30 Meeting Magnus

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After the incident, Atticus and Ember made their way back to their estate. As they stepped into the mansion, Ember turned her gaze toward Atticus and offered a quiet, heartfelt "thanks" before swiftly disappearing, leaving Atticus with a warm smile in response.

Atticus headed toward his room, his mind a swirl of thoughts. He reflected on what happened earlier when Arya killed the guard.

'This is the world i live in now. Killing is definitely a normal occurrence here,' he thought, his inner resolve firming. 'I really hope I'd be able to do it when the time comes'

Entering his room, Atticus decided to absorb mana and increase his strength. However, his plans were abruptly interrupted by an unexpected visitor – Magnus Ravenstein.

The weight of Magnus's presence was palpable, causing Atticus to instinctively stand and pay his respects.

'What the hell is he doing here!' his thoughts swirling.

Magnus hadn't attended the funeral, opting to watch from afar, so he hadn't met him yet. Atticus had seen some of his pictures on the mansion walls, but he really didn't think his presence would be so overwhelming.

'I guess he's a powerhouse for a reason'

Magnus looked Atticus with an appraising eye. "Ah, my youngest grandson, not bad," he commented with a faint hint of approval.

Atticus bowed respectfully "It's an honor to finally meet you, grandfather."

'He can still talk calmly in my presence?' Magnus thought, a little surprised.

"Good. We Ravensteins abhor weakness. Set your sights on the top, strength is our most prized virtue. Remember that."

"I understand"

Magnus's nodded, satisfied with his grandson's behaviour. Then suddenly, he turned to leave.

'Is that all? This is the first time you're meeting your grandson since his birth! No way in hell I'm going to let you go like that!'

Atticus, with an innocent expression quickly said "Grandfather, you haven't given me any birthday gifts since i was born"

A subtle twitch flitted across Magnus's visage.

"Vesper." he called out and a man materialized before him, immediately bowing.

"Master." Vesper greeted with respect.

'Damn, there are lots of people emerging from the shadows within this family' Atticus mused.

"Tell Avalon that when he reaches the age of nine, he is to be allowed to choose a weapon from the vault," Magnus decreed.

Vesper's response, laced with respect, was prompt: "As you wish, Master." Then, just as quickly as he appeared, Vesper vanished into the shadows.

"See you later, kid," Magnus uttered before making his exit.

As Magnus left, Atticus let out a heavy exhale. He had been initially scared that Magnus would discover his actual level, and he felt relieved that he hadn't been found out.

To conceal his early awakening, Anastasia had requested that Atticus refrain from leveling up until he turns 7, when it was normal to awaken. If Magnus were to discover that he was actually an intermediate-, he dreaded how Anastasia might react. He was glad his conceal skill was able to hide it.lightsnovel

After a few seconds of relief, he couldn't hide his excitement anymore, "Jackpot!"

"The Ravenstein vault must surely hold something valuable." he thought aloud.

Eagerly, he proceeded to absorb mana, his anticipation for turning 9 palpable.

After a few hours, Atticus decided it was about time he trained in the advance training facility in the Ravenstein estate.

As he walked into the training room, he came across a room with pristine walls and polished floors, all of which were a pure white in colour.

In one corner, a platform jutted out, its surface entirely adorned with intricate runes, far exceeding the amount present throughout the training room itself. Stepping forward, Atticus walked towards the wall-mounted control panel, beside the platform.

He browsed through the training facility's diverse range of options – from altering terrains to battling against robots.

Atticus learnt that the facility offers the option to select historical data from individuals who had previously trained in the room and willingly left their data behind. This chosen data can then be utilized to engage in battles against a robot programmed to mimic the selected individual's skills and techniques.

He also learned that there was a safety feature, if it determined a potential fatal injury, the robot would halt instantly. And from what he saw, there was a lot of data to choose from.

As Atticus scrolled through the data, he found Magnus's information.


With a few precise touches, he selected the setting that featured a young version of Magnus at the age of eight. As his selection registered, the platform began to emit a soft glow. Almost magically, liquid metal emerged from the array of runes, coalescing into the form of a humanoid figure resembling the chosen profile of Magnus.

Once the transformation was complete, Atticus altered the room's settings, transforming it into a dojo-like environment.

The once-white training room transformed into a stage-like setting. The 8-year-old Magnus walked into stage, brandishing a wooden spear and taking a stance. Atticus grabbed a wooden sword from the rack at the side, and also took a stance.

'I'll use 50%'

Atticus focused his mana, channelling about 50% of it into his legs to enhance his speed. With a burst of energy, he dashed forward like a blur, closing the distance between him and the robot. The robot was taken by surprise, unable to respond in time.

With swift precision, he aimed for its neck, striking it with a well-calculated blow. The impact was powerful, and the robot's neck area crumpled under the force of Atticus' strike.

An AI voice resonated through the room, "Congratulations, you won."

Atticus stood there, surprised by how weak it was. 'Perhaps he awakened late or was simply weak at that age.' he surmised.

Adjusting the settings, Atticus then selected a different configuration, opting for a more specific option, an intermediate+ Magnus. The robot that had been defeated promptly rose to its feet and returned to the designated platform.

Once again, the platform hummed to life, and a fresh surge of liquid metal flowed out of it. This new infusion melded seamlessly with the robot, reshaping it into a form that mirrored a 14 year old Magnus.

As the transformation was complete, crackling lightning danced around its form. Then it walked towards the stage.

"Good, you look strong," Atticus commented. He assumed his stance once more, imbued his legs with 50% mana, and dashed forward.

But the robot suddenly vanished from his sight and he felt a powerful impact as the robot's leg struck his face, sending him flying across the stage.

Once again, an AI voice resonated through the room, "You lost."