thank you."

With those words, Sirius left, leaving Avalon to his thoughts.

Meanwhile, Nathan's slightly portly form mirrored the weight of the situation as he walked alongside the group, his expression etched with concern. His muttered declaration cut through the tension. "This is going to cost a lot of money," he grumbled, his mind already whirring with calculations.


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