26 Going out

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The next day, Atticus strode into the advanced training facility in the Raventein estate, the doors parting smoothly as he approached. His steps led him to a particular room where the entrance slid open to reveal a training scene in progress.

Before him, Ember was engaged in an intense sparring session with a robot, their movements a dance of skill and finnesse.

Ember's spear gleamed in the simulated arena's light. With a swift and calculated thrust, she lunged at the robot, aiming to pierce its defenses.

However, the robot sidestepped her attack with fluid grace. In a swift response, it swiftly retaliated, its sword glinting as it aimed a deft strike towards Ember's head.

She deftly leaned to the side, the blade of the sword grazing the air where her head had been mere moments before. Without missing a beat, Ember closed the distance between herself and the robot.

With a swift pivot, Ember shifted her stance, her spear sweeping upward from below. The lethal tip of the weapon aimed skyward.

It evaded Ember's thrust with a nimble twist of its body. Momentum carried it out of the spear's path, and with a sudden burst of energy, it executed a high kick aimed squarely at Ember's side.

Ember used her spear as a shield. She angled the weapon with precision, using it as a barrier against the powerful kick.

The clash of force resonated in the arena, but Ember's grip remained unyielding, and with a masterful twist, she harnessed the kinetic energy of the kick, redirected the force, and drove the spear's point forward with pinpoint accuracy.

The weapon pierced the robot defenses ending the battle.

Atticus watched with keen interest and after the battle ended, he clapped prompting Ember to notice his arrival.

Just as Ember was approaching, "Ember, what's up?" Atticus called out, a smile on his face.

Ember's lips curved into a faint, smile. She replied with a simple, barely audible "Hey."

"You have gotten stronger" Atticus observed that her aura had improved.

After Ember had awaken her core, she trained everyday to improve her strength. She currently emitted a novice rank aura. A testament to her talent.

Ember simply nods quietly in acknowledgment.

"How about we take a break and do something fun? I was thinking we could head out of the estate and just hang out for a change," Atticus suggested.

He knew Ember had been pushing herself hard after Ariel's death, and he wanted her to take a little break and relax. Moreover, he was genuinely eager to explore the world beyond the estate's confines.lightsnovel

Anastasia's refused to grant him permission to go out, so he saw this as an opportunity to accomplish two things at once.

Ember paused for a moment, then replied with a simple "Okay."

"I was thinking we could explore the city a bit. What do you think?" Atticus suggested.

Ember's eyes flickered with a mix of surprise and curiosity before she nodded and softly responded, "Okay."

"Good, we'll leave tomorrow," Atticus replied, his mind already set on the plan as he turned to walk away.


Under the moonlit sky, Anastasia's brows was furrowed. Atticus had just told her that he wanted to go out of the estate with Ember. Concern etched across her face, she gave him her usual, firm, "No".

Anastasia had been avoiding having Atticus participate in social events and other activities. Even though she had given him an Artifact to hide his mana core, she still believed it was important to be cautious and careful about his exposure.

Although, he was now at an age where it was common for children from prominent families to awaken, she still wanted to be safe.

"Ember has been training tirelessly since... you know when. She deserves a break." Atticus implored, his voice carrying a tone of genuine concern. 'There's no way she can say no to this'

Anastasia's resistance softened, her features showing traces of reluctant agreement, but only after giving a list of conditions. Conditions, laden with precaution, spilled forth from her lips that night.

The next day, Atticus and Ember stood before the mansion's grand entrance. Their faces held contrasting expressions.

Atticus wore a bemused look, his eyes widening incredulously at the sight of the excessive number of guards Anastasia had enlisted as escorts, each with at least a Master-rank aura.

His inner thoughts echoed with a wry chuckle, 'Damn, what an overprotective woman.'

Ember's countenance remained an enigmatic mask, her features betraying nothing. Her inscrutable expression gave away no hint of her thoughts or emotions.

Without further ado, they entered the sleek hover car, and left.